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Blurbs from the ‘Burbs is written by Arlington resident Jeff Zeeman. Jeff previously wrote about the Bon Air Memorial Rose Garden.

One of the coolest neighborhoods near D.C. that few people seem to know about is Lake Barcroft, in Falls Church.  Starting around 1950, the insular-but-welcoming Lake Barcroft community developed around a gorgeous man-made lake, which had previously been used as a reservoir.  As such, the community has two unique features: a huge collection of stunning mid-century architectural gems, and a gigantic private lake useable only by Lake Barcroft residents.  Most of the homes for sale are fairly affordable, especially those that are not directly adjacent to (but always within minutes walking of) the lake.  For fans of mid-century homes, it’s worth a trip just to drive around the lake and see houses the likes of which you’ll rarely find anywhere else in the D.C. metro area.  And for folks who are willing to accept a slightly longer commute in exchange for the feel of year-round lakeside resort community living, it’s an amazing place to live.

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  • Apparently “fairly affordable” means $700k+ now

  • Some homes in Lake Barcroft (not right on the lake, but very, very close) run in the $500-$700 range. And as an Arlington resident, I can testifty that you get a LOT more for $700 plus in this area than you get in Arlington … but of course you lose the commuting and public school advantages offered by Arlington.

  • Husband and I have considered it. We drove around there about a month ago. Its really beautiful and hard to believe so close to DC. We would love something on the water or at least boat access. Waterfront homes are closer to 1mil though. The downside is that its in a lousy elementary school boundary. So we might as well stick with Park View which also has a lousy neighborhood school.

    • As someone who attended Sleepy Hollow Elementary School in the 1980s, I (facetiously) take umbrage at your comment!

      • Apparently you got out in time, because you can spell words like “umbrage” and “facetiously” and use them correctly in a sentence.

  • This area is also the site of a recent rabid beaver attack that I find hilarious, even though it’s terrible:

  • Lurve Lake Barcroft! Get to hang out there on occasion with some friends and would buy there tomorrow if I could persuade the SO.

  • insular-but-welcoming made me chuckle b/c, if I remember reading about it’s history correctly, you had to be white to buy a place.

    • That was exactly what I thought of when I read “insular-but-welcoming.”

    • That was true of a LOT of places. And many of those places, including Lake Barcroft, are not that way any more.

  • Just watch out for the beavers.

  • Used to go there with my buddies in high school. Fond memories.

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