A Great Garden Haul


A reader sends in this entry from Petworth for the tomato/garden haul contest. Winners picked every Friday through Labor Day.

If you’d like to enter please take a photo(s) of your garden/haul and send with the title ‘summer tomato/garden contest’ to princeofpetworth(at)gmail. Please include the neighborhood where you grew them. Winners get PoPville t-shirts.

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  • Very nice! Nothing like fresh figs!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Very envious of those figs!

  • I would love to grow grapes! And figs! How much sunshine do they need? My yard is in shade for most of the day.

    • Grapes are tricky but fig trees are surprisingly easy in DC. Both, however, require full sun – ours get it all day whenever the sun is out.

      • The tricky thing with figs is that the squirrels love them too. You might have to pick them right before they ripen so they don’t get taken.

  • Beautiful figs; it seems so early for them! Can’t wait for our neighbor’s figs to ripen (half their tree hangs into our yard and they let us pick whatever we want).

  • How do you have lettuce right now? Mine bolted like crazy in the heat wave. Just replanted, and will feel lucky if I get some to be ready with the last of the tomatoes! Now if only I could grow bacon as well. . .

  • It is early for figs. The top corner photo of figs on the tree was taken this week; the ripened figs are from last year, so what they’ll look like in a few weeks . Last year we had a dozen fruit, this year there must be a hundred figs on that tree! The garlic we harvested about 3 weeks ago and it’s been drying; I just cut the stalks yesterday to reveal a bowlful of beautiful bulbs. The lettuces (arugula, bibb and red oak) we cut daily for salad from early May through late-June. We’re now getting the okra, tomatoes, grapes and herbs. (We also planted two blueberry bushes this spring – they’re healthy and produced some berries but not a spectacular yield so far).

  • For you fig growers: How many years before your figs produced fruit? Mine are 2-3 years old now and the plants look great, but no fruit yet.

  • Ally, are you sure you have a fruit-bearing tree and not a decorative ficus? Figs are fast-growing, large trees. We planted a 4′ seedling in fall 2011 and had some fruit the following summer. This is our second season and we’ve seen tremendous tree growth as well as plentiful fruit production.

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