Another Power Outage for Shaw


“Dear PoPville,

I just wanted to let you know that the power is out in Shaw and Truxton Circle again (as of about 2:30). It seems to have affected the same area as the power outage yesterday and last night. Pepco says crews are on the scene and power will be restored around 6 pm (but I’m extremely skeptical).”

@PepcoConnect tweeted:

“We are currently experiencing outages in the Shaw area due to a feeder failure. Crews are on site working to restore power.”

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  • My power went out at about 2:00 pm. I live at 13th and T and was not impacted by yesterday’s outage.

    “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down”

  • Pepco is now saying service restoration at 7 PM : (

  • Welcome to the third world.

    PEPCO talks a good game and spends a lot of money on ads touting their improvements and supposed enhanced reliability, but nothing seems to change.

  • Wonderful. We didn’t get our power on until 3:30 am, then it was on for less than 12 hours.

    Right now Pepco is saying we won’t get power back on my block until 11 a.m. tomorrow morning. Glad my office has a shower and gym! Maybe ill just haul my air mattress to work and sleep there….

  • Ugh. Extremely annoying! At least my freezer had enough time to re-freeze everything this morning…

    • hey bb,

      did all your stuff actually refreeze? i’m worried about the stuff in my freezer, but haven’t been home yet to check…

      • It seems to be fine. The key, of course, is to not open the freezer at all so the cold air stays in there.

  • hey adlohr, what’s your block? we were out until 3:30 this morning too….:( ugh…

  • I’m over on 4th and Q street intersecting with New Jersey Avenue. My power came back on at 4:00 AM last night. As of now – my power is out again. Guess I’m just going to stay at work and hope it comes back on. I’ll say this – while it’s 1st world problems to complain about having no AC – for as much as I pay to live in this city, along with parking tickets, outrageous taxes on things like cable etc. – it would be nice if my power could stay on when it’s hot.

  • latest update says 2am tomorrow. Who knows, it’s not like you can get an actual human on the phone from PEPCO. So much for customer service…

  • PEPCO is really losing its shit. I swear we should just Fundraise a generator for them, given how many times they fucked up.

  • I only lost power for a few hours, but my cable and internet have been going in and out for two days. Anyone else affected?

    • Power went out at Noon on Sunday … returned at 0345 Monday morning. Power went out again at 1400 yesterday and apparently returned around 1215 this morning. Our family moved to a hotel last night to escape the heat. Comcast has been meddling with the poles in the alley parallel to NJ Ave since Sunday, that might explain the outages. Honestly, when hasn’t Comcast’s service been spotty? Maybe if they would just work with Verizon to remove all the old/dead lines the signal might get a bit stronger. C’est la vie

    • Yes! I’ve had the same in-and-out internet service. It’s on for 30 minutes, then it cuts out. Supremely annoying. A call to Comcast was, of course, useless.

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