Smucker Farms Now Selling Beer and Wine

2118 14th Street, NW

Back in December ’12 we learned that Smucker Farms was hoping to add beer and wine to their shelves at 2118 14th St, NW. That day has arrived:


They are already and will be having lots of tastings too.


And cold beer will be available too:


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  • Scrillin

    How expensive is this place vis a vis Yes! and Harris Tweeter?

    I pass by hurr eurry day and it seems like it’d be too Portlandia for me to handle/too yuppieish for my wallet to handle.

    (Excuse the silliness, but I’m bumping Young Dro to celebrate DOMADOWN)

    • +1 Young Dro – Yesterday, I was the freshest ni$$a in the country.

    • I have found they are either at the same price point or less expensive than Whole Foods or Yes. But, there’s definitely no bottles of wine for $3.99! Not sure that’d taste great…

      For Peachy, I think they have wines from around the world because they’ve partnered with Ansonia Wines. Also, I think there is a lot of limitation among local wines (but I’m from California and used to live in France so that’s my humble opinion).

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Walker, I think in response to this the Yes! across the street now carries Tisdale wines at 3.99 a pop. Guess similar for beer.

  • They also sell the Duck Prosciutto served by Mockingbird Hill. It’s quite tasty. When I first saw their wine selection, it seemed a bit odd, as the whole store is dedicated to foods from the Lancaster area, yet the wines are an eclectic assortment from around the world. I’m not complaining, I liked the selection, it just seemed a bit contradictory to the mission of the store. Personally, I’m a big fan of their foods and specialty products.

  • But do they have $20 growlers???

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