Man “ran towards him firing a gun” in Logan Circle Saturday Night

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From MPD:

At approximately 2339 hours, on June 15, 2013, in the 1400 R Street, NW, the complainant reported while standing with several other individuals, that an unknown black male ran towards him firing a gun.

The complainant was not injured. The suspect then fled on foot north on Johnson Street, NW. Lookout is for a B/M, 24-30 years, 5’9”-5’10”, 170-180 lbs., with a beard, short hair and dark complexion wearing a black shirt and blue jeans armed with a handgun.

This case in currently under investigation and anyone with additional information please call the Command Information Center on 202-727-9099.

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  • Doesn’t this guy know that the 14th Corridor gentrification has been finalized and you can’t act crazy anymore with a gun. The only thing people in this neighborhood want to argue about is dog owners leaving poop on the sidewalk and complain about not getting a table at Le Diplomate.

    • justinbc

      The people who live in this neighborhood don’t care about getting a table at Le Diplomate…they live there, they can go whenever they want. It’s the folks who live further away that wind up complaining.

      • I didnt know Le Diplomate set tables aside for people who live there….?

        • justinbc

          They don’t. But when you live right around the corner from it a 2 hour wait doesn’t really matter. You can just go home, sit on your couch, drink a beer, and wait for the phone to buzz.

      • Uh, I was making a joke about the neighborhood in which you there still exists two different worlds.

  • I was nearby on a rooftop when this went down. Sounded like 3-4 gun shots, police were on scene within what seemed like a minute at most.

  • Police need to be a permanent presence on that block of R St.

    “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”


    • Police also need a permanent presence at the actual Circle. I’ve called the police far too many times (bum fights, drunk and disorderly folks, etc).
      However, I was just in Gallery Place to see a movie – broke my own rule, since I HATE going there) and even with all the cops there, they don’t DO anything. They were all standing there looking at their iPhones. And for the record, I support police and all that. But it should be against policy for them to have their faces in Facebook or whatever. They should be actively paying attention, and even interacting with groups of kids so it seems less like they are overpaid babysitters and more like parts of the community. They sit in a car outside the Circle once in a while, but they aren’t active in their patroling. This, to me, is a big problem with the DC police.

      • What would exactly would you have them “do” whey they are on such details? Harassing and intimidating folks like NYPD?

        • PDleftMtP

          I do believe the poster said “actively paying attention and interacting with groups of kids.” But don’t let that stop you from a strawman argument.

        • How about being positive representatives of the DC police? tourists getting off the metro at Gallery Place at 10pm looking confused = easy targets for the groups of kids…so, “can I help you?”
          Or, PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY and look like you’re on duty. Leaning against a light post while you update your tweet/facebook status isn’t active police work. There’s a difference between acting like everyone is a criminal and trying to prevent crime from taking place. These guys were acting like an unarmed security guard at an AT&T store.

      • I’ve lived a block from Logan Circle for the last 4 years and have never had any problems using the circle. I’ve never seen “bum fights” or “drunk and disorderly folks”. Vagrants use the circle and sit on the benches just like everyone else but having a permanent police presence in the middle of Logan Circle is completely unnecessary. More effective would be beat cops walking 14th and the surrounding streets.

        • I live ON the circle and I feel the same way (and I’m a woman). Don’t have problems with people being loud or obnoxious, have never been hassled or felt unsafe walking home. Yes, there are people who appear to be homeless and on drugs/intoxicated but they seem pretty down on their luck and aren’t threatening to me. Also, my windows don’t keep a lot of noise out, so I feel like I would hear this all the time if it were a big problem.

        • I agree with these fellow Logan-ers. I am a 20 something female, have lived on the circle for several years, and have never felt as though a police presence was needed. When I first moved here, all the benches were taken up with homeless/drunk/high people all the time, but even then everyone pretty much minded their own business. Now it’s about 50/50 gentrifiers and locals, with the scales tipping primarily to gentrifiers on the weekends. R St. is a completely different situation, one of few places in this neighborhood that still makes me nervous. Police presence there would be helpful.

          • justinbc

            Is R St the one where those guys are always playing dice games? It seemed like whenever I would try to park there, any time of day, there was always a group of people playing dice. They were always nice to chat with though.

          • “Gentrifiers”? “Locals?” Do folks wear badges so you can tell? I live near Logan Circle. I wonder what category you put me in when you see me on a bench?

        • A few weeks ago (about 3), two of the drunk regulars got in a right, one smashed a grocery “granny cart” over the others head and they continued fighting until the one who was hit with the cart realized he was maybe too drunk and went to pass out elsewhere.

          That’s just one very recent example, I’ve seen many drunk “regulars” use the circle as their toilet and their place to settle arguments among one another.

          And, as a female, I’ve had more than enough confrontations there with the “regulars” who make ignorant comments. They are usually drunk. I try to ignore it and walk on, but after a while – at key times – I just started to walk around the cicle via the sidewalks along the houses.

        • And yes – I agree…no need to have a cop there 24/7, but a regular foot patrol would eventually help things. You are all lucky you haven’t had problems. I’ve had one of the regulars follow me without his shirt on around the inside of the circle before

          • justinbc

            How do you know there isn’t a foot patrol that goes around that area? Even if there was one, it could have just been in a different section from your particular home.

  • The upside to these thugs with guns is that they are usually really bad shots. I guess it’s hard to do any substantial target practice in the hood, so at least when they do shoot at you they aren’t well trained.

  • Would this be our friend from the Pizzoli’s video? Sounds like his M.O.

  • “complainant ” Oh stop complaing says MPD! Just a few shots that may or may have not been in your direction. You were not even injured complainant, so suck it up, we have more important things to do than pretend to protect you. And no, you are not allowed to protect yourself with any means aside from your hands.

  • That 1400 block of R St needs a permanent police presence, or to just be cleaned up big time. Way too much drama originating from there.

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