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Dink - ready for bed

“This is Dink, who went over the rainbow bridge yesterday. I adopted Dink 13 years ago from Partnership for Animal Welfare in Greenbelt. She kept our home in Adams Morgan safe from evildoers and constantly honed her champion snuggling skills. I love her and miss her so much.”


“Diego (on the right) and Frida (left) guard their catnip banana in the Palisades.”


“Lindy from Eckington helping me work from home.”

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  • Love all of the pictures. To Dink’s people: I am sorry for your loss. From the picture, it looks like you provided her a very good life. It’s always hard to lose a beloved pet- especially when they’ve been with you for so long!

  • To the Owner of Dink, please know my thoughts are with you and I am sorry for your loss. She looked to be a very special, loving girl.

  • Regarding the catnip banana: my two cats fight over it! For whatever reason, no other toy or object elicits as much joy as the catnip banana. I even have two of them, but they can’t get enough and want both of them for themselves.

    • They must use nuclear strength catnip in those things! I discovered the bananas (they r also available in other vegetable shapes) thru the Siamese Cat Rescue, b/c the amazing people there know cats really well. It’s kind of hard to tell in the pic , but Frida is a lynx point Siamese – somehow she ended up with both stripes and spots…

  • To Dink’s people – She looks so comfortable and loved (and queen of the castle!) in that picture – my thoughts are with you. And YAY for rescue!!

  • I’m sorry for your loss, Dink’s momdadperson.

  • R.I.P. Dink. I volounteer for PAW. When you’re ready to adopt again, come to one of our adoption events. There’s plenty of great dogs who need loving homes.

  • I’m very sorry for your loss; Dink looks like she was very loved.

    Beautiful kitties!

    I wish Lindy would help me work from home. Such a sweet face!

  • RIP Dink.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I’m so sorry for the loss of Dink. When you are up to it again, please come by WARL. I’m usually there on Sundays. Or come to an adoption event with the mobile adoption truck.

  • So sorry for your loss of Dink. What a sweet

  • Safe trip home, Dink.

  • Look at Lindy’s sweet face!

  • So sorry for your loss. What an adorable little girl Dink was.

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