Zabb Modern Asian Restaurant Becomes Mum Mum

1836 18th Street, NW

Zabb Modern Asian opened up in the summer of 2011 in the former Straits of Malaya space at 1836 18th Street, NW (across the street from Lauriol Plaza.) I just noticed the new Mum Mum sign:


A yelp reviewer says:

“Mum Mum is still an Asian joint with great happy hour deals on Singha and Sake bombs, as well as deals on some sushi and nigiri selections. The remodeled bar inside is now much longer, serving far more people than before and the service is great.”


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  • Yea, good luck to these guys. Can’t imagine having Loreal plaza across the street helps draw random foot traffic.

  • I think this place gets a lot of overflow from Lauriol Plaza from people who finally realize that it’s not worth waiting an hour for blah Tex-Mex food and lousy service. And Zabb/MumMum has great rooftop seating!

  • Had sushi here last weekend. It’s still mediocre, but those happy hours specials are still around and a really good value.

    The roof is also gorgeous and never crowded. Great perch for watching all the riff-raff lemmings that frequent Lauriol Plaza.

  • I miss Straights of Malaya

  • I thought that Zabb was great right after they opened, then a few months later the sushi was inedible. Problem for me with sushi restaurants is that you don’t get any second chances. Sushi’s an exercise in faith as it is.

  • I never went to Zabb because a friend told me they weren’t allowed on the roof with their happy hour drinks. Has anyone else had that experience?

    • I was able to order happy hour drinks from the rooftop a couple weeks ago…

    • That was the (stupid) rule with the old management. I believe the new management is allowing HH on the roof. Smart business move, IMO.

      Now don’t tell anyone. I don’t want my HH spot to be crowded! 🙂

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