Another Great Garden Haul


A reader writes:

“a big haul pulled last weekend from our plot at the Bruce Monroe Community Garden near Park View. 9 tomatoes, a bunch of beets and an eggplant.”

If you’d like to enter please take a photo(s) of your garden/haul and send with the title ‘summer tomato/garden contest’ to princeofpetworth(at)gmail. Please include the neighborhood where you grew them. Winners get PoPville t-shirts.

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  • Hate to admit it, but yes, I’m that OCD.

    Are there 10 tomatoes? Or is the tomato (-oes) on the bottom left some alien tomato-form that has grown into one, even though it appears to have two separate cuts from a stem?

  • It could be just the photo, but those tomatoes sure don’t look very ripe. They probably won’t have much flavor, or be very juicy.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Mmm beets! They are excellent as a pre-drinking snack, they help prevent hangovers! At least they do for me.

  • I think it is great you are growing your own food, but everything in that photo save for the eggplant looks kinda sickly or unripe.

  • Wow, that was kind of a mean comment. Maybe you could be more productive in your criticism? Growing veggies is hard work.

    I for one would like to know what people have the most success with in DC. I tried zucchini this year but with poor results (prob a user error). never thought to do beets!

  • A lot of heirlooms don’t turn red when ripe. So, they could be perfectly good and delicious (plus, I’m from the South, so never one to turn down fried green tomatoes!). Congrats on the awesome veggie haul. My garden’s currently producing a decent supply of tomatoes, herbs, and blackberries.

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