Anyone Know What Happened to the Express Delivery Guy at the Columbia Heights Metro this Morning?

Photo by PoPville flickr user D©Bloom

“Dear PoPville,

When I got to the metro this morning the man who hands out the express newspaper was collapsed on the ground and people were trying to resuscitate him. I missed whatever the event was that caused it (heart attack, seizure, etc), but he appeared unresponsive. An ambulance came and took him away. Have you heard about this?”

Inquiries with @IAFF36 and @WaPoExpress have not yet been returned. Anyone else see what happened? Hoping for a speedy recovery!

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  • The Express distributor collapsed this morning at approximately 8:50, as I was approaching the Metro. He appeared to be having a heart attack or seizure — briefly stumbling before dropping. A group of bystanders rushed to his side, keeping his head up, tracking his breathing, and two people simultaneously called 911. He was breathing following his fall, but intermittently and it seemed to take a lot of effort on his part. One woman administered mouth-to-mouth before the EMTs showed up. After what seemed like 10 minutes with him in the back of the ambulance and no one in the driver seat, the ambulance finally drove off. I am not sure whether he made it, but I am afraid he did not given what I saw. After the ambulance left, I straightened up what left behind of his papers and started to dial Express to notify them, before the Express deliveryman from the other Columbia Heights Metro entrance came to see what was going on. I too have put an inquiry to Express and am awaiting to hear. Thank you for asking and please post if you find out anything.

  • Which entrance was this?? I really like the guy at the SW entrance. 🙁

  • Which entrance was this? I am directionally challenged but also enter at the entrance by Pete’s. I never take the paper but the guy who hands them off seems really nice. I hope he made it.

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