River Still Running Down 11th Street


A reader sends these photos from:

“11th St, South of Florida (Cardozo High School). They were still flowing steadily around 8:15 this morning all the way past V Street.”


Another reader sends this shot from this morning:


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  • Is this from a fire hydrant? Or is this water that’s just sitting on the street because of clogged catch basins? (BTW, if you see a clogged catch basin, you can report it by calling 311.)

  • I biked past this today, it seemed to be coming from the Cardozo construction, not necessarily the rain. Or maybe it was rain water being pumped out of the construction site. Not sure myself, it just seemed to be coming from the school.

  • I also biked past, right as it started flooding. I stopped and asked one of the construction guys and he said one of them broke a water pipe. Kept going all the way down the next block.

  • I live on this street. Walked the dog 30 minutes earlier – no water. Left for work – and the river had started. Hoping I don’t need an ark when I get home tonight.

  • I walk by there most mornings and it was a mess today. I figured it had to be a broken pipe or main, because the amount of water made no sense given how long ago our heavy rain had been. It looked like the catch basin at FL and 11th was open, but simply overwhelmed with the amount of water. By V ST, NW the basins were finally able to keep up with the water flow. I was surprised the construction workers didn’t seem more concerned – they appeared to be going about their business as thousands of gallons of water were just wasted.

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