A Painfully Sad Photo – Yellow Lab Found in Columbia Heights


“Dear PoPville,

A female golden lab was found in Columbia Heights tonight around Kenyon and Lamont. She was clearly lost (running in the street then hiding under cars) and the Washington Humane took her back to their shelter at 9pm tonight. She is very sweet and clearly someone’s pet. She has a pink collar on (see photo) but no tags.

The dog will be held at the Georgia Avenue Adoption Center at 7319 Georgia Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20012. They can be reached at 202-723-5730”

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 9.13.51 PM

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  • This dog is really sweet and was easy to calm down once we caught her. I hope her family finds her soon!

    Also, props to the WHS officer who was out tonight. She was very professional and clearly cares deeply about the animals in her care.

    Thanks for posting so quickly, Dan.

    • Thanks for taking care of her. Have you posted on Craigslist or Lost & Found Dogs on Facebook? Would help getting the word out.

      Hope her people find her soon.

  • The dog would be at the new york ave location if it came in tonight, not georgia.

  • More people should microchip their pets. If a pet has one animal control can scan the number right there on scene and bring the animal home rather than to the shelter. There is no reason in today’s world that pets should be getting lost. First line is a collar and ID tag with DC dog license, then a microchip in case the collar is lost, these simple, cheap steps are your pet’s ticket home where they belong.

  • What’s the point of putting a collar on your dog with no tags?

    • Maybe the tags fell off.

      • Well people should put tags but you might put a collar on your dog with no tags in order to walk her??

      • Exactly. They snag on the leash, and when the dog yanks, they can come off. Sometimes the person attaches the leash to the tag ring, instead of the stronger one on the collar and it comes off.

        But, you know on these types of bulletin boards, its more fun to assume that everyone else is an idiot.

      • Boomerang tags are great (I got mine online). They clip onto the collar rather than hang from the collar. I LOVE them. They won’t fall off and don’t jangle against the rabies tag. I swear I don’t work for the company, but the tag saved my sanity.

        • been looking for something like this. thanks! just ordered a collar tag as my dog is pretty active and has worn through a couple tags before, and the little ring is a weak link.

          • Glad to help. My last one lasted the 6 years we were at my last address and still looked brand new when we moved. I had it on an adjustable buckle collar and put it on the part of the collar that was doubled over, so the metal part never touched my dog, just in case. And it was a PITA to get off when we moved (which is just how you want a dog tag, to be honest!)

  • Correction: the dog is being held at the WHS New York Ave Adoption Center, 1201 New York Avenue, NE, 20002, 202-576-6664. I spoke with them this morning and she doesn’t have a microchip.

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