Bolt Burgers Applies for Liquor License and Posts Rendering at 1010 Massachusetts Ave, NW

1010 Massachusetts Ave, NW

Thanks to [email protected] for tweeting a photo of the rendering. Bolt Burgers will be located in the huge corner space at 1010 Massachusetts Ave, NW. A recent liquor license posted out front says:

“New restaurant serving burgers and fries with seating for 79 patrons, Total occupancy load 137.
Sidewalk Café with seating for 48 patrons.”

They will be open Sunday through Thursday 7am-2am; Friday and Saturday 7am-3am.


Their website says:

Bolt Burgers is where sophisticated burger lovers kick back and enjoy flavors they can’t get at any other fast casual burger restaurant—big, satisfying flavors beyond what you expect from a burger, fries and soft drink. The antithesis of quick serve burger joints, it’s an experience worth savoring, from the hand formed patty of Bolt’s exclusive, extra juicy blend of Certified Angus Beef, to the toasted brioche bun, to the layers of flavor piled in between, including:

Spice rubs, such as Toasted Peppercorn & Herb, and Fiery Chili, Cumin & Paprika
Artisanal Cheeses, such as Local Virginia Goat Cheese, Truffle Pecorino and Smoked Gouda
Exclusive Sauces, such as Tomato and Sweet Basil, and Habanero, Cilantro & Lime Mayo
Homemade relishes, such as Black Bean, Corn & Onion, and Crunchy Asian Slaw

For those who hunger for something other than beef, Bolt also offers:

Turkey Burgers
Marinated Chicken Breasts
Vegetarian Black Bean Burgers
Gourmet Griddled Cheesewiches made with Bolt’s artisanal cheeses.

You can see their full menu here.

There’s a bit of a glare but you can see the rendering after the jump.



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  • Oh good, another burger place. But will they have cupcakes?

  • Awesome! I love steamed hams!

  • I remeber looking to buy in this place when the building was still under construction. All fancy, and the sales agents were so pretentious. They crowed about how they had a celebrity chef locked in for that space. This space has sat vacant since the building opened. A burger joint? Pathetic.

    • To amend my comment…yes it’s better than a vacant store front for sure. But still laughable.

  • Can we now all admit that the burger fad has officially jumped the shark.

    • Yes, i am with you….

      in the begenning i was loving it. (back around the time rouge states opened up in dupont)

      dont get me wrong, i love burgers and appreciate them every time i stop at a place like this. but they are bcoming far too common at this point imo and can var only so much….

  • “Exclusive sauces”– haha. I can barely read that without spitting coffee on my keyboard.

  • nothing like a burger at 7 am

  • “Gourmet Griddled Cheesewiches.” What.

  • I for one am happy this is opening. There’s not a lot up that way so any dining or drinking option is welcomed.

  • I guess the new owners who have been spending a ridiculous amount of $$$/sqft in this building will now at least have a filled street level…….

  • Great news to me! I work next door and this part of town is lacking in food options, for lunch or dinner. I’ve never been to one of the burger speciality places in town–none around where I live or work–so it sounds good to me!

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