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  • Oh cool I see this one all the time over on Maryland Ave near the Capital

  • Difficult to determine which year based on this photo, but my gut tells me that it’s either a ’68 or ’69 based largely on the fog lamps (admittedly, they could be after-market rather than the original Hella lamps). Sorry I can’t be more precise, but I’m sure there’s experts out there who can do a better job.

  • Ugh, my dad had the opportunity to buy a late 60s Porsche (same exact body as this) from our neighbor in Southern California for about $5K when I was 17 back in the late 90s. My dad wanted to get me a car so I could shlep my younger brother and sister around and our neighbor offered it to my dad at that low price (the neighbor was an older man, had been a pilot with United for 35+ years). The engine had been rebuilt and the car still had the ORIGINAL saddle leather interior, which had aged to perfection with a gorgeous patina.

    My dad turned it down and I ended up inheriting my uncle’s 1970 Chevy Nova, which was a awesome car and a total chick magnet, but I would have loved the Porsche. I still shake my head to this day on the awesome deal my dad passed up. It would easily be worth $15-20K today.

    • That’s a bummer – the Nova is a great car, no doubt, but I’m a bit of a Porsche nut. Original interior well cared for and mechanically sound – sounds pretty close to a show car!

      • It still had the auburn red original paint job, which had some minor scratches, chips, etc and small bits of rusting on some of the chrome. So it definitely wasn’t “show quality”, but at least the body was straight. Still, that was cosmetic stuff and a new paint job would have fixed those minor issues.

        Gah, I would love to have that car!

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