Roc Bar Closes at 1426 L St, NW

1426 L Street, NW

Tough times continue for the space at 1426 L St, NW.  Roc Bar had only opened up in the space (next to Post Pub) back in Sept. 2012. Prior to that The Reserve was evicted from the building in June 2011. Not sure how long Roc Bar has been closed but I just noticed the for lease sign on the building.  Maybe it’s the Formstone looking front…

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  • justinbc

    It seems like this “For Lease” sign is perpetually up. Must be because of the continually failing businesses.

  • I guess it was so exclusive that they couldn’t find anybody to put on those VIP lists.

  • I work around the corner from there. I think it’s been closed for months. It seems like it was only open for about two months. They should just bring back the Ollie’s Trolley that was there before.

    • I work 2 blocks down from here on 14th & L and I’m pretty sure it’s been closed for about 6 weeks. The Reserve’s food was decent the one time I tried it but the place was empty unless it was a Friday or Saturday after 10pm. An exterior renovation would probably be a good starting point

  • this building is a travesty. The facade was significantly altered with this awful cheap faux stone – which is falling off. hahah. The window and door replacements are terrible and not scaled correctly.

  • turn it back into Ollie’s!

  • Yeah that whole VIP club vibe is not working. That Monday thru Thursday is slow you are going to need offer something unique rather than just another new name in the same place.

  • Considering that I work across the street from this, and never knew it existed, they seem to have had some major marketing problems. Among other things.

  • At least Roc Bar gave me the memory of a bunch of scruffy Post Pub regulars going in there right past the doorman (Post Pub employees were pals with Roc Bar employees) just for the heck of it and getting the stinkeye from all the dolled-up clubby types.

    • Hahaha, yeah, that was fun, girls teetering around on their spike heels while I stomped around in docs and flannel. Stink-eye doesn’t begin to describe it.

  • Where is John Taffert for Bar Rescue when you need him>?

  • Would probably make a killing if it were a strip club.

  • Ollie’s used to have the best breakfast in town at that spot. Greasy spoon unhealthy, but delicious…and cheap! Maybe they’ll come back?

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