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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • RAVE: Weather
    RANT: Stuck inoors.

    RANT: I feel that everyone who sees me thinks I’m ugly and tries to not look at or talk to me.

    • epric002

      what on earth makes you think that? (final rant)

      • In regards to people I know: I am friendly (not overly so) and I take interest in what others are doing, but people reject me and do not include me.

        And in regards to strangers (e.g. passing on the street, dealing stores clerks, etc): I can tell that they blanch at the sight of me. It’s subtle, but it’s there.

        And I know this makes me sound crazy, but I thought I’d put it out there…

        • epric002

          i don’t know you duckling, but it sounds as if you might be overreacting. for the most part, people are so wrapped up in their own worlds that what you perceive to be about you is almost always about them.

        • Hey Duckling, just so that you don’t feel crazy – I know 100% how you feel, and I’m really sorry. I’ve actually had random strangers just walk past me and snarl “ugly” or “fat” at me while passing by. They just think I don’t understand Spanish, but I understand enough.

          As for your friends – I just focus on the one or two real friends I have. Most of them live far away, but they’re the kind of friends who would pick up and come if I need them any time. I used to have a couple friends like that in DC, but they moved away. The rest of the people I know here are more acquaintances. I’ve chosen to see it not as a rejection, but just as an issue of this phase in life. As we get older we just don’t make those close friends anymore. Most friends are group-based – the group from the church, volunteer group, work, sports team, or whatever you do get together to hang out. As people float in and out of the groups, they’ll float in and out of your life. It’s kind of sad, to me anyway, but that is how I’ve found my friendships as I’ve gotten older.

          • Can totally relate to what you’ve written. And not as a criticism, but many of those groups of people that appear to having a great time together are not actually friends, at least by my definition. But conversely, a friend should not be overly demanding or needy. It’s all about being consistent.

          • epric002

            wow, that’s terrible. people do that?! for anon & OP- not to excuse any blatantly hostile behavior, but have you tried making an effort to be friendly? i am *not* an extrovert, but have forced myself to make a concerted effort to smile more, and greet people, even strangers, and am usually rewarded with very positive results. most people really are sooo caught up in their own world that a stranger smiling and saying hi can startle them into reciprocating a positive response. it could also be that i’m known in my neighborhood as that crazy white girl who says hi to everyone…but oh well!

        • I completely agree with epric002. Most people are just as stuck in their own little world of thoughts and ideas as you seem to be. Personally, I delude myself into thinking that everyone thinks that I’m gorgeous and go from there. Seems like a healthier way to go than deluding myself into thinking that I’m ugly. πŸ™‚

    • Huh? Well first I laughed, but then I’m curious if you are being serious and why do you feel that way? Your rave and first rant doesn’t reflect your last rave

    • And in the end, the duckling was a beautiful swan. Smile, my friend. You are a swan who just doesn’t know it yet.

  • epric002

    rave: supposed to be able to meet the neglected dog & his owner tonight, cross your fingers that i’ll be able to convince him to let me walk the dog at least semi-regularly!
    rave: got mcconnell taping done on my knee at PT this morning (one week post cortisone injection), and had minimal to no pain during exercises!!! am cleared to begin exercising/strengthening again πŸ˜€
    rant: no water skiing on vacation, don’t want to undue the knee progress.
    rave: vacation starts tomorrow! happy weekend popville.

    • epric002

      *undo (i can correct my own grammar, right?)

    • Good luck on the dog-walking proposition! Honestly, it seems like the guy ought to say yes — plenty of people PAY to have other people walk their dogs!

      • epric002

        thanks textdoc! i think he thinks i’m a little wacky. he doesn’t seem to understand that dogs need more than a single walk/interaction a day, but he can think that all he wants if it means i get to help the situation. πŸ™‚

  • BIGGEST REVEL EVER… We moved into our new house this week. After months of searching, multiple offers, and some serious emotional exhaustion, it finally happened. They day I’ve been dreaming of…we are finally in our new house. We are going from a 750sq ft Mt. Pleasant basement apartment (that floods!) to a huge 2,000sq ft home in Alexandria. It’s brilliantly wonderful. And the commute…only 25 minutes door to door (Downtown DC).

    Happy beautiful, wonderful Friday πŸ™‚

    • Congratulations.

    • Have you tried the commute or are you basing that on Google Maps, etc? I only ask because I used to live near Landmark Mall, and the supposedly 20-minute commute was normally more like an hour and a half.

      • Most of my Virginia-dwelling coworkers leave the house around 5-6 (leaving work no later than 3) and are usually able to avoid getting stuck in traffic.

    • First, congratulations! Second, where in Alexandria? Third, is the 25 min commute by car, metro, or bus? Thanks!

      • I’m guessing it would be a combination of two or three of those things.

      • I drove in today. Left my house at 7:45 this morning from Little River Turnpike area and was sitting at my desk in Downtown DC (Starbucks tea and bagel in hand) at 8:15. It was a real live commute πŸ™‚ I get that it’s Friday and there is always less trafic on Friday, but I wasn’t in the HOV and it was totally painless. I hope it stays this way forever!!!!!

        • I hate to burst your bubble, but I’d be surprised if it’s like that normally. If I didn’t get on 395 by 6:30 I was totally screwed. πŸ™ That was in 2008-2011 (worst three years of my life!) and the area’s only gotten more congested since then. I think it will get really bad once Landmark is redeveloped and made into apartments, though I found that heading south and getting on at Edsall Road was actually faster (counter-intuitive as that sounds).

          Of course if it gets that bad you can always do the Express buses that go on HOV. From the Pentagon drop-off it would be a quick metro ride to work. This was never a great option for me because I don’t work downtown, so I had to switch lines and then have a 1-mile walk or bus ride from there.

          • I’m going to live in this *my commute it super easy and I love living in VA* world for as long as I can. Bubble not bursting today πŸ™‚

          • Yeah, sorry, I didn’t mean to be negative in any way. I just thought your rave was funny because I was absolutely ecstatic to be leaving my big house in Annandale (where rent was only $1200/month!) to our dark tiny house in DC with the $3500/month mortgage. I just don’t do well with mega-commutes.

          • I totally get it. I am the opposite version of you right now. I’m super excited to be a Virginian and to buy a house that in NW DC would cost $1m and leave our dark/tiny shoebox in DC. Things certainly change when there is a baby on the way!

        • I think today was unusually light because 1) it’s Friday 2) it’s the first day of summer and kids just got out of school 3) 4th of July next week so lots of people are on vacation 4) furloughs 5) gorgeous weather

        • Also when I lived in VA…also commuting from the Little River turnpike area…it wasnt the way to work that was terrible it was the way home. I would say it consistantly took me more than 60 minutes to get home and that was leaving at 330. I only made it 9 months and moved back to DC.

  • Rant: Missed a penalty for my hat-trick last night. Two guys stepped aside for me to take it too. We handily beat the other team though, so no biggie.
    Revel: The team we played were incredibly dirty and we just took it and took it the whole night. On the last play before the whistle blew, I let a defender who’d been whacking us all night get to the ball first and I absolutely crushed him just as he was about to kick it. Totally worth the yellow card. The best part was him wanting to fight after while I just said “what did you expect…” and walked away as the final whistle blew.

    • I quit playing soccer because of idiots like this. I liked to play hard but never dirty, some of these morons didn’t seem to get that they’re playing in a rec league. Newsflash: there’s nothing on the line and you’re never going to be a pro at this point, so ease up.

      • No doubt TG. I was talking to the wife of one of my teammates and she said “is this team playing really dirty or is it just me?” Now, this is a woman that doesn’t know a whole lot about soccer and even she was commenting on it. I said to her the same thing you did “There isn’t a guy out here tonight that’s being scouted for the pros.” We had one player who was literally football tackled and driven into the ground. It looks like some serious damage was done to his shoulder. That player didn’t even get a card! We’re a very clean team, but there comes a point where, if the ref isn’t protecting players, the players protect themselves.

    • I had a basketball game last night and fouled somebody intentionally and very hard . I was not trying to hurt him, just prevent him from scoring. I realized my mistake though and offered my hand as a kind of “my bad dude.” What can I say, I am 40 playing with a bunch of young guys. Sometimes I need to foul to slow them down.

      • Where do you play TG? Are you in a league or something? I am looking for some quality games.

        • Sportsclub LA. I am not a member, I just play in the league. $125 bucks for the summer league. There are a lot of pick up games there but it is a pretty expensive membership. I used to play at th eYMCA on 17th.

  • Rant: My wife is pretty freaked out about all the Petworth stabbings. I guess no more walkabouts after midnight for her!

  • Rant: I am all fired up today about political stuff. I know this is really not the place for that type of debate and I have a no politics on social media policy. Maybe I will buy a megaphone and go shout at a metro station or something. I need some form of peaceful protest to settle me down. All dancers welcome.

  • Rant: I have a tough time enjoying outdoor movie season with all the humidity. And I grew up here in this climate, I can’t imagine how annoying it can be for transplants from drier places.

    Revel: I can see the Stead Park movies from my roof, so maybe I can go up there for some breeze.

    • Rant: After a Lyme disease scare in my family I can’t enjoy outdoor movies either. As crazy as it sounds, sitting on grass where ticks might be roaming is way too risky now that I know the potential consequences.

    • Hope you were able to see some movies this week, when the humidity was really low!

  • Rant: cranky and unmotivated at work πŸ™

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Lower back/sciatica is still bugging. PT is definitely helping but there’s definitely still something that feels out of place.
    Revel: Went for a bike ride yesterday after six weeks.
    Rant: Got a flat 3 miles into ride.
    Revel: Mr. Squid replaced tube and we rode to the bike store for trued rim & new tires.

  • Rant: Small plates. I really thought this trend would have died by now.

    • Rave: Tapas Tuesdays at Cuba Libre. I haven’t tried it yet, but $26.95 for unlimited tapas sounds like a good deal if you’re hungry.

    • epric002

      really? love small plates- it means i get to try so many more things.

      • I love them for that reason (also I’m a very visual person and love seeing the different shapes and colors and textures scattered all over the table). But you usually end up getting a lot less food for the money.

        That might be a good future Friday question… what small plate restaurants are a good deal (well priced and/or generous portions)?

        • Agreed re. “getting a lot less food for the money.”

          I don’t need ridiculously big Cheesecake Factory-style portions… but small plates in the D.C. area really do seem overpriced.

      • half the food, twice the price. It’s fine once in a while, and it’s fine – to me – it if’s ACTUALLY tapas or mezze. But it’s not anymore. It’s EVERYTHING.

        • epric002

          agree that any trend can be overdone. are you male/have a large appetite? i *love* my food but am more turned off by mediocre food in obscene quantities, and will take tapas over that any day. the only time i’ve truly left a restaurant hungry after a meal was during restaurant week at elisir- truly microscopic portions.

          • I hate how much that tapas sizes vary. Often they’re decently-sized, but sometimes it’s a teeny tiny bite of food. Usually you can’t tell from the menu how big they’ll be.

  • rave: Friday and weather nice enough to sleep with windows open
    rant: husband still on a long work trip
    revel: hiking with a friend tomorrow

  • Rave: brutal work week is ending, went to sleep at 1:00am and got up at 4:30am to work, but the end of this project is near!
    Rave: wildlife, super full moon, water, sand
    Rant: need more coffee

  • Rave: Met up with a friend last night who I haven’t seen in at least 4 years! It was awesome to hang out and catch up.

    Rant: Missed the last train to Glenmont (Clarksville?) and had to cab it from Rockville to Bethesda.

    Rave: The WEATHER!! Days like today make me miss working at summer camp. But super excited to spend tonight outdoors at the Nats game!

    Rant: No other weekend plans.

  • Rave: Two weeks into doing Weight Watchers, and I’m down 6 lbs! Even though I know it’s likely mostly water weight, it’s still encouraging. Going to celebrate by going out on a nice kayak outing tomorrow morning!
    Rant: Don’t know why WW is the only thing that works for me- was trying to track calories on a free website, but it just doesn’t get me the same results. Kind of bummed that I have to pay $$, but I guess it’s worth it to be happy with the results, and my arthritic knees are going to be much happier in the long run with less weight to carry around.

    • Congrats!
      WW worked for me – really really well. Then some med stuff, and pregnancy…I’ve gained more than I’m comfortable admitting. But I’m already looking forward to going back once baby is here and I’m better.
      Keep it up! Their recipes and online resources are great. If you aren’t going to meetings, I highly suggest them. They are very helpful (or were to me)

      • Thanks!

        I’m doing online for the moment, but may switch to meetings later on. I’ve been pretty happy with the online resources, and I think the main thing is that it’s really encouraging me to radically increase my fruit and veg consumption. I always ate my veggies, but now that they’re all 0 points, I feel like I’m eating much better in terms of snacking, etc.

        Since you’ve had success with it once, I’m sure that those good habits will come back to you once you’re ready to start back into it! Congrats on the baby!

        • I had great luck with WW online. I used it exclusively (no meetings) in 2002 and lost 60 lbs. After a lifetime of being heavy with multiple failed attempts at yo-yo dieting, I have managed to maintain the weight loss for over 10 years. In fact, I found my heavy pictures this afternoon and still can’t believe the difference. I am truly grateful for the plan/resources WW provides and I would recommend it to ANYONE.

  • Rant: This week has been pretty awful, lost out on a house, friend lost a baby, dropped a few thousand on an AC unit, got backed into by a car while I was looking out for oncoming traffic, closet fell down….WTH.

    Rave: Praying that the arrival of the weekend means a chance to recharge

  • Rave: Beautiful weather this weekend for my college girlfriends to come into town
    Rave: I close on a house in exactly one week from today in Lamond Riggs, I am dying to get in there, brand new beautiful house with space to breathe!!!
    Rant: my to-list at work is 19 items long, all requiring special attention

    • I love living in Lamond Riggs. Close to metro, incredibly friendly neighbors. Very family friendly and wonderful folks at the N. Michigan Park Recreation center. Welcome to the neighborhood!

      • so great to hear that!!! I am still slightly nervous about the area, although I constantly hear great things. I am a 24 year old female, in your honest opinion do you think it is safe for me to walk from the Ft. Totten metro stop to home on the corner of New Hampshire and Peabody?? or should I find alternate transportation from the metro home aka bus?

        • I don’t live in the area, but I know from frequently using New Hampshire or Riggs to drive out to Maryland that the Fort Totten Metro station is kind of nestled in a little spot away from the main roads. I would not walk from the Metro to New Hampshire/Peabody after dark — it would be a long walk and you’d be on roads without much foot traffic. (And depending what route you take, possibly not much car traffic either.)

  • Rant: I need a new job. Miserable in my current one (gov’t contractor, working in VA, long commute, not gaining any skills in my desired professional area, kinda just wasting time). I need a job that allows for creativity, interactions with people (other than those that work directly around me), and preferrably not sitting behind a desk all day staring at a computer. Gov’t contracting doesn’t really match my personality and I’m not working in my desired professional field, and getting tired of the same lines from leadership every time I bring it up “this is contracting, sometimes you don’t always get to do what you WANT to do” (ie you are billable and we are making money off you so sit down and shut up). My job hunt which has been going on for the past year + has been unsuccessful as I don’t have enough of the experience to enter into my field apart from entry level which due to financial reasons is a hard pill to swallow for the next few months and even entry level positions haven’t turned up anything. Frustrated and miserable.
    Rave: having a place like Popville to rant
    Rave: trying to keep a positive outlook at focus on the good things

    • What’s your age, educational background and desired field?

    • I’m about 14 years into the IT industry. I work as a development manager for a Gov agency. I used to always say I’d never work for government, but the private industry tanked and now Gov pays the best in DC. I’m really a musician at heart, but there’s no way that would ever pay enough to support my current life. It wasn’t until I dedicated myself to not thinking about what I’m giving up, and how long success was taking, that I started succeeding.

      I have done SO MUCH grunt work and have paid dues for over 8 years in Gov jobs and now I manage a team of 7 developers. Now I have a lot more flexibility, but there’s still a lot of petty stuff that happens all the time. The real success comes every time I get a paycheck, when I take a good beach vacation, and when I can move forward to a new (higher paying) job and people who hated me before say they’ll miss me when I’m gone.

      It’s a continuous cycle, but you’re still better off than tons of other people who would kill just to get to your spot. Hang in there, and stop keeping track of time. Don’t build sand castles, build brick houses out of your career. πŸ™‚

      • Sounds like U R a federal employee with complete job security. The OP ion this thread s a contractor with absolutely NO job security.

        • I don’t think the distinction is that severe. Government employees get fired all the time (at my old agency you only had to fall short of your quota a couple of times), and some contracting is pretty secure (like if you work for a large company with a lot of contracts).

          • kinda like the myth of gov’t benefits being so great.

          • epric002

            really?! i’ve worked for some complete tools that couldn’t even get fired for abusing prescription meds, not coming to work except for about 4-8 hours a week (i am DEAD serious), viewing porn on a gov’t computer, creating a hostile work environment, etc.

          • Anonymous 12:00 pm, I wonder if your old agency was an exception. My understanding has been more like epric002’s — that it takes a really long time to fire a government employee, and that only the most egregious offenses result in firing.

          • No joke- what agency would be firing people ‘all the time’? My grad school profs, some of whom were SES, told insane tales of how hard it was to get rid of lazy or crazy employees. Based on experience and story after story in the news, it is hard to imagine it being otherwise. There are reasons why they make it difficult to fire people, but I tend to question whether those reasons are outweighed by the utter ridiculousness we have to put up with in keeping loser employees.

        • Haha, there is never any job security. I’m a contractor. The only way I’ve managed to keep sane in those years of switching jobs every 1-2 years is by getting used to, and embracing the change. I keep my development skills diverse by only focusing on what I need to know for each assignment. Change is the constant, mastering that gets you stability in an un-stable market!

        • there is no complete job security as a fed or a contractor if you have a manager that doesnt take a lot of crap. (i was one). if everyone is asleep at the wheel…the nonsense people mention can occur. otherwise, its fair game: private or public – do crap work – get fired. and yes, govt benefits suck IMO. i worked most of my career in the private sector and health care is more expensive with the feds with reduced benefits as compared to what i paid in the private sector. dont get me started on contractor salaries in the it field…. i switched due to all the outsourcing of private sector jobs. its also complete BS that engineers or other qualified folks cannot be found in the states for it gigs….

          • Hmm, I don’t know of a single fed who has been fired. Well other than one that committed a felon (fraud).

            But agree with the benefits part 100%. My last private sector job had better benefits than I do now as a fed, and I worked for a pretty cheap ass company.

      • Thank you Jack5 for the perspective. I know that sometimes it does take a bit of toughing it out to really suceed and I do have things I enjoy doing outside of my regular work that keep me sane but between my commute and long hours, there isn’t much time left in the day for these things.

        Where your passion is music and you work your job to pay the bills, I believe that my passion is also my career field of choice (media relations/digital media) and that I can make a paid living out of it. Really just fustrated that my current employer/leadership refused to allow me to move into a role doing this at my current company and that my attempts to look outside of my company for these opportunities aren’t turning up many leads. I’d be happy to do the grunt work in the near future because I knew that it would lead to future success, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for me right now.

    • I’m in the same boat, except my commute is fantastic. That’s part of the reason I’ve been here longer than I should– it’s hard to give up an easy job where I can walk to work. Also, I contractually owe my employer a few more months because they paid for my Master’s. But I’m setting the stage to plan a move soon. One thing I did was find some volunteer work (through Idealist) that’s in the field I want to get into. This is giving me some relevant experience and will demonstrate to potential employers that I’m truly interested in this line of work. Also, a lot of the people I volunteer with have paying jobs in the field, so I’m gaining valuable connections. I understand your commute reduces the amount of free time you have, and maybe volunteer opportunities don’t exist in your desired field. But you can start a blog, or even a Twitter feed, that demonstrates your interest and builds connections with the people that read it.

    • Have you tried the Discovery Channel. They have their HQ right outside DC in Silver Spring. I bet you could find something in digital media there. Its a great place to work too. (saying from experience), and depending upon where you come from, the commute could be better since its away from downtown.

  • Rave: Discovered that I can watch Wilfred (the original Australian version) and Prisoners of War on hulu plus.

    Rant: Hardly have any time to watch tv.

    Rave: Too busy for tv because the band is getting busy. We have a road trip to SC and a club gig in Adam’s Morgan next week.

  • Rave: That Jah it’s Friday.

    Rant: People have been pushing my buttons all week long. They must think I’m a calculator.

    Rant: Giant black night time cockroaches that run towards me when I stand outside of my house and perch on walls waiting to pounce… Too big to step on, yet not “cute” enough to tolerate in my yard.

    Rant: I can’t wait to take my phone back to the store this weekend. Having a brand new phone that doesn’t work has been excruciatingly difficult in the past month, and I was beginning to think that I was crazy. Something tells me I’m going to have to deal with a high level of B.S. from T-Mobile in getting this problem fixed.

    Rave: Looking forward to wearing shorts this weekend, hopefully the mosquitoes go easy on me.

  • Rant/Rave: Last day before summer vacation for the wonderfully kind and positive crossing guard at R and New Hampshire! He brightens so many peoples mornings – we’ll miss him but he deserves his break!

    Rave: Enjoyed my bike into work this morning thanks to the nice weather bizarre city sights – shirtless man on a skateboard pulling a rolling suitcase? Check.

    Rant: Verbally berated by a driver because I rode my bike beside a car – which is totally legal and was safe and done while no one was moving. Thanks for ruining my morning buzz jackass.

    Rave: Husband home tomorrow!!

    • I love that crossing guard! I used to walk that way every day and enjoyed seeing him, and our brief chats. Then came a job change a few years back, and now I only go that way once in a very long while, but he still rememebrs me and greets me as if I saw him yesterday. Such a nice man, with such a nice spirit!

  • Rant: Haven’t been able to find any good (i.e., substantially better than Whole Foods) challah in DC. Anyone have a recommendation?

    • Spring Mill Bakery on 8th St SE (Barracks Row). Call before you go to see if they have it available. I don’t like their staff, but their challah is VERY good in my opinion. MMMmmm.

    • Lyon Bakery (stand outside of Union Station) usually has it.

    • I actually like Trader Joe’s challah. Reminds me of the A&P challah growing up.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Ah, maybe that’s why I like it so much too!

        • Funny how important the nostalgia component is, right? My dad used to buy 2 loaves from Zaro’s at Grand Central so he could demolish one on Metro North and still have one for Shabbat dinner. Fond memories.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Google and Apple.

    Rave: Boring guy who likes to hear himself talk at meetings was actually entertaining in today’s meeting. What a pleasant surprise!

    • epric002

      haha, is boring guy who likes to talk new to your organization? we just lost ours. darn. πŸ˜‰

      • Emmaleigh504

        Nope, he’s been here forever. He’ll probably die in his office b/c he never goes home.

  • Rave: Car passed inspection πŸ™‚ There was only one line for the older cars like mine but less cars in that line. In and out in half an hour.

    And rave: Refinance approved – locked in a low rate just before they started to go up. So far it’s been a painless process.

    Rant: None so far – I’m feeling good

  • Rant: Looking for a new apartment – and having to move to VA to save money πŸ™
    Rant/Rave: Last day of work for 3 months. I will miss my coworkers and love my job.
    Rave: Baby boy arrives any day!

  • djdc

    Revel: I”m seeing the avatars return. Super.

  • Last night around 10:30 there were a LOT of sirens for about 20 minutes, sounded like West End/Dupont area. Anyone know that that was all about?

  • Rave: just closed on selling my condo! it was an awesome place to live in Columbia Heights but nots its for some other single woman to have lots of good times in.
    Rave 2: and the first I think paid off with the proceeds–my student loan. I never thought I would get to this point in my life. For once, no rants. gonna just enjoy being in this moment, right here and now.

  • Allison

    Testing testing 123, is my face too big?

  • pablo .raw

    Avatar test

  • Anybody know a good mosquito repellent that doesn’t stink to high heaven?

  • Who wanted to start their own ice cream business a while back??? I haven’t listened to this, but it’s from one of my favorite design and entrepreneurial bloggers. It’s an interview with two woman who launched their boutique, all natural ice cream shop 3 years ago. http://www.designsponge.com/2013/06/after-the-jump-phin-phebes-ice-cream-mp3.html

    Rave: I have an ice cream maker and I now plan to make peanut butter pretzel ice cream.

    • If I remember correctly, JinDC was tempted by the idea, but she has a baby on the way and wanted to stick with a more secure job/income source for the time being.

  • saf

    Just checking to see if my avatar came back.

    Happy Friday!

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