Dear PoPville – Water Again Gushing at 15th and N Street, NW


“Dear PoPville,

They are draining the same pipe at 15th and N again for the fourth or fifth time in 2 years.”

In 2011 DC Water told us they were fixing a leaking 72-inch water main. Regarding the photos here, DC Water says:

“This work is related to our large crosstown main which has been out of service for maintenance. They are draining it first so it can be chlorinated and then put back into service.”


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  • The embassy of Tunisia is right there. The work is a cover-up. They are probably planting underground listening devices and communications interceptors while pretending to “drain pipes”

  • I rode by this on my bike on Tues and took a couple pictures to send in…

    you diont really understand how much water is being wasted by the picture
    its soooo much weater that can go to a good use

    they delayed the filling of city fountians in order to save money…. but what about this???

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