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Well, we made a few changes over the weekend! Over the last few months we’ve been working on correcting some glitches and modernizing the site. Like many readers, I find change to be painful. Having said that, I also know when change is necessary. The site badly needed an upgrade. (Folks who had issues searching neighborhoods, restaurants, etc will know what I’m talking about.) The new site will correct those issues and make reading on hand held devices (especially cell phones) much much easier. Of course we are still ironing out a few kinks so if you have any problems please let us know in the comments here or even better let me know via email at princepetworth(at)gmail(dot)com. You may have noticed that you will require a new log in but it’s really easy. All you have to do is reset your password. For anyone having problems signing in – we can help you here. Though of course, you can still comment without registering if you prefer.

You will notice we ditched the classifieds – not enough folks were using to it to justify the massive maintenance it required. However, the forum is still live in a slightly more basic format. Additionally the events page has been simplified so if you’d like to feature an event you can it add it yourself here.

We will likely be working out a few remaining issues over the coming days so, again, don’t hesitate to let me know if you are having any problems. At the end of the day, the site hasn’t changed too much, it’ll still be the place to easily find all your neighborhood news. Plus you can now easily search neighborhoods by viewing the horizontal gray bar on top of the first post. In this gray bar you can also search by topic as well. And in the upper left hand corner you can now sign up for email updates too. Thanks again for your patience while we finalize the upgrades!

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  • The new site blows donkey balls. Making people read the blurb, then scroll back up to the top in order to get to the comments if a fundamental design error.

    • Dramatic much?? I think it looks great!

    • Very valid point that shouldn’t be difficult to fix.

    • justinbc

      Well it’s not that bad, but agreed that comments should always come at the bottom of an article.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        When you click on an post, comments are at the bottom. It’s just the shortcut that appears on the top when you are on the main page. But I agree it would be better to have the shortcut at the bottom too. Hopefully we’ll be able to make that fix too! We’ll be making lots of fixes and changes when possible over the coming weeks. Thanks again for letting me know!

        • justinbc

          Sorry I should have been more clear, it was the shortcut that I was referring to. Actual comments are displaying properly.

        • poprealestate

          What shortcut? A shortcut somewhere in the comments area that sends you to the top of the blog post area?

      • A better place to view/add comments is from anywhere within the article. Articles on Newsweek and USA Today let you view/add comments no matter where you are in the article. You will notice that as your scroll thorough the article, the icon to view them stays with you.

      • I’d laso like to be able to click on the link to the commnets after reading the article without having to scrool back up (I”m reading on a large screen and would have to scroll back up to get to the comments link, on a phone or wherever that would mean a lot of scrolling!). It would be appropriate to have a link ot the comments in the line with all of the icons to link to facebook, twitter, etc.

  • I agree that an upgrade was in order and I appreciate all your efforts Dan to make PoPville an easy site to visit and navigate. And I understand some of the kinks may well be worked out by early next week.

    First, It was easy to re-set password. But it seems the “old” info from previous registration didn’t carry over (history of posts). Not a huge deal, but something I noticed was missing.

    I’d like to see the “most commented on posts” feature back.

    Change the “recent comments” box please!
    The text bubble (linked to the post) looks cartoon-ish and doesn’t make good use of the space.
    Please don’t use red font color for the post – this is very hard to read!!
    Can you show more than five recent comments?

    Thanks again Dan for all you’ve done and are doing 🙂

  • Really appreciate the ability to read more easily on smaller mobile screens now. I know there are other kinks but thanks for that upgrade!

  • Allison

    I like it!

    • Allison

      Not sure how you did it, but it seems to load and scroll much faster for me, despite image heavy!

      • Much the opposite for me.

        • The site is loading way, way slower for me.

          And also I’m still getting “you’re posting comments too quickly” and this is my only comment in weeks. I thought that problem was fixed ages ago!

  • Kudos for using a responsive web design! Most people are looking at sites such as this on their smart phone and the design enables that. Thanks!

    It does load better for me (use Chrome). Haven’t noticed any bugs yet.

  • anon. gardener

    Just fyi, i tried to log in, and it wouldn’t take my password. I did the Lost Password form, and the email contained a different user name. I just registered, and I’m waiting for the follow-up email. So my user name wasn’t in the database, since it let me register for it…

  • Smilla

    My password didn’t carry over either and I didn’t receive an e-mail with password re-set instructions, so I had to register as a new user and was given a new password. Now I can’t access the profile for my new registration so that I can change my password to what I want it to be (which I assume I should be able to do) or upload an avatar. Whenever I click on “My Profile,” I’m simply re-directed to the log-in page, even though I’m already logged in.

    Love you, Pop, but I don’t like the new design. Too much of the screen is taken up by the sidebar and blank space (I don’t view it on a mobile platform) and the type is too small.

    Also, as I’m typing this comment, the text appears as italics, which is confusing, if you ever actually want to use italics in your comment. A preview/edit feature for commenets would be nice.

    • Smilla

      Re: the above, I thought I used the HTML tag for italics for part of my above comment, but they didn’t show up. Is this question boldfaced?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Thanks for letting us know Smilla. The IT folks will be checking all of these comments and addressing them as quickly as possible. Appreciate the feedback!

  • The jump appears too early for my tastes. I like to scan through news items without having to load a new page – the jump should be reserved for longer pieces or ones that have several photos, in my opinion.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Absolutely. I’m going to only use it for posts with more than one photo and longer pieces. You’ll see all the ones with jumps here have more than one photo. Do you think I should only use it for posts that have more than two photos?

      • Yeah, I think two photos before the jump makes sense. The photos are much bigger on this version, though, so they take up more space that used to be taken up by text. Since I’m mostly on here to learn what’s going on, I value more text over more pictures. But that’s just me.

        One more point: the three “top story” picture links at the top of the new page make it look disorientingly like DCist. They also block the headline of the first story. The thing I liked about the old version is that you could see the first headline right off the bat without scrolling down. Putting the top story pictures on the sidebar would fix this.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I agree 2 pictures before a jump. The Firebox post today is something I would like to read all of without clicking on it. It’s short, I don’t think it needs a jump. I’ll click on it to comment or read comments.

  • I have to use Internet Explorer 8.0 at work and it seems the facebook, tweets, etc links are all over the page and not correctly places. Probably a result of IE8, and I’m used to the crappy look of websites at work since I can’t get an upgrade, but this will decrease my enjoyment of the site. Thanks.

    • poprealestate

      Can you send a screenshot. I’m looking at it in IE8 and it’s looking reasonably perfect in terms of layout. (some colors are off though).

  • I really like the new look – especially the ability to quickly and easily search neighborhoods. The only problem I’ve had is that I can’t see comments for some of the older posts (which I found thanks to the new search functionality).

  • Hey, will it not tell me I’m posting comments too fast now?!?!

  • I like the new look. Mobile compatibility is a HUGE plus, to me.

  • But my one request: Make the pictures clickable. Some of us are using pretty large monitors, so the pictures look tiny.

    • I agree! There are a lot of great photos on the site but it’s often hard to make out all the details. If there’s no link to flickr then you’re out of luck.

  • Psmitty311

    I’m not sure why, but the pictures since the chance seem to be popping more. I like it =) the only exception is the photo of the old post office and Pennsylvania Ave. I guess that was from a cell phone? Still, I like the changes, thank you!

    • Thanks for all the hard work and being responsive. I generally have no problems except a few already mentioned
      -1. the orange is hard to read – 2. the dialog bubbles in the recent comments take up too much space and look silly. 3. “reply” comments within a thread are no longer indented. This is a big one! 4. I also like the “most commented on this week.”

  • thanks, PoP, i think it’s awesome! 🙂

  • justinbc

    Is it possible to get an edit function for comments?

  • too much italic font for my old eyes. makes it harder to read.

    • Agree, dislike italics. Also the small red font used in the “recent comments’ section is hard to read.

  • Clicking on a link in the “Recent Comments” box sends you to the top of the article, not to that specific comment. For long threads (like RRRR), this is not helpful.

    I know there’s a little text bubble thing to group them, but I find it hard to tell if the title in orange belongs to the comment above or below. Agree with the others that say the bubble is wasting space and making it harder to read at a glance.

    • Also, inserting an extra line break in the comments does not add one to the comments. For example, what I intended as 2 paragraphs above run together and look like a single paragraph. (And please don’t make me learn html codes just to insert a blank line!!)

    • Agree with both comments about clicking on a readers’s comment (after taking more time than should be necessary to figure out which post the comment is attached to) and being taken to top of that post, not to the comment itself.

      And I like being able to separate text with a line break/paragraph. It makes it much easier to follow.

      Thanks for the offering us the chance to give feedback!

  • The new site is almost impossible for me to read on my work computer. All the pictures, starting with the title, are over a full screen size, and it takes forever for it to reconfigure so that I can read. I truly hope that this doesn’t stay like this, as this was the problem that made me have to ditch DCist completely.

  • I don’t see a “search” function – must be here somewhere but I’m used to seeing this at the top (or near the top) of the page.

    Can you add “Rant and Revel” as a topic?

    Oh, and I’m still “posting comments too quickly” even though I haven’t posted recently.

  • I’d like to see a “previous post” and “next post” link at the bottom of a comment section. After reading thru all these comments, I’d rather not scroll back to the top to move to the next post.

    Yes, I’m a lazy reader – I want to be able to spend time in PoPville while lying on a hammock and scrolling with one finger 🙂

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