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Photo from Chincoteague Island by pablo.raw

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Awesome to see Joe Chiocca play last night at Acre 121. What an incredible musician. Great seeing the bartenders out dancing too!

  • I have to drive to Adams Morgan tomorrow night. Is parking there still a nightmare, or has it gotten better there?

    Rave: DC Blues Society sponsored gig tomorrow night!

    • Well of course it is still a nightmare! Why drive? Lots of other options: Metro, Uber, taxi, walk, bike….

    • Parking is still a nightmare in Adams Morgan. If you absolutely have to drive (is this because you’ve got equipment for your gig?), you could try parking in the parking garage, which I think is now $20 a pop. Otherwise I’d recommend taking a cab or Metro/bus.

      • It all depends on what time you get there. If you come before 8pm, your chances are astronomically better. Also, you can drop your gear at the gig, and then park on the other side of Connecticut (in the embassy area of Kalorama). I usually have no trouble finding a spot there, but it’s a ten minute walk back to the neighborhood. I’ve always wondered about doing lauriol valet, and then just getting a margarita after the gig!

        As a fellow musician who lives in Adams Morgan, I know the pain of parking with gear! Good luck! You at Madam’s?

        • Thanks! We start at 8, so I’m planning to get there by 6:30. My load-in is pretty easy (amp and a couple of bags.)

          We’re playing Heaven and Hell.

          • Ahh — for that early in the evening, you should be able to find street parking. (Unless things have gotten significantly worse in the ~1.5 years since I moved.)

          • Yeah, you’ll find something if you come around 6:30. Just pull up and unload first (get ready for those stairs, though…), and then you should be able to find parking on Belmont or Kalorama.

            I’m not sure if it has been discussed on POPville, but Heaven and Hell’s new rebranding as a music venue (called “The Venue”) has been a fairly quiet transition. I only have played there once, and it was an acoustic gig, but it actually was a pretty decent room with what seemed like an ok PA. I wouldn’t be mad to see more live music in the neighborhood…

        • Thanks again! I’ve played 219 in Alexandria a few times, so I’m used to hauling stuff up stairs.

  • Rave: Awesomely appropriate photo, Pablo 🙂
    Rant: My condo listserv–the people in this building are f*cking nuts, and my new neighbor is one of the worst/most naive people posting to this listserv.
    Rave: Had a nice time with a different neighbor, chatting over a glass of wine and ice cream when the power went out last night.
    Rant: I need a vacation. Even a staycation would be fine. I just need to not go to work for a few days. I feel like a huge sourpuss and am worried that everyone knows it.

    • That sounds like our neighborhood email list too. PC police are out in force when people are talking about petty crime. I’d say something to them, but I just can’t think of anything nice to say.

      • almost forgot – bonus rant: as part of the stupidity, one of these people compared criticism of someone to the holocaust. Really? THAT is insulting.

      • This listserv doesn’t even talk about crime! We only seem to talk about large condo issues. Rather than an information-sharing tool, it becomes a “I hate the board/management company/certain policy that one person doesn’t like, thus IT MUST BE CHANGED IMMEDIATELY” rag. People are much more candid and nasty in an internet forum.. hey, wait a minute.. that’s just like PoP comments!

  • Rave: Blueberry picking tomorrow!
    Mini Rant: Wifi at Tryst is slow 🙁

  • Rant/rave: organizing a fun night out to celebrate my graceful transition into pre-middle age.

    Question: Any suggestions for a place on U St for a somewhat large group (15+) to meet for drinks and maybe food before eventually heading to the black cat? I was thinking Brixton (but the roof gets so crowded) or Policy (but I’ve never been there, so…) but really I’ve never coordinated this type of thing before so I’m at a loss. Do I need to make a reservation?

    • I’d recommend Vinoteca’s backyard. It’s perfect for this sort of thing. They have small plates and big entrees, so people can get what they want. It’s not as crowded as other, newer places around U Street.

      I’d definitely call them today and see if you can get one of the tables in the backyard reserved for your group.

      • Yes, make a reservation. As you enter middle age, your large social events need more coordination and funding. Vinoteca has an upstairs room.

    • The Satellite Room might be another option. The patio area could handle your size group I think. It hasn’t been super packed the couple nights I’ve been there. Marvin’s roof top now is pretty expansive, plenty of room for a big group. That would be for drinks only though.

    • El Tamarindo (18th and Florida) handled our 16-person group fantastically a few weeks ago. We had people arriving at different times and wound up moving a bunch of tables around, but they handled it all smoothly. I did call ahead for a reservation but judging from the face of the hostess when I arrived, I don’t think they actually had it. Despite that, we were still seated within…maybe, 30 minutes?

      • The food is pretty terrible there. Last time I was in there, a large group of high schoolers was having their after-prom party. LOL.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Shooting my first gay wedding in a couple of months!!!
    Rave: Finally done with my consultant work, now I have time to work on the other thousands of things!
    Rave: Short week/4 day weekend ahead!
    Rave: ML-2 on the way!!!

  • Rant: Have a lot of cleaning and housework to do this weekend, but I seem unable to stay indoors on nice summer days. Kinda hoping for rain and storms this weekend to motivate me to stay inside and clean my house.
    Rave: Having short hair! I had my long hair cut into a short pixie style a few weeks ago and it’s been awesome, especially during these hot humid days. I should have cut it long time ago!

  • Rave: Have a really nice weekend planned hanging with good friends, family, heading out to the barn, enjoying my husband. Looking forward to not touching my computer or work e-mails all weekend.

    Rant/Rave: Missing out on 4th of July with the family in Philly but going to be in DC to see the fireworks and enjoy the energy. Then wedding, then heading to Philly to hang with my 93 year old grandfather.

    Rave: Two weddings to go to in July – two good friends are getting married plus there will be dancing and I LOVE dancing with the husband at weddings. So much fun.

  • Rant: Got a terrible email this morning – colleagues young son passed away.

  • warning – metro rant ahead. Stations where the train pulls well above the the up escalator drive me crazy. It’s not so much a problem with the set up – more so about how people act. Farragut West comes most readily to mind – people from the front cars have to walk back toward the escalator. At this point, there’s usually a line of folks to get on the escalator and those walking up from the front ALWAYS, ALWAYS try to merge in. Either walk to the back of the line or learn polite merging rules where the groups alternate. Getting shoved by escalator line cutters every morning drives me mad.

    • I know what you mean, as Farragut West in my stop for work. This also happens at Metro Center. It really sucks!

      My bigger rant is 6-car trains that pull all the way into the station, especially when the vast majority of the oncoming passengers are entering the platform from the rear of the train. The front cars are underutilized and the pedestrian jam on the platform is unbearable and dangerous, as everyone tries to get on the last car. This causes so many delays!

      • when trains are on automatic control they stop in the middle of the platform.

        they haven’t been allowed to run on automated control since 2010 when there was a bad crash. there seems no real timetable for returning to auto control.

        one of the reasons they can’t stop mid-platform on manual control is that operators were forgetting what length train they had and were stopping 8-car trains mid-platform, thus leaving the last 2 cars with open doors in the tunnel.

        in short, metro is dumb.

    • Me too. I don’t understand the metro mentality of cutting in line. People don’t cut in line any place else – like a ticket line, a movie line, a line to go and vote. Why do people cut in the escalator lines?!! Go to the back!

    • This is actually a people rant, not a metro rant. Many things that people don’t like about metro are actually things they don’t like about other people.

      • *metro experience rant

        • Fair enough. Sorry to nitpick but one thing I hate more than when people act poorly on metro is when other people just casually throw it into the ‘metro sucks’ bag as if it’s somehow metro’s fault.

          • It is a Metro issue when the escalators don’t work and are the only option to exit. If there were more stairs and working escalators getting out of stations, this would lesson the people problem of cutting in line.

          • Anonymous 11:02, that’s a different issue from the one we’re (I am, anyway) talking about here.

  • Rant: my eyes balked when I put in my contacts this morning, so I had to wear my glasses in. I never wear them, so everything feels a little off this morning.

  • Rant: Tired of hearing about Paula Deen.

    Rant: Wanted to go to the beach, but putting my dog in a kennel might be too complex and expensive. He is really not good riding in cars, and I’ve got a landscaping meeting on Saturday morning.

    Rant: Next door neighbor has been hacking up my bush in my front yard. It’s not on their property, but she sees fit to cutting it way too far in. I wanted to say something when I saw her clipping, but don’t care to have a dragged out neighbor feud.

    Rave: Thank Jah, it’s Friday.

  • Anyone know of a good farm in the area to do some peach picking when it’s time? I love peaches, and thought it would be a nice outting…even better if they offer other stuff besides peaches! Most places only really seem to have peaches and blackberries that I’ve been able to find – a place with some veggies, too, would be fantastic!

    peach crisp time!

  • Hello everyone:

    Last night my dog-walking service alerted their clients that someone is apparently dropping contaminated Greenies’ pill pockets around Logan Circle; apparently one dog has already died.

    I can’t verify the story, and my dog and I don’t walk that far when it is this hot (so I can’t look around or chat with other area dog owners), but I thought it best to give folks a heads up even at the risk of ‘rumormongering.’

    I remember hearing stories about dog-poisoning incidents in Northern Virginia dog parks a few years ago, and dismissing them as urban rumors – unfortunately, they were not. And since my dog will eat almost anything he finds on the ground, I will certainly be more vigilant in the next few days….at least until I know for sure whether some crazy has started up again or if an isolated incident may have gotten exaggerated in the telling and re-telling. Just thought it best to err on the side of caution.

    FWIW, I forwarded the full email notice I received to Dan directly and to my vet.

  • Id like to connect with the person from Bloomingdale that said earlier this week they work from home often and have a dog that could also use some daytime company. Lets meet up this weekend if you are free and see how the pooches get along!

  • Rave: Got my car inspected today. It took only 35 minutes and everyone was polite and friendly. Big props to DC Government employees.
    Rave: Took the day off to do car inspection and now I have the afternoon free!
    Rant: None for me today, thanks!

    • Same here, 30 minutes. The guy directing traffic was great and the man in the office (where you wait) was also very helpful.

      So my rave would be that there are some DC employees who do their job and do it well.

  • Rant: Annoying next door neighbors are having yet another loud party tonight.

    • There are noise laws for 10pm-7am. If they won’t keep it quiet, the police will respond and ask people to shut down the party.

    • Might as well drop by and get some free drinks out of it.

      Anytime we do a party, we invite the neighbors over and get them tipsy. I usually give them some of my “good” booze from my liquor cabinet, which seems to keep them happy. No complaints yet. Expect that one time the downstairs neighbor came into my place at 3am in her pajamas with crazy bedhead. LOL.

      • Rant: Not invited.

        • How do you know they are having a party? What are their parties usually like? Done by midnight? Or 5am rage’rs with a band/DJ?

          • They sent out a notification but not an invitation. Their parties usually have a lot of really loud drunk people yelling over the bad loud music. 3am ragers.

          • That’s kind of douchy. If they bothered to do a notification, they should have at least put “please feel free to stop by for a drink and introduce yourself!” or something to that effect. At the most, we get one or two people stopping in through the night from a 14-unit building.

            How old are these guys? This is an apartment building?

          • Allison

            Lol, party notifications. Like telling me in advance that you are going to keep me up until 3:00 am is going to make me less angry. Is it a suggestion one should, you know, just go find a different place to sleep tonight or something? Screw you, find a non-residential area to have your rager.

            *Shakes cane* Get off mah lawn!

          • We got notifications from the college kids next door. And that’s where their consideration ended. After a couple of rounds of “too loud”, that ended up at “thanks for waking up my 2 year old again – have fun with the police”.

  • Rave: Going to Omni Bedford Springs for 4th of July and I can’t wait. My massage is booked (and time in the mineral springs), dinner at their high end restaurant is booked and fireworks in a small town are on. Ahhh. Just have to survive 2.5 more days of work before I can relax!

  • Rant/Rave: Exciting morning commute this morning. Told one person to not be stupid as they stepped into the crosswalk to cross at the same time the light turned green. Then voiced my frustration a bit at a jaywalker who timed their cross so horribly that they were directly in front of me as I was going through the intersection with a solid green light. Love the fact that she yelled F-You back at me, as if I was the one in the wrong.

    I consider this a rant/rave because non-violent profanity filled outbursts from stupid people make me laugh.

  • Rave: on my bike commute, a driver actually said, “Hey, I am making a turn on red.” as a warning. Thats how bikers and drivers get along
    Rave: Ice cream at work today
    Rave: Sun’s out, guns out
    Rant/Rave: Had two chicas sexting me last night. Sorta weird, but i guess its better than boring texts

    • +1 on the bike commute story. People really are great a lot of the time, we just don’t hear about it.

    • Are you the same guy from whom I was proposing the user name “Guy With Three Girls”?
      Are the two chicas in question from the same original pool of three, or two new chicas entirely? (Or overlap of old and new?)

      • Oops, I meant “FOR whom,” not “FROM whom.” I wish PoPville had a “preview” option for posts, or (better yet) an “edit” option.

      • I also want to know. This guy gets around! lol

      • I am that very guy, and right now I am getting around. Lotta ladies just kinda throwin themselves in my general direction, which is kinda new to me, but you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

        • This happened to me, as well, as soon as I hit 30. I was done with grad school, had a good job, great apartment. Was recently out of a loooooooong 6 year relationship. Had lots of women – from late 30s to early 20s – interested in me. I was a huge dork in high school and college, never got any kind of this attention.

          I think a lot of the “good men” are married/taken by 30. So if you’re a single, well educated, straight, and decently good looking guy in DC, the world is your oyster, in terms of dating. Much easier here than in NYC.

      • oh, and it is one new one old

    • Emmaleigh504

      Tell us more about this sexting… are you dating these ladies, is it serious, do they know about each other?

      • Screw “telling”. Pics or it didn’t happen.

      • Um, I doubt it’s serious with any of them, if he’s sexting multiple people. If it’s not “serious”, then there’s really no onus on him to tell each other. He’s casually dating.
        Sometimes, people – of both genders – just want to get laid without complications.

        • Emmaleigh504

          It could be or it could not be. We don’t know unless he tells us. I’m not making a judgement here, I just wanted more details because I’m nosey. I’m all for everyone getting play and then telling us all about! Serious relationships, casual, hookups, gay, straight, both, I don’t care! I just want stories!

      • LOL, what do you think?

        • I think some of them want it to get serious, but I’m keeping things casual. I’ve found a lot of the girls out here to just be boring. I mean, I’m all for quoting movie lines, but one of the girls pretty much only does that.

          And thats not a dig on any of the exciting ladies of PoPville

        • Emmaleigh504

          I was hoping he would expand on his dating life a little more.

          • Well what sorts of details do you want? I have to keep some details out to protect the innocent.

  • GiantSquid

    Rave: Washer fixed!
    Rave: MRI for back scheduled!
    Rave: Doc seems to agree that it’s something tailbone related!
    Rave: All-day BBQ with brothers & family tomorrow!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Fun Twitter convo with some PoPvillians last night. I didn’t realize they knew each other.

    Rave: My mommy is bringing me some Bunny Bread when I have surgery.

    Rant: Why can’t I find Bunny Bread in DC? Am I looking in the wrong stores? Anyone know where to get it?

    Rave: First shipment of weird English food arrived. Bovrite the US approved (beef laws) version of Bovril. Marmite & Genlemen’s Relish on the way. No, I haven’t tried the Bovrite yet.

  • Rant: The bus driver last night who just decided she didn’t feel like picking me up so drove straight past even though I was standing right under the bus stop. UGH.
    Rave: It’s Friday!!!

    • This used to happen to me a lot since the bus stops I’m at have several routes stop at them so they’re pretty busy but in less-frequented areas of DC so never crowded. I had a chat with one of the bus drivers because it was starting to really get to me (esp. when the buses I need are about thirty minutes apart). She said it’s hard to tell if a passenger is waiting for your bus or not – and if they stop, and you don’t get on, they can get delayed (and if they’re already late, it’s worse) BUT they’re still ‘supposed’ to stop whenever someone is standing there. Now, whenever I see the bus I need, I wave and put my hand out (which is silly, since it looks like I need a taxi). And if it’s dark, hold my cell up. I’ve only had one problem since, and sent an angry tweet to WMATA (who apologized, incidentally). Hailing a bus feels pretty bizarre, but makes my angry tweeting to WMATA feel more justified somehow when they still drive past.

      • I *always* hail buses, except in situations where the bus is definitely going to stop (e.g., 10 people standing there waiting for it. It’s ridiculous that one would have to hail a bus, but some Metrobus drivers are not keen on actually doing their jobs.

  • Rant: Power’s been out in my apartment since late last night. A bit worried about the kitties. This is the second time since Sunday. Anyone else in the 16th/Spring area affected?

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