Car2Go Expanding Fleet to 400 Cars


From an email:

“This week, we’ll be expanding our network to 400 car2gos.”

50 cars were recently added in January and currently there are 350.

For those that use them – is it pretty easy to find a car near you?

We judged car2go back in January. And we talked about folks parking them nose out here and nose in here.


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  • I think the plural of Car2Go is Cars2Go.

  • It is kind of feast or famine for us with Car2Go. There are either like 4-5 around when we need them or 0. But I still love the service and it makes life without a car in DC easier for sure.

    • I’m curious how they add 50 cars to the system. Does the car carrier truck loaded with 10-15 Smart Cars drive around and poop one out every few blocks? I’m serious. How would you add them to the system?

      • Mercedes-Benz owns both the smart brand and the Car2Go car-sharing company. Essentially, the automaker then sells smarts to itself through Car2Go, so smart then handles coordination of delivery.

        One of the lingering questions I have about Car2Go is how long it will really last. smart as an automaker only exists in the US so that Mercedes-Benz can meet CAFE standards–practically nobody actually walks into a dealer and says, “Hey, I want to BUY a smart fortwo”. At some point, they may find other ways to do meet those requirements, and decide they no longer need either brand (smart basically loses money for Mercedes in the US).

    • agreed! from what i can tell it honestly looks like people are driving them to work, which i find ridiculous if it’s true. there are lots until about 9 AM, then they disappear.

      we’ve been using Hertz On Demand lately and it’s been really fabulous. no sign-up or annual fees. customer service has been a drag but otherwise i highly recommend it. no one-way trips but it’s cheaper than car2go and like zipcar has lots of different models. there’s always at least 5 cars in my neighborhood at any given time.

      • Why do you think it’s ridiculous that people are driving them to work? That’s frequently why I use them – If I’m running late or going into work at a time when metro would be too inconvenient.

        I use them probably 2x a week. In Petworth, availability is tough after ~9:30-10:00am and downtown, it’s hard to find cars after 6pm. Unfortunately, this is when I usually need them.

        • if you’re running late or yeah, if there’s trackwork or something i can see how that would be more convenient. but it definitely seems like it’s part of a lot of people’s regular commute, as another commenter noted below. in which case that seems silly.

          • I still don’t understand why driving them to work regularly is silly. People go to work at different times and leave at different times — its just a way for people to share costs and maintenance…I love Car2Go and hope they expand even more.

          • This is what the system is for. Rather than having a car that is only in use at 9 and again at 5, it is available all day for Car2Go members to share.
            Correct me if I am wrong but there isn’t anything in the system that says you can’t use Car2Go every day at the same time. Plus – the more regular users subsidize the system for the occasional users.

          • To be fair, the same thing happens with Capitol Bikeshare. The bikes, like Car2Go, follow the commuting patterns. That’s what they’re intended to do.

            LOVE MY CAR2GO! 🙂

          • Yes, I agree. It is SO silly for people to choose the ideal method of getting to work for their desired balance of convenience and cost. Psshhhh.

      • Cheaper than Car2Go? I find this hard to believe.

        • Yeah, am I missing something about Hertz? If you are renting a car for hours at time I am sure it is less expensive. I actually don’t see Car2Go and Zipcar/Hertz as competitors but more like complimentary services.

          • The commenter is talking about a Hertz version of Zipcar. It isn’t a normal Hertz rental like you would do at the airport. They have a model like Zipcar around the city. I’ve found few know about it, but they are around and priced similarly.

  • I use the service a lot on weekends when the metro doesn’t have good service (trackwork). I’ll take car2go out to the bars, then leave it there and cab home. The “park it anywhere” makes this service very conducive to that.

  • I find they are kind of like bikeshare. The cars outside the business district all end up downtown during the day, and then north at night. If one looks at the app at say, 8:00pm, all their cars are congrgated in Columbia Heights, with a few sprinkeled elsewhere in the city. Anectdotally, it seems quite a few people drive them to work.

  • Great! Just what DC needs! To lose more parking spaces to a private company and to put more inexperienced drivers on the road!… Just kidding… sorta.

    • “To lose more parking spaces to a private company…”
      Instead, we should encourage the several people who use one on a given day to get their own personal car and park it on the street. Then we’ll have more parking because of the…. um…

      • Well, I’m not agreeing with the commenter, but I would not own a car either way. So they are right, at least in my case. But I’m not complaining. They are little, fun to drive. I echo the complaints/comments here that in the morning they all disappear from the residential neighborhoods and end up downtown and in the evenings they are all north of U Street.

        • I’m pretty sure this is what is intended…

        • Maybe get up earlier so you can get a car?

          I’m not sure why people are complaining about this. You’re essentially saying “There’s no car available when I want it, even though it’s when demand is highest!”

          Maybe these additional cars will help with your complaint?

    • I agree that this is just what DC needs. Fewer privately owned cars stored for nearly free on public land and more efficient carsharing options.

  • I love car2go and i’m going to miss it. I usually use if i have to go “uptown”, as in Cleveland park or Glover Park. It’s too far and too up the hill to bike. 🙂 if i’m going downtown, i usually bikeshare or use my own bike. And i used to work right near DC/MD border so there was usually always a car available for a late ride home.

  • I have both a personal car and a car2go membership. I try to take a car2go if I’m going across town on a weekend night, but unfortunately they’re far and few between in the H St area at that time. That means I usually end up either cabbing or taking my personal car and not drinking (oh well, it’s better for me, right?). I will say if I’m coming home from work with a large package (I work downtown) or if I’ve been walking around all day and run into one, having that little card is convenient.

  • I like Car2Go and use it every now and again. I own a car, but sometimes if I’m going somewhere that’s difficult or expensive to park, I’ll take the Car2Go instead of my own car because they’re so tiny they fit everywhere and they’re free to park on the street. They’re also really handy if you’re trying to go somewhere that Metro doesn’t run and that cabs don’t like to take you to. I do wish that they had some bigger cars, though. I have a Zipcar membership for when I need a truck or an SUV, but would love the one-way flexibility of a car that seats more than one other person, or the ability to grab a small SUV (like a Mini Countryman) if I’m out somewhere and I buy something that I need to get home. I’d love to be able to use a “Truck2Go” for trips to Home Depot and the like.

  • I love this service and use a Car2go 2-4 times a month. I would probably use them more but there are rarely any on the Logan Circle neighborhood in the morning. I have suggested they reposition cars in the evening. Not sure f they do that at all like Capital Bike Share.

  • I use Car2Go all the time and it is what makes it possible for me to live a mile from the metro and not have to buy a car. It is rare that there isn’t a car somewhere within a few blocks from me (I’m up near Connecticut Ave & Ellicot). Increasing the fleet is a good idea.

  • Car2Go has awful, awful customer service. That is to say, they have none at all. I have had two malfunctions in the last two days and have been unable to get a live person on the phone after waiting 15 minutes each time. It doesn’t sound like that much of a problem except when you can’t actually end the trip you’re on, which means that 1) the car will not lock and 2) it’s still in your name and charging you by the minute. Tonight when I parked it, it simply said “connectivity issue, please park somewhere else.” So I did — same thing. Then I did again — same thing. I’m not about to spend all my time driving around trying to find a connection that works for our little SmartCar, and the fact that no one will pick up the phone when you’re on the clock is a huge hassle.

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