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  • andy

    The former RAS had a large number of live shows and a lot of young folks coming out. I wonder if it will be the same thing now.

    Also – has anyone noticed how Moroni, next door, has been trying to turn itself into Da Club rather than stick to the Neapolitan pizza business? It makes me sad. My kid is unhappy to go with the bass booming at 6pm on a Thursday. And I’m not interested in buying a bottle of liquor from them for $100-plus. This was my favorite DC restaurant!!!

    • jim_ed

      I noticed this last saturday when we went in to pick up our pizzas. It was close to 10pm, the music was deafening, and the place was totally 100% empty. I initially had to call 3 times to get them to answer the phone to take our order, which I assume was because of the music. Not a fan of the new concept.

      • saf

        The music has always been too loud at Moroni. Actually, I am convinced it is cultural, because many Central American owned places have that problem. Loud music, often with several televisions, all with sound on, going at once.

        These days, I only get takeout at Moroni.

  • I hope they still put on Hardcore punk shows!

  • Unfortunately that whole strip seems to be sliding downhill. Fusion has Americanized their menu somewhat, and are now applying for a Tavern license (makes me think they aren’t making it on food sales alone). Agree that Moroni is heading in the wrong direction too. Guess there just isn’t a large enough clientele in N. Petworth to keep a quality restaurant going. But… maybe the new version of RAS will be okay…

    • Three Little Pigs is still awesome though! (Not in that strip, just wanted to say how great TLP is.)

    • Fusion used to be amazing, but has gone down hill in terms of food quality. Last time I went the Lamb Pista Korma, which was one of their very unique and delicious dishes was the most watery tasting indian food I had ever eaten.

  • I’ve been to a few benefit shows here. I hope they keep that community benefit angle going. The food was pretty good.

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