Two Brutal Beatings Reported Friday Night

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Reported by @DCPoliceDept around 1am Friday night:

“Robbery F&V // 1300 Block of Shepherd Street, NW (5) U/K Males”

A reader adds:

“Had a middle aged guy get beaten up in the street by 5 young guys around 10:30 tonight on Shepherd between 13th and 14th. MPD was on the scene in minutes after neighbors called 911. I only saw the end of it, but it was pretty coordinated. All dressed in black, two or three guys attacking the victim while the rest kept watch.”

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@DCPoliceDept tweets around 1:20am Friday night:


A witness reports on the Cleveland Park listserv:

Last night coming back from U Street my cab passed a robbery on Calvert St on the bridge. My cab stopped as did the one behind us. The perpetrators, a group of dark-skinned, black-dressed young males, ran off and dispersed when two guys ran after them calling 911.

I stayed with the victim who suffered blows to the head and body and was bleeding from his eyebrow.

They took nothing but a dated smartphone. That’s what our lives have become worth I fear…

Police says such robberies are frequent on the bridge, particularly on the weekend.

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  • Love the dated smartphone jab at the victim.

    • I didn’t read that as a jab at the victim at all, just as a commentary on how senseless the entire incident was.

      • Would it be better if it was a new model smartphone. I got respect for the husslas trying to get that extra dollar non-violently, but no respect for DC hoodrats attacking people over a smartphone new or dated, or old folks like up on Shep. But I can say it is funny that someone pointed out the victim had a dated smartphone, when I think we all know all violence like that is senseless. Just my thoughts.

  • 10-12 people vs 1? sheesh. sounds like a gang initiation or something equally as brainless.

  • I guess this is how you get your kicks if you have nothing else to live for? This is really, really unfortunate.

  • As a resident of that street, it is a bit scary walking at night. The street lights are out for half a block. You could easily get jumped without seeing someone hiding out and it would be easy for it to go unnoticed by anyone close by.

    • So which council member was it that voted against extra police? Something needs to be done soon. There kids (and adults) in our city who think this is the wild wild west and citizens have to walk in fear. Also, our fair Mayor says nothing about violent crime. Can’t wait until he is voted out of office.

      • Maybe because violent crime hasn’t risen? And would it make a difference if he did speak out? I kind of doubt it.

        Overall he’s been a decent mayor. Don’t be suprrised if he’s re-elected next year (assuming he chooses to run). I didn’t vote for him last time, but I might this time around.

    • epric002

      have you reported the streetlights to DC311? i’m only a few blocks south on 13th, and regularly walk my dog around that area. scary.

    • Also a resident on Shepherd. Disturbing that you have to worry about walking a short distance from the bus or metro.

  • Yet another example of dc’s failed juvenile crime policy?

  • “Police says such robberies are frequent on the bridge, particularly on the weekend.”

    If crime on the bridge is frequent, shouldn’t the police actually be somewhere close by to prevent the crime or arrest the thugs? It just doesn’t feel like the bad guys are fearing being caught and punished.

    • It should be ridiculously easy to catch criminals on that bridge. It’s well lit, has clear sight lines, and there are exactly two exits.

    • Isn’t the Calvert Street bridge incident in the general vicinity of where the high school kid was robbed of his North Face jacket and then fatally shot in the Woodley Park metro station about 6 months ago?

      If the correlation is that simple, then shame on the DC Police for not being more proactive patrolling the area. Adams Morgan is a complete zoo on the weekends and it actually surprises me there aren’t more muggings, stabbings, shootings, etc. If a dead high schooler isn’t enough to get MPD to step up their game, what is?

      • Oh, sorry, it was a stabbing that killed an 18-year old kid. 9 perps arrested. Seems like the same MO to me.

      • Well there are always a ton of cops on 18th st on friday and saturday nights, that’s probably why there aren’t as many incidents as you might expect.

        As for the crime you’re referring to, the initial one was around the gas station on Adams Mill Road.

        But yes, if it is true that a lot of crime happens on that bridge, I don’t know why the MPD wouldn’t be more pro-active about it. Doesn’t seem like a difficult thing to do.

        • If I recall, someone mentioned on another thread that many of the extra police on 18th Street are a special detail for which the Adams Morgan merchants pay extra, and as such they’re confined to patroling a fairly narrow corridor. No doubt their presence is necessary and helpful, but it seems there’s a need not just for stepped-up patrol on 18th street, but on some of the surrounding arteries as people fan out and leave the 18th Street strip.

    • The bridge is very well-lit and there’s a ton of foot traffic so I doubt crime is actually frequent . The robbery that later led to the Woodley Park metro stabbing occurred in a dark alley near the bars on 18th. In general, there seems to have been an increase in kids, sometimes from Maryland, preying on drunken revelers around AdMo and U St. Fyi, PoP, this post is missing a Petworth tag.

  • glad to see “operation adams morgan” is working…NOT!
    anyhow, my wife woke me up when she heard a girl screaming at 3AM from the vicinity of Walter Pierce Park. She was screaming for a period of about 10 minutes. We texted the cops, assuming it works as well as 911. Didn’t hear any sirens. My guess is that these dudes just kept robbing people all night long around the bridge/park area while the police held tight on 18th st or had already called it quits at 3AM when a shift was up. I think we’re at a point where if you’re walking home from 18th street between 2 and 3 there’s a 50-50 chance you’ll get robbed. I frequently see a cop posted at either end of the bridge and by the Woodley metro on weeknights around 7 and 8 on my way home from work. Maybe they should take a hint and do that on Friday and Saturday nights so people can at least make it to the metro without getting stabbed.

    • oh come on, a 50-50 chance you’ll get robbed?

      • given a choice, would you walk home alone between two and three and feel safe doing so?

        • Depends where I’m walking, but I used to live a few blocks west of 18th and never felt unsafe making the walk home around that time. However, do I try and avoid stumbling home by myself at those hours? Yes.

        • Yes. I’ve done it on a number of ocassions (headed east though towards Columbia Heights, not towards the Metro).

      • Even in DC’s bad old days in the 90s when Ad-Mo was a more novel destination and the neighborhood perceived as more forbidding, you didn’t have those odds.

      • man, i’ve walked home from there drunk between 2-3 AM dozens of times. i should go buy a lottery ticket given my ability to beat the odds. either that, or this guys is full of it.

    • also, tell me this doesn’t remind people of this
      Not so much the whole corrupt police tactics and false conviction for murder but NYC in the early 90’s where these guys would go out in packs of 10+ to the park for fun to harass, rob, and do worse . Is this where we’re headed? We already had a murder in AdMo last week. What’s the plan MPD?

    • Texted the cops? How does that work? I’m pretty sure that DC emergency services does not have a texting option. If there is an active emergency, like a woman screaming, I think calling 911 and talking to someone is a better way of ensuring that the cops give it some attention. Or trying to anyway…

      • they’ve been pushing the 50411 thing all over the place with ads. Why have it if it’s less effective than calling? It’s quicker and clearer to communicate that way.

        • you guys have a point. They’ve been advertising the text thing all over the place, I figured it’s just as affective. I just looked it up again on the MPD website and they say at the end that it’s not for emergencies. Will call 911 next time.

          • effective

          • Where are all these ads? I’ve never seen one, but maybe I’m just immune to advertising of all kinds.

          • I had an unnamed DC government official last year (for a non-police agency) tell me don’t just rely on the city services app because it was not as effective as calling and talking to someone. I don’t know if that includes criminal matters, but take it FWIW. I’d try both calling and texting.

    • Someone was screaming for ten minutes? And you didn’t call 911 to report it to an actual person?

    • Seriously, you texted? You hear a woman screaming from a park in the middle of the night for 10 minutes AND YOU DON’T CALL 911?


      Please grow a brain. No, texting 911 does not work.

    • Texting the cops? Is that for real? Not trying to sound snarky, I’m honestly curious–I’ve never heard of texting the police, at least not as a substitute for calling 911. Is that a thing now? Have I gotten old and hopelessly out of touch with technology?

      • Ah. I guess the commenters who responded during the time I was typing the above comment answered my question for me.

    • saf

      Texting does not work as well as 911. Please call 911.

    • FYI Texting 911 DOES NOT reach the cops.

  • I question what Mayor Gray or Muriel Bowser are doing (if anything!) about Petworth crime? This is utterly ridiculous. Not acceptable.

    • Have they caught any of the individuals?

      PoP, thank you for drawing attention to these two issues. You do a great service. Hopefully, this will catch the attention of our elected officials.

  • hey it would be nice if we law-abiding citizens could carry concealed handguns…

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