“The first stand-up paddler to travel the length Rock Creek”


Chris from Mt. Pleasant writes:

Big storm rains Sunday morning.

After putting in just north of Sherrill Drive, I paddled down to Military Rd and just north of Pierce Mill.

Having met with two horse mounted NPS rangers who had been working on the park for over 15 years – they both agreed that I was the first SUPer that they had ever seen go down the length of Rock Creek!

“This is a first for Rock Creek Park.”

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  • ah

    I don’t doubt the claim, but proof is hardly established by the observation (or non-observation) by two mounted police.

  • mmm… sewage-y

    • Exactly. That guys should at least have a full-body wet suit. Ewwwww.

      • That was my thought — looks like he’s got exposed skin on his calves and forearms, not to mention whatever splashing might go through his shoes, socks, shorts, or shirt.

      • ah

        A wetsuit so he can trap the sewage-y water next to his body?

        He needs either a haz-mat suit, a dry-suit, a full-body coating of vaseline, or a good shower, a bunch of shots, and some luck.

        • A shower in bleach and a good listerine gargle and he should be good! And up-to-date hepatitis and tetanus shots.

  • I’m confused. Sherrill Drive to Military Road is “the entire length” of Rock Creek?

    • Ture… This misses arguably the most beautiful section in the northern part of the park. That being said – looks like a good time.

  • Congrats, now go boil yourself in a tub of iodine.

    I shake my head every time I see people playing with their dogs, or frolicking in Rock Creek with their kids, better yet, right next to a sign that says “CSO” extolling the dangers. The entire DC section is a nasty bacterial cesspool from the sewage of thousands of NW DC homes emptying into it.

    • ah

      Wait, wait . . . .this is true only after big storm rains like the one we had Sunday morning and made the river paddle-able.

  • I hope you at least have a tetnus shot. Lots of sewage in DC waterways after a rain because of our combined sewer system, which is designed to overflow into the creek during a storm. The purpose of the design is to keep the excess flows from blowing out the biological treatment system at Blue Plains.

  • I moved here from Southern California 5 years ago. I have been paddling the Rock Creek for over 4 years. I have pics and friends to back that. Not saying I was first, but this dude certainly was not. Also paddling down a moving creek is not difficult at all, you can literally just stand there and meet this accomplishment. My other regular routes are Gtown to Chain Bridge and back and Jacks Boathouse to Old Town Alexandria (this was the farthest I have gone and route that actaully gets tiring when your out in the open near Reagan). Also no helmet..lol.
    Sorry bud

    David B

  • From Rock Creek Conservancy: “While the water flowing through the upper stretches of Rock Creek is relatively clean, the creek’s water quality decreases quickly as it flows downstream.” If , you look at this map, the CSO outfalls are all south of Pierce Mill, most of them falling right around the Zoo. Hence the all the signs about no swimming. http://www.rockcreekconservancy.org/images/stories/rock%20creek%20cso%20map%20from%20dc%20wasa.gif
    Most of the sections that he SUPed is not even in the DC Water combined sewer areas. More info — http://www.rockcreekconservancy.org/index.php/rock-creek/water-quality
    So most of you don’t really know what you are talking about…

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