YES! Organic Market Now Selling Growlers in Petworth


The YES! Organic Market at Georgia and Taylor St, NW in Petworth started selling growlers over the weekend. Anyone know if the other YES! stores are selling growlers? It’s a nice selection:


Though one reader though is concerned with the prices. He writes:

“Has anyone been questioning the proposed outrageous cost of growler sales at Yes! on Taylor and GA ave. 64 oz (8 ounces less than a six pack) is sometimes 70-100% more expensive. Seems ridiculous. Or am I missing something?”


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  • I love the idea, but unfortunately the comment about the price is spot on… If it costs twice as much as a six pack and I get slightly less beer, why buy it? I don’t think I’ll be getting any growlers until the price is more reasonable. What do the DC breweries charge for growlers?

    • Refills are $10 a pop at Choc City (excluding the high ABV types) and usually $20 at 3 Stars. Honestly, I have trouble justifying fills anywhere except CC.

    • DC Brau is $10 for regular / $13 for premium at the brewery. I cant justify buying DC Brau 6 packs at 10-12 bucks a pop in the city they are brewed in though. Thats a whole other rant though…

      • Agreed. The price of local sixers and growlers is laughable.

      • justinbc

        $1.50-2.00 per beer is too much for a reliably good quality product? What price would you deem fair then?

        • Regular DC Brau brews should not be more than $9/6-pack. Especially in DC, where transportation costs are negligible for them. Specialty brews could be in $10-12 range, depending on what it is.

          That’s the pricing structure for Dog Fish in the DC metro and I think that’s fair.

        • I can get beer that I think is better from breweries 3000 miles away (Ballast Point / Firestone Walker/Stone) for cheaper. I don’t expect Natty Boh prices, but these should be $7/8 tops

          • justinbc

            Which Stone 6 pack can you get for less than $10?

          • I can get Stone IPA for 9.99. I just said “cheaper”, not under $10. I guess its not fair to generalize, as certain stores are responsible for their pricing, but I have just seem DC Brau in many places for 11-13 a 6 pack. I think they make good beer and the guys are great, just wishing that it was a little cheaper in the DMV area.

  • Whoa, those are far too expensive. I was excited at first, but growlers are supposed to be value, not luxury. I’ll stick to the still-overpriced six-packs.

  • Growlers in DC are not a value, they are a novelty and are almost always more expensive than buying canned/bottled beer. In theory, beer from a keg should be fresher than bottled beers and (for certain beers) better. In my experience, these prices are generally in line with other growler sales in the area.

  • As a counterpoint, every time I go into Whole Foods P Street there’s a new pricing structure. So I’m guessing this is just a start where they guess an absurdly high price point and will lower it until the beer sells.

    Also, based on Yes!’s penchant for not rotating out old stock/selling way-too-old beer, I have no doubt that these lines will be not be kept as clean as they should and the beer is probably either way too warm or way too cold.

    • Also, you have no idea how long these kegs might be sitting there. Possibly for weeks, because at those prices, they aren’t going to find many takers.

  • Maybe there’s a discount if you bring your own growler…isn’t that also part of the point? Less waste?

  • I am happy to see the Schlafly APA at the lower end of the way overpriced price spectrum.

  • Growlers are good for bringing home beer from brewpubs – beer that the brewpub doesn’t sell in cans or bottles. That’s the only reason I have one from Franklin’s. And anyone who shops at YES deserves to be overcharged by them.

    • Wow, whats with the YES! hate?

      But yeah, those prices are pretty steep…

      • Yes! is pretty expensive.
        you hadn’t noticed? thre a few things they have that are okay prices, but mostly it makes me feel bad when i shop there.

        • Eh, it fills a niche. The Yes! in my neighborhood is more conveniently located than the Safeway and Harris Teeter, and shopping there is a more pleasant experience. They have some specialty products that you can’t get at those stores (e.g. I love the Italian Volcano juices and the non-dairy ice creams), and the prices are not always outrageous. I can actually get a dozen organic local eggs for LESS there than I would for a dozen regular eggs at Safeway. I definitely don’t do all my shopping there, but I like it for certain items or for quick shopping trips. Not every grocery store needs to have the Safeay/Giant business model.

  • Fat Tire for $16.99? DC Brau for $19.99?

    DC Brau at the actual brewery (guaranteed its fresh) is $10 for Public. These prices are absurd. Hopefully no one pays this, and they realize they need to adjust to more reasonable levels.

    • Seriously. Guys, I know it’s boomtown but enough’s enough. Let’s start pushing back on this crap and let them know they’ve hit peak price. The won’t stop until they find the ceiling.

  • But you can get one of these to out-hopster the hipsters:

  • Yeah, talk about a big disappointment! I was excited at this headline and then depressed by the prices. There is absolutely no way I’d ever pay these prices for a growler fill.

    While we’re on the topic, 3 Stars is also ridiculously overpriced. Went there once, will never go back.

    DC Brau and Chocolate City know what’s up. Definitely recommend their Growler Hours on Saturdays.

    • Yeah. I did a growler full at 3 Stars once. I enjoyed the tasting, but the growler fill was way overpriced. Probably the last time I’ll do that.

  • Shouldn’t growlers be cheaper since they’re not paying for packaging? It also seems like a ripoff at the breweries considering they’re not paying for packing and shipping.

    • Agreed. The economics of growlers make no sense at all.

      I pay 30-100% more for something that is costing the brewer less to produce? WTF.

  • It is unfortunate that Yes is charging these high prices. They have approximately one year to build up more customer loyalty before the super awesome Safeway opens two blocks away. I know that Yes has been protesting the Wal-Mart opening but that Safeway (with their reasonably priced beer and other items) is going to steal every one of their customers.

    • Agreed – Yes is getting by solely on the monopoly on groceries in the neighborhood right now. I’d only go there occasionally before the Safeway closed – only for baguettes and beer, and the occasional vegetable that Safeway didn’t have.

      Since the new Safeway will have beer, a bakery, and a larger selection of everything, I don’t see myself going to Yes. It’s overpriced, sells bad produce, has a crappy selection of most things, and doesn’t even have many of the “specialty” items you’d expect from a small organic market.

      • and i’m not trying to be hateful of Yes. They are just too expensive with too few quality items to compete with Safeway. Also, most mega groceries now carry organic products and they do it cheaply.

    • It is actions like this (Trying to charge $19.99 for something that is available elsewhere in the city, already marked up, for $10) that makes people shop at Wal-Mart. Stores deserve to earn a profit… This is absurd though.

      I am wondering who thought this through… Do they realize that a growler is only 4 pints? It is arguably cheaper to drink at a bar then to fill your growler here..

    • saf

      No they won’t.

      I can’t be the only one who will never give Safeway another dime.

      • Saf, anyone who’s been following PoPville will recall that you hate Safeway because you live nearby and they’ve been a bad neighbor to you, and because the new, higher building is going to affect your view/sunlight. However, for most people this isn’t a factor. I never shopped at the old Petworth Safeway, but if the new one is nice, I’ll happily give it my business. I suspect most people in the area — whether or not they shopped at the old Safeway — feel the same way.

  • Check out Metro Wine and Spirits on Columbia Rd. Their price to fill a growler is around half of what Yes! is charging. You can bring your own growler or buy one of theirs for around $9. (Is there any chance that the Yes! prices include the purchase of a growler? When you bring your growler back to be filled again the price is less?)

  • These prices make absolutely no sense. I doubt the person in charge did any sort of research into standard or regional pricing on these. They probably calculated the set prices based on what it would cost to recoup the investment. They could have easily walked 10 feet to the beer section and done some simple math to see that they are charging twice as much for the growler fills than a six pack.

    Strange because there are some things that Yes that are even cheaper than Costco: organic milk ($6/gal) and the new brand of free range eggs ($3/doz).

    And everyone pay attention to the dirty lines comment. If anyone has ever had “beer fever” or “hangover fever” as a result of dirty tap lines they know to beware. Whenever Yes drops the prices on this I will need some assurance that the beer is not however many months old it takes them to reprice them and that the tap lines have actually been cleaned. Or, used. What a disaster.

  • i don’t even like growlers from the local breweries, unless its a very special beer.

  • I think these prices are comparable to growlers at Franklin’s, which are always surprisingly expensive to me. But Franklin’s beer can’t be taken home any other way – they don’t bottle it or sell kegs – so there’s that.

    • 11-18 dollars a fill depending on what beer you get is so much cheaper than 19 for DC brau. Plus, we will fill any growler!

    • Ah, but Franklin’s has started to bottle. Check their beer fridges in the general store. There’s now a dedicated Franklins fridge. Everything is in 750 ml bottles and runs about $10/per.

  • Given that 3 Stars is currently draft-only, and it’s rare to find a pint/glass for less than six bucks, $15/20 isn’t too bad. These Yes! prices, on the other hand…

  • YES is a joke. An absolute kick in the nuts to anyone subjected to their embarrassing prices. I live by the one on Georgia and there’s nothing else within walking distance so sometimes I begrudgingly have to go to get basic things such as an 7$ gallon of skim milk. Apparently they are also selling organic Yuengling because it costs an average of $2 more a twelve pack. That’s s pretty standard beer to judge prices on. Even small convenience stores don’t charge what they are.
    As for the growlers almost double the price for 4oz. not 6oz. not 8oz. less than a six pack makes no sense. I worked in a brewery for 5 years and the only time you paid more was when you initially paid for the growler itself. They are buying the beer at keg price so they are saving a ton of money over the packaged price. They are then turning what would be a good profit already in to triple what they pay. This palce disgusts me and I can’t wait for the safeway to be finished because I will never set foot in that place again.

  • maybe the high prices are their retirement fund for when Safeway puts them out of business next year. I like the staff at Yes but I will not feel at all bad when they are closed down. If they want people to hate Wal-Mart which offers low prices to people that can’t afford expensive “organic” groceries, then they should lower their prices so poor people can afford to shop there.

  • Yes! has got to be kidding, those prices aren’t going to move much beer.

    Go get your growler filled at the brewery if you want something local or go to D’Vines. The prices there are reasonable (around the 6 pack price), the beer is filled with counter pressure so it stays fresher, and the list of options is long.

  • $15.99 for 64oz of Long Trail is a crime. It’s the Yuengling of Vermont! Sheesh.

  • Must check out, this is where I go.

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