Baby Wale Obviously Not Open Yet But Check Out the Sweet New Copper Bay Window

1124 9th Street, NW

Baby Wale was a bit ambitious in hoping for a June opening by the Convention Center at 1124 9th St, NW. But some serious progress has been made. Check out this awesome new front:


A peek in the window reveals, while a lot of progress (though is that a tree in the back?) has been made, it still looks like they’re a couple of months off:


In November 2012 a liquor license said:

“A casual restaurant serving roast chicken and lobster sandwiches to local residents with a seating capacity for 150 people. Total occupancy load of 150.”

Stay tuned.

How it looked in April:


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  • They spelled whale wrong.

  • This progress is better than nothing. Noting is that stupid “Good Eats Coming Soon” sign that sat incongruously over the entrance like a weird hobo yurt for several years.

  • The copper looks nice and good thing for its permanence that copper prices are down from record highs. Still no fan of the name though.

    • The dubious name can be changed. However, the graceful historic window that was destroyed to create a measly 30 sq ft bump out is gone forever. And wrapping the offending object in copper does not help.

  • “A casual restaurant serving roast chicken and lobster sandwiches to local residents…”

    Will patrons have to bring valid ID to prove their residency or is the word “local” now mandatory in any writing involving restaurants?

  • This certainly ups the copper ante from the Right Proper brewpub, which only has copper on the trim of its bump-out. Looks nice.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Don’t like it. It looks like someone got one of those Home Depot sheds and stapled it on the front. It also looks like it will be hot and uncomfortable in the summer time.

    • +1. While I normally love all things copper, this seems to be a rather unimaginative. Rather than simply slapping on some flat sheets of copper to the facade, the folks at Right Proper clearly gave their copper bump-out much more thought (check out all the details).

  • ah

    And in today’s news:

    “Thieves make off with newly installed copper bay window to sell for scrap.”

  • jim_ed

    Im glad they’re focusing on baby Wale instead of adult Wale. The Mixtape About Nothing was so much better than Ambition.

  • too much negativity here… gonna have to say that I LIKE IT… will look even better once it starts to patina

  • I’m more interested in what this interesting little building was before it started to become Baby Wale. Anyone know?

    • It was a Hungerford’s Print shop for many years, until the rent went through the roof. They moved and eventually it sold, but the recession hit and the new owners were able to complete their plans. Good Luck to Tom Powers. Here’s hoping you have a “Wale” of a good time 🙂

  • It was a horrible vacant building for years with broken windows. I think it’s going to be beautiful and as a casual restaurant, a welcome addition to the neighborhood. There are big skylights in the back and you can see inside from some of the neighboring buidlings.

  • it was vacant for at least 20 years

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