Shots Fired Last Night around 8:15pm on the 1700 Block Euclid Street, NW

17th and Kalorama Rd, NW

From MPD around 830pm last night:

At approximately 2015 hours, Third District units responded to the 1700 block of Euclid Street, NW, for the sound of gunshots. Third District Officers are on the scene and currently investigating this matter. No victims have been located at this time.

and 10pm:

Complainants were not injured. We are still securing the scene and collecting evidence.

Lookout for the suspect in reference to this shooting is a juvenile hispanic male, 5’9, and medium build.

Any additional information please call 911 or the Command Information Center 202-727-9099.

Update from CM Jim Graham:

Early last evening, about 7 PM, a chance encounter between three Latino males resulted in shots being fired at 17th and Euclid. No one was injured. The shooter appears to be a member of the 17 crew. The good news is that there are video records (from the MPD camera on that corner, and another camera) of the crime. There are also cooperating witnesses. Hopefully that will result in the arrest of the shooter.

We have made solid progress fighting crime in this block, and we will not be deterred in those successful efforts by this setback . Chief Lanier has once again committed major police resources to this area.

Councilmember Jim Graham

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  • Based on my anecdotal observation, it seems that crime of all sorts has spiked in DC in recent months. Does anyone know if this is empirically/ statistically true?

    • I was thinking the same thing before I read your comment.

    • As always, when it gets hot and sticky out (and when schools let out) – crime goes up. Simple as that.

      • Except school’s not out yet–DCPS has one more week.

        • Oh sh!t , you’re right! My bad. Sorry.

          So when (i.e., WHEN, in one more week, thus prospectively) school lets out – anticipate crime to go up even more – that is, together with the ALREADY (i.e., presently) hot and sticky weather.

  • “A chance encounter?” What is this, Craig’s List?

  • WTF is the 17 crew?

    • It’s a gang.

      • Eets not a gang. Eets a club, man.

      • And Graham rattles it off so nonchalantly, like “Golly, it sure does look like I’ll have to park my Beetle in front of the fire hydrant across the street from the 17 Crew’s clubhouse, knock on the door using the secret knock, and have a word or two with those boys.”

    • A close knit group of friends and associates who grew up together in the same geographical area with the intent to commit criminal activity. They operate like a gang; however, they do not have the initiation practices and stringent rules of a standard gang. Nor do they initiate or include anyone from outside that specific geographical area. They may have a leader or shot caller, but typically do not have the centralized leadership or chain of command that gangs usually operate under. While a gangs numbers can swell and cross state or county lines because of initiating new qualifying members from anywhere, crews usually stay localized and only grow as much as that specific geographical area or neighborhood allows.

      • I thought 17 Crew was the African-Americans who have been in the neighborhood for a long time.

        This sounds like is was a beef between rival Hispanic crews, so this wouldn’t be the 17 Crew.

  • My friend Billy is in there!
    You have a friend?
    Just kidding.

  • Not for nothing, but the photo isn’t the 1700 block of Euclid. That’s the corner of 17th & Kalorama.

    • …popville has a tendency to use 17th and Kalorama in lieu of 17th and Euclid. See the map on the article about the cab driver a couple weeks back…Still points to Kalorama.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Photo was sent in by a reader. Sorry for the confusion. I don’t have a tendency to use any address other than what is stated in the MPD press releases.

        • When I was looking for info on the shooting last night, there were a bunch of pictures on twitter showing the 1700 block of Kalorama being shut as well.

          Anyone else optimistic that when the new/rehabbed buildings on 17th street are finished foot traffic will increase enough to make this area a bit safer at night?

        • The street at 17th & Kalorama was closed after the incident while the police were searching for the suspects. There were also several police cars in Adams Alley.

    • ledroittiger

      That’s my photo. I was just too lazy to walk up the block, but Kalorama was closed off between Ontario and 17th too.

  • If the other two had guns this could have been an actual Mexican (Salvadorian) Standoff

    • There has been an increase of Latino gang graffiti in Columbia Heights. Seems DC is making these gangs feel right at home. What is the best phone number to report this at? Does DC respond and remove the graffiti, even if it is on private property? My neighbors (Latinos themselves) seem all to comfortable with it sprayed on their retaining wall.

      It would appear that Jim Grahams years of pandering to the Latino community has finally caught up with him… We are now living in the war zone he helped create. With shootings at 8:15 pm we are lucky a lot of bystanders weren’t involved.

      • The D.C. government will remove gang-related graffiti for free, but it has to be requested by the property owner. (I found this out when I tried to place a 311 request for gang-related graffiti on the retaining wall for a house down the street.) If your neighbors are renters rather than owners, you could try looking up the owner in the D.C. real estate tax records database and contacting him/her. You could also try contacting your ANC Single-Member District rep and your councilmember. It seems unfortunate that gang-related graffiti is allowed to remain in place if the homeowners are slackers and don’t care about it.

      • I try not to be a hater, but if by chance if Graham’s Office reads this, I need to agree with you. His pandering to the community has helped spur this gang violence. He needs to make sure that affordable housing management throughout this neighborhood do not keep criminal elements in their building. Good for Graham if he wants to give recent immigrants a chance by helping them find affordable housing. I’m all for that if it is conditional and accountable.

      • War zone? How terribly dramatic of you.

  • Anonynon

    i was walking back from adams morgan and saw the street blocked off, they had two men in handcuffs right near the harris teeter. Seems like a lot of crime down down in that little area between adams morgan and 16th street. Surprising since it seems like such a nice area with botique lofts…

    • A lot of the crime stems from 1700 Euclid (the house owned by the Bennett’s, although there is nothing to indicate members of their house or group of friends were involved. The area is generally safe, but I am always careful especially after dark. I’ve lived in the neighborhood for 5 years.

      • 1700 Euclid are the new condos that went up. The Bennett house is 1701 Euclid (across the street).


    rowdy bunch of bootleggers

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