Capital Fringe Festival Kicking Off July 11th to 28th

607 New York Avenue, NW

From the Capital Fringe Festival:

Eighteen days of creative and uninhibited performances. Dominant themes in the eighth annual Festival include: updated use of classic texts and performances styles, local politics, race, religion, less traditional dance and physical performance, historical biopics and technically innovative shows involving use of mobile phones and audio systems. In addition, much merriment and revelry is to be had at the Baldacchino Gypsy Tent Bar at Fort Fringe, where visitors and fanatics alike can enjoy even more live local music than ever before, food, drinks and pulled BBQ pork, and catch the latest buzz about all of the Fringe performances.

You can find all the shows here.


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  • Prince Of Petworth

    Ed. Note: The new mural is the one on the left.

  • I miss the AV Restaurant so much.

    • it was a cool place, not so much for the food,which was just okay, but the vibe was great. and the wall of fame was fun.
      still, fringe is better.

  • can someone explain in a paragraph what exactly this is? Is it just theater shows one every day?

    • it is a bit confusing, and their website doesn’t really help.
      basically, they have a tent and bar where you can just go and hang out. performers and bands and maybe djs happen there.

      then there are the plays. you have to buy a button ( i have no idea why) then you buy tickets to individual plays that happen in various places. some at fort fringe, others around pen quarter, chinatown, etc… .
      some venues don’t have a/c.
      you won’t have too much info to go on as you pick the play you want to see, just pick a few and go. some suck. some are great.

      hope that helps.

  • Some good friends of mine from Baltimore are peforming at this one. Check out 1814! The War of 1812 Rock Opera if you get a chance to.

  • There are only two shows I know for sure to see:
    The Snuff Musical and
    The D.C. State Players Present Agamemnon
    Just watch this video on the dc state players:

  • My two recommendations: Social Media Expert, and the Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs: the Musical. woop woop! i love fringe festival

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