Shooting Last Night around 10pm at 6th and N Street, NW

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From MPD:

This evening [Tuesday] at approximately 10:00 pm, we had a shooting in the 1300 block of 6th Street, NW.

Over the past 2 weeks there have been shootings in the area even with my uniformed police officers nearby. I have increased my uniformed and plain clothes officers due to recent violence. However, these criminals have no regard for public safety or law enforcement. We are asking for the public’s assistance.

In every shooting a dark colored vehicle has been observed by witnesses and officers fleeing the area.

Please report any suspicious activity, vehicles, and subjects to the Metropolitan Police Department on 202-727-9099.

@Presence_Is_Now tweeted it was a “drive by shooting at 6th & N NW”

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  • How many is this in the last two weeks?

    • 3 in the past week, right?

      • If PoP’s got them all, that’s 11 so far in June — if you count the stabbing in Columbia Heights and the murder/suicide attempt. Except for the one in Kingman Park, they’re all between Petworth, AdMo, Mt. Vernon, and Bloomingdale.

        • I meant just shootings in the Shaw/Truxton/Logan Circle area.

        • POP does not have them all. Only crime news in gentrifying areas is on here, because that’s probably what most people on this site are interested in. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve never once seen any crime news for SE or NE east of the river. Only now you’re seeing news from areas like kingman park or trinidad because those hoods are changing.

          • Or MD and VA, where a lot of the criminal activity is moving.

          • justinbc

            It’s what most people viewing this site report. Most of these are user submissions…I doubt he sits there all day refreshing police blotter.

    • I would also note that a significant number of shots fired in the neighborhood do not make it into any police report, listserv or tweet. If there’s no victim and the locals don’t really push for an official report, the incident disappears.

  • gotryit

    WTF?! It really sounds like he’s saying “my police officers are ineffective, please help”

    • Well, yeah. What good is a cop sitting in a car texting his girlfriend? Or one on a foot patrol 9 blocks away? Or one on a bike even? What kind of hot pursuit is a guy on a ten speed going to do versus a MD driver?

      Mendelson was right. You can’t fix crime. Your only choice is to breed with their women. Eventually, your differences will disappear.

      • It’s an affluent neighborhood. The police are on it, I’m sure.

        • Nevermind, I thought it was a random PoP reader who lived in the neighborhood and was asking for help. Not the MPD. WTF??

          • Yeah, reads like “I totes sent out my guys but they’re broken or something. #igiveup.”

            Mostly in 3rd District, so maybe that’s Cmdr. Kishter.

          • “In every shooting a dark colored vehicle has been observed by witnesses and officers fleeing the area.”

            So police officers saw the suspects’ car and all they can tell you is that it was dark in color. Not make/model, approximate age, some basic description of the assailants, etc. Maybe the concern that they can’t handle this is well justified.

          • I’m betting 2 b/m, dreads, white shirts…does that help?

        • High real estate prices in a bubble don’t make the area affluent. There’s still plenty of craptastic elements of the “old days” living in Shaw. “Affluent” is west of the park, not Shaw.

          • so annoying when people refer to west of the park as being DC’s affluent area. 1) that was never true Crestwood, Colonial Village, and Shepherd Park have always been affluent areas. Just not completely homogenous affluent areas. 2) it’s definitely not true anymore. Columbia Heights, U Street, Shaw, Logan Circle, and Mount Pleasant aren’t bubbles they are expensive areas that have undergone a great deal of gentrification and have lasting elements of what the neighborhood used to be.

          • Anonymous has a rather low bar for characterizing a neighborhood as “affluent.” Inflated real estate prices alone do not get you there.

          • Capitol Hill must be an absolute slum then.

        • Oh Washington Apartments, how do I not miss thee – try walking that corner at night and seeing if it’s “affluent”

          • In Crestwood, the woods and alleys are a magnet for sketchy characters casing out houses, and there’s lots of petty crime (and even some not-so-petty stick-ups). Plus, many blocks have one or more houses that suffer from severe “deferred maintenance” — e.g., they’ve gone to pot in a way you *rarely* see west of the park.

            Drive through the park to Crestwood from Albermarle or Brandywine — the shift as you go from affluent to something less than affluent is palpable.

          • gotryit

            Keep driving past 16th street, then past Georgia Ave, and I think you’ll see why many people still think Crestwood is affluent. Also, look at your median home price. >$1 million?

          • I hate when people have a hard-on for Crestwood and the rest of 16th Street corridor, but it’s simply not the same as being west of the park. Yes, it’s nice and similar in appearance to the area just west of the park, it also gets serious crime spillover from nearby Petworth. The schools are not as good. Thus, the property prices reflect this. Take any house in Crestwood or 16th Street and move one mile over to the west side of the park and it would sell for 50% more. Easily.

            East side of the park along 16th Street has always been for upper middle class government workers and lawyers. The west side is for the affluent class – the law partners, business owners, and Revolving Door senior officials. Same as it ever was.

          • since when does being able to purchase a home for >$1million make you middle class? yes, west of the park homes have a higher price per square foot but that doesn’t mean that neighborhoods along the 16th street corridor are anything to scoff at. it’s a city (a small city)… there’s crime. even where rich people live!

          • This is in response to this east of the park west of the park bs. Newsflash! It ain’t that expensive to live west of the park anymore. UNLESS, you own a mansion in cleveland park, and those are few and far between. Read real estate listings. 800K gets you a house west of the park, and a BIG house. Have you seen what 800K buys you in Logan, U Street, Shaw, LeDroit, Bloomingdale?? It certainly doesn’t buy you a 4-5 bedroom house on an acre of land… Go back to Kansas Dorothy. In DC and most other major US cities there’s thing happening called urbanization. That means, demand for the kind of life you get west of the park is rapidly decreasing for anybody not about to retire. You know why, because it’s convenient to walk/bike to work, shops, entertainment, parks, etc. Oh, and the talk about “old days” is null. Those days were mighty short compared to all of the days Logan, Ledroit, Bloomingdale were DC’s grandest neighborhoods. Have you seen the architecture? Have you noticed that architecture doesn’t exist in Cleveland Park and Friendship Heights??

          • Oh, and regardless of whether or not prices are inflated, you might have forgotten that banks still require people to be able to afford those prices. Where do you think they’re getting that money? Is it play money because you think the prices are inflated. It’s real money that exists in the real world, that is stored in real bank accounts (likely bigger than your own) and comes from real jobs (you’d be surprised how many work at the white house, etc), that buys real homes. This ain’t monopoly. Banks want to make sure they will be PAID!

    • you are crazy if you think they can have an officer post up on every corner. i am actually surprised how many police i see in the area when i walk around. they are not superheros..they can’t be in every place at once. the people committing these crimes have no regard for anyone, including the police or themselves. these post bashing the cops are ridiculous. would you rather go back to the crime wave of the 90s or have a stop and frisk policy like NYC?

      • stop and frisk please

        • +1…NYC has stop and frisk and guess what….a much lower crime rate….probably less lazy cops too.

          • And it’s also dangerous to be brown or black with that policy. The stop & frisk policy we’re talking about does not require probable cause. Just a cop prejudging someone. What use is no crime if we’re scared of the cops instead?

        • Stop & frisk for who?

      • gotryit

        I don’t have the answers. But I’d like to think that the police commanders do. Based on the numbers of shootings / stabbings recently and the statement above, I don’t think they do.

        • I don’t know about in this area but cops in Petworth routinely just ignore all kinds of shit on the street. They act all buddy buddy with the drunks that hang out on the street all day long. These guys blatantly pour alcohol into cups and drink all day long. The cops just walk right by them like it is totally fine behavior. They routinely ignore the obvious drug deals that go down too…. I think it would go a long way if they would start actually doing something about this shit…

          • realistically, what are they going to do about the drunks?

            as far as drug deals go, i have seen numerous undercover jump-out busts on georgia avenue. actually a fairly shocking number considering I’m rarely on that street. just look at the arrest reports for georgia avenue or area around north cap and florida and you’ll see that they are arresting multiple people every day for drug crimes. you can’t arrest your way out of this problem. gentrification on the other hand will do it – there is almost no street drug dealing in ledroit park anymore where it used to be rampant.

          • Realistically, tell them to move the F’ on….. It is the same people day in and day out… if you tell them enough times or at least arrest one of them for public intoxication they will eventually figure it out….

            As for drug deals, I have had to call multiple times for 1 alley… the cops know there are issues in this alley and street on a daily basis but I rarely see regular patrols… just here and there…. If there was an actual police presence on a regular basis the drug dealing wouldn’t happen.

          • i hear you but the fact is that the arrest reports each week show many, many busts on georgia.

            also, there is no public intoxication law in DC.

          • This isn’t on Georgia… so maybe they are moving elsewhere because there are busts on Georgia….

            § 25-1001. Drinking of alcoholic beverage in public place prohibited; intoxication 83
            (a) Except as provided in subsections (b) and (c) of this section, no person in the District
            shall drink an alcoholic beverage or possess in an open container an alcoholic beverage in or
            upon any of the following places:
            (1) A street, alley, park, sidewalk, or parking area;
            (2) A vehicle in or upon any street, alley, park, or parking area;
            (3) A premises not licensed under this title where food or nonalcoholic beverages

          • justinbc

            “Realistically, tell them to move the F’ on”

            OK, so you just want to relocate them from one problem area to the next? “Moving on” isn’t going to stop anything except get it out of your direct line of sight.

      • +100 stop and frisk!

        • Actually, it’s a credit to the city that we don’t have a police force that harasses the poor just for being poor. But there are plenty of other major metropolises that are police states (the ones with police forces that are, horrifyingly, national brands) if ours aren’t authoritarian enough for you.

    • I don’t think he is saying his officers are ineffective. I think he is preemptively taking on the question that always follows this kind of incident: “Why don’t you have more police in the area?” Police presence in and of itself doesn’t stop every crime. If there have been multiple shootings in the same area involving the same vehicle, it’s not an accident. Someone knows what’s going on and the crimes are more likely to get solved if there is help from the public – as opposed to assuming that the cops can just CSI their way to a suspect.

      • a cop on every corner is not going to stop 3 dudes from maryland driving in, shooting someone, and driving away.

        • Especially if that cop is sitting in his car texting, updating Facebook, or watching Netflix/Hulu, as noted above. And that’s exactly what we have here in DC (and I’ve personally observed ALL of these activities).

          • Or developing their pictures at Costco while on duty….

            I do very much appreciate the work they are doing, however, to clean up this city. Though not perfect, they do deserve a good deal of credit for many of the changes we have seen over the last decade.

  • He is sounds surprised that “criminals have no regard for public safety or law endorcement”. Isn’t that what makes someone a criminal in the first place?

  • Did anyone else read this as the officers fleeing the area: “In every shooting a dark colored vehicle has been observed by witnesses and officers fleeing the area.”

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