Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Penn Quarter

616 E Street Northwest

This rental is located at 616 E Street, Northwest:

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 8.20.56 AM

The listing says:

“Upscale community in one of DC’s premier neighborhoods. If you are looking for a great efficiency w/high end amenities, don’t need multiple rooms to showcase your treasures, like living the simple life, you may have just found your new space. This unit is outfitted with natural light from the courtyard, W/D, over sized BA, large closet, and full sized open kitchen.”

You can see more photos here.

This 625 square foot studio is going for $1,595/Mo.

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  • hmm seems like a pretty good deal to me

  • Wow. 1600 for a relatively large studio and relatively new building? That’s a hard price to beat. Hard to find anything like that in the logan-dupont-u st area. Wished the photos would show more of the living space – did not look like 625 ft from what they showed.

    • Penn Quarter is quickly becoming the Upper East Side – boring, not hip, near cultural stuff, and increasingly having decent deals on apartments now that other areas have become “hot”/safe.

  • Hmm, I could up my rent 100 bucks and shorten my commute from 30 minutes to 2. This is the first rental posting on PoP that has made me tempted to move.

  • Hm, I’m wondering what the catch is. I pay only about $75 less for a studio about the same size in an older building in Adams Morgan/Mt. Pleasant, and Penn Quarter seems like it would be somewhat more expensive (personally, I prefer the quieter environment of my neighborhood, but I get the sense that in real estate hierarchy, Penn Quarter is pricier). Plus, this building appears to have far more amenities (in-unit w/d, roof deck with that grilling area, etc) than my building, which is perfectly fine and charming, but nonetheless an older building and relatively no-frills. I wonder if this is one of those situations where your move-in deal is X months of free rent, and that is factored in across the 12-month monthly average? (And then you get a really unpleasant rent increase after the first year.)

    • It’s in a boring-ass, tourist-filled neighborhood overrun with corporate chains.

      Penn Quarter was the place to be when the rest of DC was pretty unsafe. When they first built Metro Center 15 years ago, it was hugely popular. But now, there are many more desirable places to live in the city that are “real” neighborhoods.

      • whaaat? i worked in the area 15 years ago and it was not even close to popular. it was a freaking ghost town past 6:00. and the weekend? completely empty except for aggressive homeless beggars.
        it SUCKED then.

  • Like others, this isn’t my preferred neighborhood, but I still think this is a great deal. This building also has a nice rooftop pool-I’m surprised that’s not mentioned or pictured.

  • This sounds like a good price. We owned a condo in this building for awhile, and really enjoyed the building (and amenities!) and location. The square footage is high for a studio, but, as was the case with our condo, a lot of square footage is eaten up by closet space, kitchen and bathroom so that the actual living area size is more cozy than expected. It also appears to be on a lower floor (looks like the third or fourth based on the view from the living area) and appears to have the original carpet and appliances so that might also be a reason for a discount. Studios were selling in the low $200s during the preconstruction sales, so if the owner purchased it that early, it doesn’t take a high rent to cover the carrying costs and walk away with a little bit of income.

  • I guess this a good deal, if you want to live in touristville and be surrounded by over-priced, crappy corporate chains.

  • That’s a crazy good deal for those of us who actually like the area! I lived in the building for a few months several years ago, and the amenities are great and the location is convenient to the Mall, Metro, museums, etc. The lower floor is a drawback for me, and it might not get great sunlight, but is likely quieter than a street-facing unit.

  • Have a few of you been to the area around here lately? It’s a few blocks from non-tourist/franchise crap like Daikaya, Graffiato, Sixth Engine, Poste, Oyamel, Luke’s Lobster, Wiseguy Pizza, Rasika, Red Apron, Carving Room, Teaism, Ella’s, District of Pi, etc. Plus you’re a couple blocks from all the Smithsonians and the Mall.

    • You forgot Living Social’s fun activities on F Street. Some decent restaurants have opened up in the yawn district over the last few years, but the area and most of the restaurants are still very corporate and sterile.

    • What anonymous said. People that rag on Penn Quarter sound uninformed and immature. Yeah it’s not the best place in DC neighborhood-wise but food-wise it has as good a selection in a concentrated area as anywhere.

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