Ching “Korean BBQ, Hot Pots and Asian Fusions” Coming this Fall to Shaw

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639 Florida Avenue, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“I noticed a sign for a Korean BBQ restaurant coming soon. It’s also a door or two down from the recently opened Flash bar.”


Back in mid-May we learned a new Thai and Asian tavern, Ching, was coming to Shaw. The liquor license application said:

“Tavern serving Thai and Asian cuisine on hot top grills with a seating capacity of 150. Total occupancy load of 199. Entertainment consists of occasional DJ and live music. Summer Garden with 30 seats (subject to change based on final Certificate of Occupancy for Summer Garden).”


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  • Sounds like an awesome place but I am not crazy about the picture of the kid on the sign (call me anti-children).

  • maybe it’s called ICHING?

  • Looks like the sign says I Ching – which is a famous Chinese book of philosophy, I believe

    • Which, I guess, wouldn’t make any sense for a Korean place. I’ll stop speculating now and let the professionals weigh in.

      • it would make some sense. the I Ching text has been a major influence on most Asian cultures. ROK’s flag in particular has elements of the I Ching’s symbology incorporated into the design.

        of course, all that said, the kid in the poster is wearing traditional Chinese clothing lol.

        • It’s all “Asian” to those who don’t know any better (aka the vast majority of non-Asians).

          • Don’t you hate when every non-Asian person stereotypes, like they do all the time?

            *eye roll*

          • And don’t you hate it when Asians themselves fail to recognize and/or understand the connections between different Asian cultures?

    • maybe you’re thinking of the tao te ching.

  • andy

    yeah the kid is either (1) a propietor at an early age, which is OK, I guess?; (2) a family member, which is a little too much publicity for the kid, in my opinion; or (3) worst, some unknown child, put up to promote the restaurant. Unfortunately it’s kind of unclear which of these is true, so I don’t like it either.

  • i’m going to go out on a limb here and say this will be a Chinese-run establishment that is hoping to jump on the Korean BBQ bandwagon that Honey Pig pretty much owns in the DMV area. hot pot is a very Chinese traditional meal and uses some of the same table top burner equipment that Korean BBQ would.

  • From that combo of items, it sounds like it will be medicore (at best).

  • I never really got everyone’s fascination with Honey Pig. Its actually a pretty average korean BBQ place. Is it that it’s a bit more accessible for white people?

    • I think people just like the name. And yeah, less intimidating for non-Koreans than most Korean restaurants in the area.

    • Any above-average Korean BBQ recs?

      • Unfortunately they all have Korean-character names that no non-Koreans can remember.

        • Who needs to remember when we can save the names? Give up some places please!

          • I don’t know the addresses so I can’t help. Sorry.

          • jim_ed

            Yechon in Annandale is really good for the in-table BBQ experience. Also, Cho’s Garden in Fairfax is great, if you don’t mind being grumbled at because you’re not Korean.

            If you don’t mind not having the in-table grill, however, then Lighthouse Tofu and BBQ is the BEST Korean around. There’s one in Annandale and one in Rockville. Their specialty is Korean tofu stew(which can be either vegetarian or full of meat) and it is incredible. I don’t even really care for tofu normally, but this stew is served boiling hot in a stoneware bowl, you crack an egg in it, and eat until you want to burst.

  • What is it? Thai? Korean? Chinese? If they can’t even decide, then it is going to suck. Too bad.

  • Really psyched about the DJ.

  • this is technically ledroit park. shaw is south of florida, ledroit is north and east of georgia.

  • im not going to die on my sword for this place, but just glad that these old buildings on FL are being turned into something useful. if this restaurant doesn’t work out, then it will be all primed for the next place.

  • Ohh I love me some korean bbq and im not aware of any good places in the city limits!

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