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  • …yeah, because when I think “great, relaxing places to enjoy an outside meal” I think that corner.

    • True, but I guess you could get a milkshake and take it across the street where that fountain thing is. I like to have frozen yogurt over there sometimes.

    • It really is one of the worst places I can think of for outdoor seating in Columbia Heights. Since they redesigned that awful intersection, you can look forward to inhaling lots of exhaust fumes, as there is a line of cars backed up at that light 24/7.

  • Kind of sad looking. Looks really loose and temporary. With all the planning and back and forth I was expecting something more refined. Also walked by Sunday and sure enough the crazies were sitting there screaming at each other in a drunken stupor. I sure don’t want to sit out there if that’s what it’s gonna be like.

    • Are these the same guys who are always offering to hook you up with “transportation” as you leave Giant?

      • Those guys are really nice. They’re not shady; they’re just retired local gentlemen looking to keep busy and make a few bucks and hang out with their friends between grocery runs.

        • saf

          Yeah – the courtesy drivers come up periodically on here. I remember when I first moved to DC how much they confused me. But I really did come to appreciate them. Nice to have older gentlemen around who know who you are and will keep an eye out for you while you wait for your bus in front of the vile GA Ave Safeway at 6 AM!

          I miss them. I bet they won’t be back when the Safeway re-opens.

  • And only two years behind schedule!

    • Blame Laina Aquiline, the ANC rep. A friend who went to one of the hearings said that she was insisting the business install outdoor trash cans, when they are explicitly prohibited from doing so by law. But she was “concerned”, so she opposed the plan and held the whole thing up for years.

  • What’s the deal with this place? Any good? I feel like it’s been “Coming Soon!” for years now.

    • Its basically Five Guys with more toppings options and milkshakes. Oh and always a ton of flies flying around inside for some reason.

    • Thursdays are family nights. They have a balloon-twisting/ face-painting person in for the kids.

      That’s the only reason I go there, because I don’t care for milkshakes, and 5 Guys makes a better burger.

    • Everyone hates everything in the PoP comments section, so I’m sure I’ll be told how wrong I am and how some other place is way better, but I think their shakes are delicious. And they have a ton of amazing flavors. Their burgers are good, too, but to me the shakes are the real draw.

    • I actually like their burgers as much/maybe even more than Five Guys, but I’m probably commiting a cardinal sin admitting that. Never tried their shakes, though. But their onion rings are good, as is their dipping Z-sauce. And a fountain machine with Mello Yellow Zero? Hooray.

    • Their shakes are good, and the fact that they even offer them sometimes tips us in their direction instead of 5 Guys. But their burgers are a little sloppy (judging by the one on Wisconsin Ave). I don’t mean messy in a good way, I mean everythings-falling-apart-difficult-to-eat hot mess.

    • The most “meh” burger place I’ve ever been (though with a peanut allergy I couldn’t eat anything fried, because they use peanut oil for all of that).

      Seriously, such an absolute waste of a gorgeous building. The way they’ve chopped up the interior and obscured the ceiling and moldings is criminal.

  • And the plaza bench proudly sits in the middle of the seating area, unmolested by the burger munching hoardes.

    • Sitting here watching a 13 year old happy that school is over, and enjoying his plain cheeseburger and a great shake, well, I for one am happy with it too. Him smiling and thanking makes up for the delays, the occasional bum etc. We could be burning gas to a soulless strip mall like suburban sheeple Nope we are in our concrete hood, tasting summer in the city…

  • I had a milkshake craving not long ago so I went here and ordered an irish cream thinking it would be like a Bailey’s smoothie.
    Instead it tasted of chemicals and artificial flavorings. I couldn’t drink it – I told the milkshake guy that it tasted terrible. He offered to make me another – the chocolate shake was good.

  • Amazing they even got the seating approved in the end.

    +1 on Z-Burger making a burger and fries on par with 5 Guys (that is to say, not mind-blowing but totally solid and delicious)…plus milkshakes. When I eat burgers, I go all out and need a milkshake, so this is definitely my go-to spot.

  • Ahhh, I remember like it was just yesterday that time the “weight lifter street salesman” beat that guy to death right there at the out door seating. Memories.

    • Good times indeed! It didn’t take long for another guy to set up shop in his place! Nice job, police!

  • Great veggie burgers!

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