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  • This was my Dad’s response after I sent him the photo after taking it (his first two cars were Cougars):

    It is Nice, and a XR-7 on top of that! As we can see from the plates it’s a ’68. but also easy to ID from those darn reflectors tha’t some idiots idea for the front and rear fenders, they did it on the ’68 Mustang too! But not on the ’67’s which I feel let the sharp/etched lines stand out much more, less is better unless it is a dog. Also I don’t think the chrome molding along the bottom is stock at all, de-tracks, and heightens the body? The OEM had chrome moldings along the arc of the fender wells only. Which was a very bad thing in that there is here all the road salt settled and then rusted out. But looked better IMHO. I left the trim off totally on my black XR-7, made the body look bigger/fuller.

    Next we have 428ci on the plates, I know that a 390 was offered in 67-68 so this eng may be non stock? In ’69 they came out with the 428 (police interceptor eng ) in the cougar special order that was called the “Eliminator”. We got one in at Leyda Motors where I worked in the early ’70’s. John Bethke got it ready for the sales lot, to change the plugs you had to un-do the motor mounts lift the engine it up a bit, that tight! John and me took it out, (this was a auto tranny mind you) at 55mph you could punch it and smoke the tires big time. Later we heard the new owner spun the tires off the rims doing that, shackles like this car has would fair better.Can’t read the emblem on the front fender so maybe it is a stock 428ci, for those keeping score that’s about a 7.0L engine, one thing to be laid back from the line, another thing to pull G’s doing 55mph, and gas was .25-.30/gal

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXcckPiLROk

      Well if i had me some money
      I’ll tell you what I’d do
      I’d go downtown and buy me a Mercury or two

      Well the girl I love
      I stole her from a friend
      Fool got lucky, stole her back again
      ‘Cause she know’d he had a Mercury
      Lord she’s crazy ’bout a Mercury
      I’m gonna buy me a Mercury
      And cruise it up and down the road

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