Man Found Shot Last Night at 8th and H St, NE; Shooting at 700 Block of 16th St, NE

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From @IAFF36 sent around 10:30pm:

“Shooting: H/8th St NE – Units enroute”

Ed. Note: We previously discussed a shooting at 8th and H St, NE in December.

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@DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“5D Shooting- 700 blk 15th St NE/2225 hrs/ No lookout”

Update from MPD:

“A gunshot victim drove to 8th & H Streets NE where a MPD Officer came to his aid. Subsequent investigation revealed that the complainant was the victim of a shooting that occurred in the 700 block of 16th St NE. The victim was transported to an area hospital where he was treated and released.”

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  • Any updates since last night on the 8th and H NE shooting? We should all pitch in for a Robocop to patrol this corner/bus stop.

  • Found this on Frozen Tropics:

    The Washington Post, and NBC 4 are both reporting a shooting at 8th & H. There was also a police alert regarding a shooting in Rosedale. A resident emailed me saying that there was really just one shooting, and what happened was that the shooting occurred in Rosedale, and the victim was found at 8th & H (this might explain the quick clean up at 8th & H).

    • +1

      Unless they used silencers, there is no way someone was shot on 8th & H last night, I definitely would have heard that. The story of finding a victim who was shot elsewhere makes *way* more sense. Frozen Tropics also mentions that someone went down to the scene and none of the hallmarks of a shooting scene were there (detectives looking for shell casings, markings where casings fell, or any sustained police presence at all).

  • Yep, lots of trouble-making riff-raff on that corner.

  • justinbc

    This seems awful early in the evening for the typical shootings. They seem to occur more around 1-3AM.

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