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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: 88 more days of summer and I’m already sick of this heat and humidity.

  • Rave: Supposed to be a 4 day work week for me
    Rant: May not get that 4 day work week since I am off to close on my house on Friday, which may not be done in time, oh the joys of new construction and their ever changing promises and plans

  • Rave: Three day workweek.
    Rant: That’s still three days too many.

  • Rave: Closing on our house today. After two months and the insane hoops we had to jump through, I could sing from the roof tops!

    • Congrats!!! I totally feel your pain/joy. We looked for months, were rejected 3 times, and thought about just living in our tiny basement forever. We closed last Tuesday and moved on Wednesday – it’s the best feeling in the world. Sweet sweet relief! Where is your place?

  • Rant: the man on the bike (sans helmet) who almost ran into me in a crosswalk downtown this morning, when I had the walk sign. He wasn’t going very fast and it looked like he was using the crosswalk to bide his time without having to put his feet down and come to a full stop or angle for a position where he could race through cross-traffic.

    Rave: the woman on the bike who was wearing a helmet and who had stopped before the same crosswalk and yelled, “What the hell, dude?! You’re in the crosswalk!” before I even said anything. Dude said a sheepish “Sorry.”

    • What does whether or not these people had helmets on have to do with anything?

      • it’s just a way of complaining about them.

        • Because it’s extremely dangerous and stupid to ride a bike without a helmet.

          • And when they inevitably are injured or killed, those costs are passed on to the taxpayers and also contributes to increased health insurance premiums.

            Wear a helmet, you dummies!

          • Helmets have been shown to increase the probability of neck injury in the event of a crash. Mandating helmets also has been shown to decrease bike ridership and make riding more dangerous for everyone. Telling people its stupid to bike without a helmet creates a false impression that biking is unusually dangerous and also serves to decrease ridership. It’s extremely dangerous and stupid to insist that people wear bike helmets.

          • You’re cherry picking the one study that questioned whether helmets were safer, as the researcher hypothesized that those wearing helmets actually behaved more recklessly to compensate. But this was hypothesized and never actually proven. Furthermore, the vast majority of studies have quantified the very real health benefits of wearing a helmet. In 2012, meta-analysis reinforced the findings of those health benefits.

            “A 2012 re-analysis of the 16 studies in the Attewell meta-analysis, by Elvik, found that, compared to helmeted cyclists, unhelmeted cyclists were 2.5 times more likely to sustain a brain injury; 2.3 times more likely to sustain a head injury; and 4.3 times more likely to sustain a fatal injury.”


      • Ha! I knew the anti-helmet crowd would get their knickers in a twist about making a distinction between someone who wears a helmet and someone who doesn’t. The biker with the helmet stopped where she was supposed to — before the crosswalk. Biker without a helmet didn’t. Kind of accentuates the difference in the biking mentality between the two.

        • On my way home up 11th street everyday I regularly see people in full lycra cycling outfits on fancy racing bike wearing helmets blow through stop lights without even slowing down. They seem to think they are in the tour de france. The people without helmets at least slow down to check for cross traffic. Kind of accentuates the difference in the biking mentality between the two.

          • Then there’s me. I don’t wear spandex and I stop at every red light on 11th but I do wear a helmet. You really can’t generalize…

        • People predisposed to “risk taking” are constantly taking all sorts of risks. I should know – I’m one of them. The female biker who followed the rules is much less predisposed to risk taking behavior. It’s funny, because no one is really sure what causes people to embrace risky behavior.

          I scooter around DC and it’s pretty much like having a death wish. But I totally love it and enjoy the convenience. I always wear a helmet and try to be safe, but just by riding a scooter I’ve significantly increased my chances of death and serious injury than if I stuck to walking and taking the Metro.

    • agree with ya about riding on the sidewalk. and about not yielding to peds in the xwalk.

      but dont make the mistake of painting someone negatively for not having a helmet. makes ya look like a bit of a muppet.

      again, totally agree on the other points.

      • You’re a f#cking moron and a muppet if you don’t wear a bike helmet while riding through our busy city during rush hour.

        IMHO, of course.

        • thanks for the kind words. i do wear a helmet when i ride. and i wear a video camera. and i have a 650 lumen headlamp on my handlebars. and i have an airhorn.

          my previous statement is not doubting the helmet’s ability to mitigate the risk of severe head trauma. i am confident it does, so i wear one.

          instead, i was saying that it there should not be an assumed link between an individual engaging in antisocial (or criminal) behaviour and that individual engaging in behaviour which increases the risk of severe injury to him- or herself.

          would you assume that a jogger who refuses to wear a high visibility vest at night is decisively more likely to steal money from a tip jar?

        • Allison

          I guess Muppets really don’t wear bike helmets. http://tinyurl.com/og7uuot

          Are you a Muppet of a man or a very manly Muppet?

      • Wait, why would you ever not wear a helmet? I’m not an avid bike rider myself, but why wouldn’t you wear something simple that can save your life if you’re riding in downtown traffic?

        • I’ve come much closer to getting hit while walking in crosswalks than I ever have while riding a bike. Should I put a helmet on every time I cross the street?

          • Pretty dumb analogy.

            You’re traveling at a much higher rate of speed on a bike than when you’re walking. You can easily hit a pothole, flip over the handle bars, crack your skull on the ground, and be dead at 15 mph on a bike. All without interacting with a car or a pedestrian.

            But then again, I don’t expect people who ride without helmets to have the common sense to imagine such possibilities.

          • @10:49 If you can’t see a pothole in time to avoid it you should pay better attention to where you are going or slow down.
            A 5 second 40 time, pretty slow, would put the runner at over 16 mph, should I wear a helmet in case I trip while running sprints?
            The sudden lurching stop of a broken escalator could easily cause a person walking on it to stumble. Do you suggest I wear a helmet or should I never walk on the escalator and firmly grasp the hand rail?
            Point is, there are a lot of unlikely hypothetical situations where I could benefit from wearing a helmet, if you insist on wearing a helmet on a bicycle why aren’t you wearing one all the time?

          • @11:03 I wouldn’t call a bike crash an “unlikely hypothetical situation.”

          • Keep your eyes peeled for potential hazards in your path. Don’t ride within 3 feet of parked cars if you can’t tell if someone is in them. Never try to blow by a cab that’s pulled to the side of the road and stopped. All of these are much more important than wearing a helmet. Combine all that with exercising caution at intersections and riding a bike is no more dangerous than going for a jog.

          • “If you think helmets are so great, you should wear one all the time because you might fall down the stairs” is your best argument against wearing helmets while biking, you have failed.

  • Rant: The two men playing music and singing with speakers outside the Petworth metro station were there again last night at about 11:30. I previously ranted about them last wednesday. Again, not cool, so I called the police.
    Rave: The police came quickly, while the men were still there, and asked them to pack up and leave. Hopefully they won’t come back again!
    Rant: Why will the police respond to my noise complaint but won’t take seriously the attempted attack by the man at 14th and Park as reported yesterday on PoPville?

    • Dealing with dudes playing loud music is a lot easier than dealing with a crazy man they probably have dealt with before.

      (Not justifying, just wagering a guess on the reason)

      • *ding*ding*

        Right answer.

      • I suspect there’s also an element of plain luck, though. Something tells me that the cops in the Columbia Height incident might respond to a the noise complaint, but would probably drag their feet in doing so.

  • Rave: Threatened to cancel my refinance application due to mis-represented statement my loan officer made. Held out for a week of calls form him saying that’s their “best & final offer”. This week was the last for my rate lock, they called me Monday and offered me $5,000 off my closing fees as an apology. I’m really glad I held out, closing’s this week and I really didn’t want to start another loan process.

    Rant: Finished my Entourage re-run marathon, seasons 1-8… Have no idea what do do next. *sniff*

    Rant: Crappy movies out this weekend, movies are the best option with the girl I’m currently dating, I’m worried about only doing dinner and being forced to “talk” with her all night long. Not a serious thing, just killing time… :/

    Rant: Nosy, always around, loudly broadcasting neighbors… Those people who always have to call you out by your name loudly every time they see you, or the people who smoke weed on their front porch directly next to yours, or the people who talk loudly on their cell phone on their front porch all day long – conveniently when you’re there. The city life — Bah Humbug! 🙁

    • Congrats on finishing the re-fi. We closed our third two weeks ago, and couldn’t be more pleased. Locked in our rate on May 1st at 2.5% for 15 years, and due to a high appraisal, were able to take out an extra $130,000 to re-do the entire house. We are super excited!

      • Congrats! I did a renovation loan last year and it was crazy, took 90 days to close… I’m pulling this re-fi to get rid of PMI, on my 30 year loan I’m getting a rate of 3.5%… The just called to push the closing to next week, but they say my rate lock is safe. Everyone else I’m calling says that rates have climbed to 4.8 for the same type of loan.

        • Yay! Booty Calls is the re finance off of a traditional home loan or an FHA. I’m hearing that you have to put money down on FHA’s now due to the mortgage insurance rates.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Just skip the pseudo dates and take her back to your house to bang, or is she too young since she’s only a “girl”?

      • Hah, you’re always encouraging me to behave badly… I’m trying to be a gentleman here Em… I’ll at least feed her and listen to 2 hours of boring conversation before banging and then kicking her out of my house because I’m a newly sensitive and caring me thank you!! 😛

        • Emmaleigh504

          If she’s not a keeper, you are just stringing her along! Just let her be an ongoing booty call and leave it at that. And quit banging “girls”! That’s gross and illegal!!

          • Maybe she’s just using Jack for his body and his neighbor’s weed connection until SHE finds a keeper. It could happen. Or maybe she’s a cinemaphile.

          • Emmaleigh504

            It’s great if they are both using each other for their bodies, but when he can’t handle talking to this “girl” for a whole “date” then wants and needs are not being communicated properly. I also fear he needs to go to jail since he should be banging/dating WOMEN not GIRLS.

          • The term “banging” was just used as an expression for “humping” mind you…

          • Emmaleigh504

            lol maybe a little “heavy petting” or whatever the kids are calling it these days.

          • what KIDS are calling it these days? 😉

          • Allison

            I think they call it “necking” these days. If you use that term, you will be totally swell with all the kids.

          • Emmaleigh504

            “Necking” was exactly what I was trying to think of! I knew the big man on campus had a swell term for it.

          • Allison

            Oh I’d just die if he gave me his letterman jacket and his ring to wear on a necklace!

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’m hoping to get pinned by the end of the semester!

        • You guys haven’t been listening all this time?!?… I gave a girl a solid chance long ago… I have torn out my heart and given up on that route and now I’ve dedicated my life to being single.

          Now that I’m no longer a dreamer, I’ve sworn myself to stringing girls along, banging occasionally then kicking them out, and occasionally watching big-budget movies with cinemaphiles, and I can’t say life is bad to me at all. Much better than being married with kids!! 😛

          • You’re clearly unsatisfied with your situation; you’re not fooling anyone with that! Do you portray yourself as an unappealing misogynist on purpose, or …?

          • My wife is hot.
            And, my kids are cool
            You do what you want with your days on this earth, but I don’t envy you even a little.

          • You gave “a” girl a solid chance long ago? One girl? And you’re throwing in the towel after that? I can’t say that I’m much into kids or marriage, but that’s only because those things are expensive and I’m not into it enough to make that sort of investment. That said, I have been with the same person for four years and don’t see us parting ways any time soon. Turns out it’s possible to find a great lady who isn’t marriage/baby obsessed who shares the same values and dreams in life…

          • saf

            Personally, I say married without kids is ideal for me.

        • valentina

          Jack5,I understand your pain. It’s hard meeting a compatible companion in this town. I’ve given up on finding love myself. People just don’t undestand..

          • Oh c’mon guys! How old are you anyway? I bet not old enough to have “given up!” If it were so impossible, why are there so many people in long-term relationships?

      • “[M]ovies are the best option with the girl I’m currently dating, I’m worried about only doing dinner and being forced to ‘talk’ with her all night long. Not a serious thing, just killing time… :/” I agree with Emmaleigh — if it’s so boring to “talk” with her, why are you even dating her? Unless she’s also just in it for the potential sex, you’re stringing her along.

        • She’s the only good option I’ve got for company right now, all my other friends are getting married away. In a sense I guess you could say we’re both using each other for company in a way, but I’ve known her for over 8 years now… We’re good friends so it’s OK I guess.

          • If that’s how you talk about your good friends then I’m glad we’re not friends.

            You’ve admitted you have little interest in talking to her and that you’re not looking to only “bang” and “stringing girls along”.

            If that’s the case, why do that with a girl you’ve known for 8 years? If you are looking for a bootycall then find just that and be upfront and honest with that person from the start.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Eight years and you don’t want to talk to her??? Jack5, you are killing me! You are making yourself sound like such an ass. I cannot believe that’s true.

            On the other hand, nothing wrong with the single life and banging/humping/boning/whatever-consenting-adults-want-to-do. Rock on.

          • +1 to the above remarks from Zenalex and Emmaleigh. How would you feel if behind your back, this woman was telling her friends (or worse yet, a blog with a large D.C. following) that you bored her and she was just hanging out with you for lack of any better company?

          • Haha, Don’t take me too seriously, I’m joking about being a douche bag. I always treat her with respect and we get along well and I love the girl as a friend, but I know that we’d never work out in a marriage…

            Neither one of us has the urge to date right now, and our “hook ups” are rare, most of the time we just hang out to watch a movie. It’s the best I can do at this point. If she met someone else, I’d be happy for her and I think she’d feel the same way for me.

          • Jack5 is the biggest game player in DC today. Homey has more drama than high school!

        • You crack me up Jack5. Just looking for a little company and a little sex is not a bad thing so long as you are honest about it. I’ll bet you are because you seem like a nice guy. Don’t give up on finding the right one though. We have ways of insulating ourselves from past wounds that are not necessarily healthy.

          • Yeah, I’m Team Jack on this and FWIW, I don’t think he sounds like a d-bag here. He’s just being honest. Nothing wrong with a friendship that occaisionally drifts into the bedroom. And ladies, let’s be honest: we are just as prone to a purely sexual agenda as men are. How do you know she hasn’t clocked him exactly the same way he’s clocked her? While the previous advice may have a constructive agenda, you are reinforcing that women always look to men for emotional support and the hopes of a long-term relationship. In my experience, NO. I’ve definitely enjoyed men for nothing but sex and if they want to take me to dinner and a movie any way…hey, I’m in. I’ll give them the girlfriend experience, they give me the boyfriend experience but it’s understood; this is going nowhere and we’re just a nice distraction for eachother until something better comes along. Wow. I realized I’ve just completely projected myself onto this thread.

    • valentina

      lmboooooo, I don’t have a dog in this fight, other than being jealous of all the potential shagging, but this conversation is hilarious!

  • Rave: Road trip to South Carolina tonight!

    Rant: We’re only there for one day and one night.

    Rave: Still beats work, and it should be a good time.

    • Have a good trip – but add an extra hour to your expected drive time – 95 is wretched – all times of day and night – due to construction. I just drove to NC, with a lot of other friends who drove at various times and all got stuck.

      • Thanks! We’re leaving around ten and planning to arrive at the hotel late tomorrow morning. If we had rooms for two nights we would be on our way now, but we’re just getting one night.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Back isn’t getting much better. Beyond frustrated with limited mobility and pain.
    Revel: Talked to my doctor on Monday and he agreed I should get an MRI
    Rant: Insurance won’t approve the MRI until they talk to my doctor, which will take around three business days.
    Revel: Biking is one of the few things I can do that doesn’t cause me pain.
    Revel: I get to see my brothers and their families this Saturday! Just the kids and their kids, no parents. A nice, chill cookout with games.

  • Has anybody else ever thought about being a doggie co-owner or a doggie Aunt or Uncle? : )

    I have a high maintenance mutt : ) he is a good pup but hates being left alone, really loves company. I would love to find somebody steady in the city that would like to have him visit like every other weekend or one or two days a week or something. I know this sounds odd but in the city a Dog is like a child, you have to pay attention to them all the time living inside (with no yard to be let out into). Doggie day care is expensive, and a bit too much interaction for him with so many other mutt around (we tried that). He likes stability so finding one person that would love to have him visit and hang out would be better than switching from neighbor to neighbor.

    (wonder how many “you should not have a dog” comments will come back now)

    • “wonder how many “you should not have a dog” comments will come back now”

      A lot. And within good reason.

      • Or “you should not live in the city” comments.
        But seriously, most city dogs have a great life. I guess there are some high-energy breeds that go crazy and tear up the house if left inside, but I think most will be happy if you just take them to the park for some exercise a couple times a day (just be careful not to overexert them when it’s this hot).

      • +1. Pets ownership is a huge commitment, and if you don’t have the time or resources to invest in it, then you shouldn’t have a pet. I’m sorry if that’s not the response you want to see, but when you go asking strangers on the internet to watch your dog for FREE because you do not have the time or money to properly care for him/her, that is the response you’re going to get.

    • You can hire dog sitters for exactly what you need.

      • I get the sense that OP doesn’t want to pay for this service. Which reminds me: anyone want to be a lawn “Uncle”? Basically you just come over and mow my lawn for me sometimes. Let me know if you’re interested!!

        • Jesus, you can’t even be bothered to spend some quality time with your lawn? It’s your lawn, take care of it yourself. I bet you leave it unattended in the front yard where anyone could just snatch it. You know who steals lawns? People with dogfighting rings. Makes me sick. Why don’t you move back to Ohio where the grass just grows itself.

      • Got any suggestions? I have tried a few but always have to go down the list to find one that is not already booked, which goes back to the point of looking for a stable aunt or uncle : )

        I am thinking outside of the box, someone who want’s a dog, loves animals, but can’t dedicate 100% of their time to having one. My next door neighbor used to have a family near by and the kids wanted a dog but the parents would not let them have one feeling it was too much for them full time in the city with kids and a dog. They loved to have his dog over for one week a month when he traveled for work. It was a win-win for everybody.

        • I know there have been discussions here on dog walkers – seems you should be able to find someone to walk your dog 2-3 days each week. What neighborhood do you live in?
          And by the way, I think it’s a great idea to be creative in coming up with possible solutions.

        • Actually I’d love a set up like this! I love dogs and would love to have one, but I travel a lot for my job and don’t have any family close by that would be able to dog-sit for free.

          Where do you live? If we end up being neighbors, I’d seriously consider this. I live in Georgetown.

        • I’ll hang out with your dog! Really though, theres tons of people in DC that want a dog but dont have the resources to own their own. I dont have time to watch it during the day on weekdays, but I would love to be your doggie’s weekend/evening aunt!

        • I agree – not sure why people are giving you such a hard time. I have a dog that I adore, but my parents live close by and often take him on the weekends or if I have to work late. It’s great for them because they love him; great for me, because I can do other things without feeling guilty; and great for the dog because he gets extra attention and fun! Plus, I am sure there are plenty of people that can’t have a dog but would love to hang out with one. When I was in law school, I would often look after my roommate’s dog and it was really fun. I would ask around at work and in your neighborhood and I bet you can find a good situation!

    • A doggie time share is my ideal! Having just graduated from college I don’t have money or time to get my own, but I would love to borrow someone elses on weekends. I’m sure you’ll be able to find someone

    • Is he food-focused? If so, have you tried using those food toys while you’re out to keep him engaged? When my dog was younger and more active, he needed to be mentally engaged more of his day. When I left for parts of the day, I’d leave him a kong with frozen peanut butter inside. I’d also leave his food in something like a tricky treat ball (mine wasn’t exactly this, but I can’t find what I used on a quick google search) and he’d have to work for his food. It would keep him engaged and not bored. He seemed a lot happier when I started doing this. Granted, I also have a great dog walker that gave him good, long walks and played with him a little during the day (well, he still has this in his old age).

    • The OP

      It is always interesting to see how many people replying are the good heated intelligent people with helpful replies and how many will be the bitchy negative-mongers with an unhelpful holier than thou response. To the good people, thank you for your kind suggestions, to the bitches BLAHHHHHHHHHHHH. : )

      That said….. I do the kong thing, he loves it but that is not the same as company. He is company driven, wants to be by your side all the time, he is happiest with another person around. That is just the way God made him, don’t judge. : ) I will have to try freezing it, he can clean it out in 60 seconds flat.

      A dog walker could help, but two things concern me, 1. I ain’t comfortable giving somebody a key to my house to come and go as they please, I even stay home for the cleaning lady and 2. This mut is a trash hound, he will be on a chicken bone or a crack head dropped item in a split second. I don’t think a dog walker with a hand full of muts can give the attention this one needs, gotta watch him like a hawk.

      On dog sitters, I have used two and they are great, but both are busy, i.e. not always around when you need one. He is not as comfortable with them as he would be with somebody he sees on a regular basis. This whole idea is to make his life less stressful and more comfortable, so looking for a stable person that he can get to know and love is the best fit. I don’t have a problem paying anybody to keep him, that is what I do now, but that is not what is best for him, he always comes back nerve shot. He needs human interaction daily.

      I am in the Bloomingdale hood, and he likes girls much better than boys for some reason. I think my dog is sexist. : )

      • I’m sorry. You’e not comfortable giving an insured/vetted professional dog walker a key to your house, but you’re perfectly fine with handing your dog over to a complete stranger from the internet? This does not compute.

        • For what it’s worth… I think the OP was planning on dropping her dog off with the auntie/uncle, not on having him/her come to her place.

          • Yes, but my point was the OP doesn’t want a stranger (who is a professional) in his/her house, but he/she is fine with dropping her dog off with a random off the internet who could be anyone! That is weird to me.

      • What kind of dog do you have? Also in Bloomingdale, and I work from home often-enough. We have a very shy dog who takes a while to warm up to others (not hostile at all, just shy), but she could use some company as well.

        • You sound great! He is a little dog, male. There is a dog group in Bdale where you can leave your dog, but there is not a person with them most of the time. I am afraid he would have problems with the bigger dogs there, he has big dog syndrome : )

      • man, just let professionals into your house when you’re gone. get references if needed. i do work in peoples homes when they are at work, and seriously, the last thing i want to do is mess with ANYTHING but what i’m working on. or install some security cameras if you have a phobia about it.

  • Rave: Just found out I’m pregnant!
    Rant: Keeping it a secret for a few months is gonna be tough.

  • Rant: my internet service has been weird for the last week. Every couple of days I’ve had to reset my modem. Last night it just died. It was too late for me to bother wanting to call comcast. Neighbors say they’re having the same problems, so I think its the service, not the modem. Anyone else in Columbia Heights having trouble? Can’t wait till FIOS gets to my block.

    • FiOS is just as bad. Actually, my experience has been that’s it’s way less reliable than Comcast, though it sounds like I’ve been exceptionally lucky with Comcast over the years.

    • Same problem here in Kingman Park. Modem fails 2, 3, maybe 5 times a day. Comcast tech came out and moved the modem to a location closer to where the service comes into the house, but the issue remains unresolved. It’s Craptastic! Looking at DC Internet (or something like that).

  • Rant: I’ve been working on a big project (it’s a meeting) that is this week. I’ve been working on it for at least 7 months. Senior management has been working to derail it for three weeks, even though it’s their baby (though now it’s really a tween and boy, does it have that attitude now) and they have been doing a great job of making my life hell.

    Rave: after this thing is over I am out of the office for 10 days and it’s only costing me 3 vacation days. I am thrilled and I’m not even going anywhere.

  • Rave: Obsessed with the movie The Bling Ring. Marathoned Pretty Wild again last night. Can’t get enough! And so it is.

    Rant: My co-worker hates the supervisor so she is moving to the other side of the division. She’s been all smiles this week. Bitch.

    • bling ring is good? im torn if i want to spend $12 seeing it….

      • I saw it this weekend due to other movies being sold out. I thought it was pretty well done (and a depressing reflection of our culture these days). No reason to see it in the theater though, can wait until it comes out on dvd/netflix/amazon/etc.

      • Sofia is such a tricky director– her movies are all about the visuals and are so slow and have little plot. But the Bling Ring I thought captured the teens and that LA/celeb culture so well. I’m obsessed with celeb/TMZ culture so I got it (but thought the last scene was preachy and not needed).The movie is solid (Sofia’s plotting and pacing is better; the actually filmed at Paris’ house which is sick), the soundtrack is great (as usual for her films) but if you don’t want to spend $ on it wait until the DVD/Netflix. There is also a Lifetime movie to hold you over 😉 Pretty Wild is on Netflix too– alot of the scenes/dialogue are in the movie.

    • “Nancy Jo? This is Alexis Neiers calling” will never get old to me.

  • Rant: Conference call with bad connection and people not speaking loud enough. I can only take so many “Hello”s and “Can you hear me?”s…

    Rave: No plans tonight with the husband. Just going to relax and enjoy being together.

    Rant: Kicked at the barn last night so I have a nasty bruise and a limp…

    Rave: Driving to the metro from the barn in the late evening with the windows rolled down, listening to the insects and frogs and smelling the flowers and plants.

    • Ditto to your last rave! Lots of complaints about summer today but I love walking around at night, taking in the fireflys and the smell of the flowers. Sooooo dreamy.

  • Rant: Coming back to the office after three weeks on work travel. Jet-lagged still and everything’s a mess.
    Rave: Mr. S is a saint. Came home to a stocked fridge, clean clothes, flowers, paid bills, a spotless house, and thriving plants.
    Rave: It’s hot here. Siberia is cold.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My sleep patterns are all messed up for not good reason (no international travel boo!).

    Rave: Constant pain isn’t so constant any more!!!

    Rave: Life is pretty good.

  • Rave: Anacostia River ospreys in tree-branch nests beneath the South Capital Street Bridge. I’m continuously amazed by the extraordinary wildlife that manages to thrive on the banks and in the depths of that sewage-laced estuary, and the sunrise parades they regularly put on (baby ducks!). It does impart a vague sense of hope. (There’s probably) a metaphor here, given the neighborhoods on either side of the river, but I’m too lazy to hunt it down and flog it into shape this morning.)

    • I don’t know anything about birds, so forgive me if this is a dumb question… but why are local photographers/birdwatchers/wildlife enthusiasts so interested in ospreys in particular?

      • My guess? Because they’re cool, and they have those cool ramshackle nests posed picturesquely on precisely engineered cement pylons, creating a nifty man/nature juxtaposition and making the birds look scrappy and resilient.

        That’s why I like them, anyway.

      • They are striking looking birds, and you can often see them actually swoop down and catch a fish which is cool. Also, they are very easy to see & identify, so very accessible to the general person. http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/birds/osprey/

    • Allison

      I think I saw an osprey fly over Nats stadium when I was at the Rockies game on Thursday; it was awesome! (That I was high enough up to tell it was an osprey tells you about how little I paid for my seats!)

  • Rant: My fiance’s snoring has hit all new levels of loud and awful. I am missing hours of sleep. He wears nose strips and I turn him over constantly, but it’s not working anymore. What can I do??? We can’t start our marriage sleeping in separate rooms, and it’s about to come to that! HELP!!!

    • Try a sleep disorder clinic – there may be an underlying medical cause that can be treated.

      • Agree. He may have sleep apnea or a deviated septum or something. Probably a lot of resources out there to help.

    • What’s wrong with sleeping in separate rooms? People attach way too much meaning/idealism to sharing a bedroom.

      Along with having decent finances, getting good sleep is probably one of the most important preconditions for having a successful marriage. Getting a good night of sleep reduces stress, anger, body fat, increases sex drive, etc. All that stuff is pretty important when it comes to being happy with yourself and in your relationship.

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 If I ever get married I want him in another room, Hell, maybe even another house! My sleep is important and I’m a light sleeper. (this may be why I’m not married and I’m ok with that)

        • Hahaha, similar here!

        • Might I also recommend never having kids? They are the biggest threat to sleep out there.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Don’t worry, I am never ever ever having kids. I’m an awesome aunt and would be a great step-mom but the thought of a “parasite” growing inside me grosses me out beyond belief. If I decide to have a kid (not likely at my advanced age) I would adopt. (My dream guy, who won’t mind sleeping in his own room, has tweens or older that mostly live with their mom & stepdad.)

      • Wow! Sleeping in another bedroom may work for you, but definitely not for me. I love sleeping next to my guy when he’s silent 🙂 I love falling asleep next to him while we look at funny things on the internet, when we talk ourselves to sleep, getting backrubs and drifting off, or when we make cuddle time. I want all of that. He just needs to quit snoring. Plus, I can hear him in the other bedroom…it’s gotten that bad.
        I don’t want tips for sleeping arrangements – I want tips for how to help him stop snoring!

    • Have him go to a doctor to do two things: allergy testing and a sleep study to see if he has sleep apnea. If he does, there are treatments. Allergy treatment is pretty easy. If he has apnea, even if (at worse, there are a lot of other treatments for milder cases of apnea) he needs a CPAP machine, they’re less noisy than the snoring, and could (a) save his life, (b) reduce his likelihood of a host of problems down the line, (c) get rid of the snoring, and (d) give him more energy because he’ll sleep better.

      To get a sleep study covered by insurance, document his sleep patterns for the next couple days – how many times does he wake you up? Does he ever seem to stop breathing or wake up for a few seconds to start himself breathing again? Does he snore all the time? Is it getting worse? Maybe check online for some sleep apnea/snoring questionnaires to fill out because you might have more of the answers than he does because you’re the one that hears him snore. Because sleep apnea is starting to be connected with other problems, insurance is better about covering testing because it is cheaper to treat apnea than the other problems.

      • +1 on the sleep study. I got one and had to go the CPAP route. It took a while to get used to, but I don’t keep my fiancee up at night and, even better, she doesn’t have to worry about me dying in the middle of the night.

        • Emmaleigh504

          agree on sleep study and CPAP machine. Worked wonders for my dad (I could hear him snoring all the way up here!) Dad also feels better now.

          • I’ve been trying to get my dad to have a sleep study done. Was your dad reticent at all, and if so, how did you persuade him?

          • Emmaleigh504

            I think his doctor suggested it and my mom made sure he went. I was in college and not around when he did it. Once he got the machine his life changed. He stopped coming home from work and immediately falling asleep on the couch, he has energy to do stuff, and he’s less grouchy (maybe I should get one!). He’s a convert, he gets annoyed when he forgets to bring it on vacation.

      • +1,000,000

        Even if he doesn’t have the typical risk factors for sleep apnea aside from snoring, it is so worth getting a sleep study to check. Sleep deprivation causes so many problems and is underdiagnosed.

      • I second the allergist’s visit as a quick and easy way to confirm or rule out that cause, especially if insurance requires you to jump through some hoops before seeing a sleep specialist. Granted, not everyone’s snoring causes are so simple, but my ex got an allergy nasal spray that cleared his snoring right up.

    • My husband magically stopped snoring when he lost 30 lbs.

  • em

    Rave: Dupont Brass outside of Farragut West this morning.
    Double Rave: They were playing Roberta Flack’s Killing Me Softly

    Rave: SCOTUSblog
    Rant: Waiting another day for decisions in Perry and Windsor
    Rave: One way or another, tomorrow is decision day

    • RE: your rant: I know! I had a little disappointed “Darn you SCOTUSSSSS!” moment in my cube, but hey, for better or for worse, we’ll know tomorrow. They’ll strike down DOMA, they just have to. The tough thing is that this is just so important to so many, it’s really hard to wait.

  • Supreme court opinions on prop8 and DOMA may be released tomorrow morning – hoping they will be raves not rants.

  • Rave: SCOTUSblog
    Rant: Alito apparently visibly mocking RBG reading her dissents yesterday. If true, come on!
    Rant: Waiting til tomorrow for Perry and Windsor decisions
    Double Rant: The Shelby case. If they strike down DOMA/Prop 8, I will be personally celebrating, but it’s all a little overshadowed by the decision in the Shelby case.

    • Agreed with your rants.

      I think Kennedy and Roberts will side with the liberal justices on Perry and Windsor. Thomas, Scalia, and Alito will continue to be obstinate, bitter, old, bigoted coots. I hope their therapists are well compensated; those men have so many unresolved issues.

      • I think Kennedy will write the DOMA/Windsor opinion, striking it down due to his love of states rights issues. I think Roberts will write the Perry/Prop 8 opinion, saying it doesn’t have standing. Just wanted to get that on record 🙂

    • Well the writing was on the wall in the Shelby case as SCOTUS told Congress to update the formula a few years ago but they have not. If I read correctly, Congress can still develop and apply a new formula.

  • Rave: Moving back to DC
    Rant: Job searching, plus having to get out of my NYC lease which is harder since I can’t spend much time there (see below)

    Rant: Dad had a heart attack last week and is having bypass surgery this week
    Rave: Being unemployed means I can be around for the surgery/help during recovery time
    Revel: The heart attack was a “warning” and we have the opportunity to fix it. An unfortunate event, to be sure, but far better than the alternative.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m so sorry about your dad! Hope he has speedy and easy recovery!

    • MsNesbitt

      I’m so sorry to hear about your dad! Wishing him a quick recovery. RE: your NYC move – I feel your pain. I’m also trying to get out of my lease in NYC (just for a move crosstown, not leaving the city) and coordinating apartment showing schedules with my Super has been a nightmare. Fortunately, my building management company was really great about allowing me to cut my lease short and working directly with me to show the apartment myself. I hope it all works out for you!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Me too!

  • Rant: Although I’m a transplant, those obnoxious transplants who have never lived in a “big” city before and lose their mind when they move to DC. Calm your ass down.

    Rant: People who walk into crosswalks without looking and then get mad at you when you nearly hit them. I stop for pedestrians in crosswalks but please, use some common sense.

    Rant: I have a decent paying job but I work with a bunch of squares and I’m not learning. Because I’m not learning I feel like I don’t have enough of a skillset to market myself elsewhere. I feel stuck.

    Rave: I’m going to Mexico City in a month.

    • I hope you’re not the Anonymous who posted as follows in the “Update on Attempted Assault…” thread: “But nothing happened initially? Some crazy guy ran at you? He didn’t touch you, talk to you, steal from you? You ran into a crazy guy, welcome to the big city. You may prefer Arlington.”

      • OP here. I’m actually not that Anonymous. My rant was more-so directed at those transplants who move here and after 1 month they’re suddenly a city slicker. Since you brought it up though, it’s unfortunate what happened to that fellow and his wife. However, I’m not trying to be funny or sly but the reality is that there are certain undesireable encounters you may have when living in a dense urban environment. Does that make them right? Absolutely not. Is it a reality you may have to deal with if you choose to live in the city? Yes. Which in all seriousness, maybe a place with a more attentive police presence and slightly different demographics may be a better fit.

        • This is very well stated, and exactly my initial response to that post as well. City life has its… er… disruptions. It would be great if there were a way to manage mental illness outside of the jail system. My sense is that there is so much mental illness in the homeless population in this city that uncomfortable encounters are inevitable, and while that was clearly a scary situation for the poster, locking up every homeless person who makes threatening gestures is not a realistic solution. Maybe — god forbid — DC actually needs to spend MORE resources managing its mentally ill population. Ideally, doing so would allow police to better identify and manage criminal –vs mentally ill — behavior.

          And look! We have a budget surplus!

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Just got back from firefly music festival, going to the Nationals Game tomorrow with friends
    Rant: Tired from the weekend, Pigeons keep laying eggs on my balcony….what should i do with the eggs? Already had two born on my balcony, not going through that mess again.
    Revel: My girl friend is away on vacation and does not really have means of communication…i miss her

  • Rant: City’s tax dollars probably going to keep the same people who rob and steal around DC in homes rather than job and educational programs to enrich the lives

  • PoPville has yet to cover Keystar Spring Place LLC. Their variances were approved. 64 units. Etc.

    • No idea what this is — I’m assuming a new development/apartment building that received a variance to provide less than the required number of parking spaces, or no parking spaces? It would be helpful if you offered some context, like what neighborhood this is in.

  • I don’t know why this bugs me, but Fitness First (the local DC gym chain) sold out to Gold’s gym, so my local gym chain will turn into a national corporate chain, of about 700 locations, 50 in DC area alone! I’m certain quality will decrease and price will go up when my contract expires next year. Although I remain optimistic.

    • binpetworth

      Amen. Another Fitness First user only paying $24/month for my membership. Then again, if I can use any Gold’s location, that would be kinda sweet.

  • Rave: The above photo! It looks as though the Cathedral is wearing a hat–makes me laugh.

    Rave: Saw awesome Tourist Dad on the metro last night, complete with tall black socks and Union Bay jean shorts. If only he had on a fannypack…

    Rave: Staff lunch at Clydes = free lunch AND time away from office! Plus walking there!

    Rant: Coworkers upset that they cannot go to lunch, even though we all agreed in a meeting last week that Tuesday would work.

    Rant: People who hold full-on phone conversations in public bathrooms. Such a pet peeve. Let me do my business in peace!

  • Good luck!

  • Rant: I still hate that the comments are not at the bottom of the posts, PoP. You haven’t answered my pleas.

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