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  • I work half a block away, so this is dangerous.

    Though far less dangerous if it’s clogged with tourists year-round.

  • ah

    For a newbie, what is Shake Shack’s claim to fame (or why is this particularly exciting)?

    • They sell hamburgers! AND milkshakes!!!!

    • Not too much IMO

      they have some pretty regular bugers and fries if you ask me

      also im not a big milkshake person so that does nothing for me

    • It is basically like a Five Guys with milkshakes (and maybe slightly less greasy); better than McDonald’s but not on par with the BGRs/BTSs of the world.

      • oh, and what is exciting about it is that it comes from NYC and us DCers love things that come from NYC

      • I haven’t been there, but I bet Five Guys’ fries are better. I’m just not into crinkle cut fries.

        • I’m not big into crinkle cut fries, but I still prefer the shake shack fries. I really don’t like that soggy, greasy paper sack full of fries that you get from five guys. I can think of maybe two occasions where they were actually crispy.

          • If you open the bag of fries and eat them there, they won’t be soggy. Although mine tend to get kind of soggy because of all the vinegar I drench them with.

        • Crinkle cut fries are the Solange Knowles of fries.

    • The shake stack is definatly way better than anything you can get at five guys. Deep fried portobella mushroom stuffed with honey dijon mustard/cheese mixture. Umm, yes

  • I’m actually a huge fan of Shake Shack! I like that their burgers are smaller than those at a place like BGR, their fries are infinitely superior to Five Guys’, and their chocolate shakes taste like real chocolate rather than Hershey’s syrup.

    In any case, I’m here again to make my semi-annual plea to the Shake Shack powers-that-be to consider Union Station for an outpost of their burger-fry-shake goodness!

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