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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • On Saturday (June 15) around 11 or 11:30am I walked by 11th and Otis NW where a woman was just bit by a dog…just wondering if anyone knows if 1) she’s ok and 2) did they find the dog?

    • There was a post about this on CH New Parents list serve. The woman was attacked by two dogs (Pit mixes-and let me preemptively say to the Pit apologist-Eff U) who broke through the fence at 1025 Otis. Her lab was also attacked. Dogs apparently bit a chuck out of her arm requiring a visit to hospital and stitches. As of the email yesterday, the dogs were STILL IN THE YARD. Animal Control is “investigating”.
      Rant: WTF? Anytime a person is attacked unprovoked, the dogs should immediately be removed and contained during an investigation. Im getting to the point where I am nervous out walking my baby in a stroller. There was a whole summary of recent dog bites/attacks on the CH New Parents listserve. If you are concerned about the total lack of follow up from the CIty (quite frankly the owners ought to be held criminally liable) then please email Graham.

      • I’m not going to apologize for these two dogs, but um….F-U if you think Pits can’t be awesome, well-socialized dogs. I met a massive mound of a pit yesterday on a walk w/ my two dogs that wanted to do nothing more than show me the two tennis balls in his mouth and get his ass scratched.

        • I do think pits can be socialized. However, in this City, particularly Petworth where I live, there are significant number of pits and pit mixes that are part of a larger more problematic thug culture. Go ahead and flame me for saying that but its the truth. Im sure you are a committed and loving dog owner. the problem lies with the owners who want some bad ass dog as a status symbol and have no idea how to control such strong, smart and territorial dogs. The thugs I see on my corner everyday with a freakin’ rope around the dogs neck are a tragedy waiting to happen. There is a 150 lb mastiff one block south of me that doesn’t concern me at all because I see his owner walking him in total control and practicing commands etc every single day. He knows he has a very powerful dog and makes the effort to socialize and train the dog as such.

          • but that is the whole point. it’s the owner training/lack of training that leads to the dog being aggressive not the type of dog in question

          • Not to mention the fact that whenever you see these young guys walking their pitbulls there is NEVER (or at least I NEVER see) a plastic bag in sight. The dogs go wherever they want and it’s left to the unlucky property owner to clean it up.

        • people get so uptight over dog breeds. jeez.

        • I’ve never been bit by a pit bull before but have by a Chihuahua. Don’t judge a breed! It is the people who don’t act responsibly for taking care of their dogs.

          • yes but one of those dogs is capable of causing vastly more harm than the other (which is the whole point).

            your argument can be read “I have never been blown up by a nuclear weapon but I have been shot with a rubber band…”

      • Also, does anyone know anything about the Pit that is almost always tied up with a rope right by the Petworth Metro? North bound side of GA avenue, the house on NH closest to metro plaza. Dog is in front yard. No fencing at all and just tied with a rope. he doesn’t seem aggressive but I keep wondering if I should call animal control. Is it against the law to tie a dog up all day? Should he be fenced in at a minimum?

        • Please call WHS and let them investigate.


          I don’t know the specifics about how long a dog can be kept outside, but “By law, people in the District of Columbia need to provide their animals with proper food, fresh water, shelter from the elements, adequate and clean space, and veterinary care when needed.” It sounds like the dog you’re talking about may not have adequate shelter.

          • I think it’s just a dog that belongs to the folks that live there and sometimes they tie him to a rope outside. While I doubt the dog lives in luxury I don’t think there’s anything to suggest that it is being neglected. The issue Anonymous 10:55 is bringing up is that it seems weird that there’s a big dog there right near the metro and sidewalk with nothing holding it back but a rope. I think a fence would be far less useful than a rope if the dog went nuts and decided to attack.

        • epric002

          can you see its ribs, spine, or hips? does it have access to water? does it have shelter from the elements? if it appears thin, does not have access to water, or does not have shelter, please call WHS at 202-234-8626 and report the situation. you can remain anonymous, but if you’d like the responding officer to follow up with you you’ll need to leave your name/number.

          • The dog actually looks pretty healthy. Which is why I was unsure if it was something to be reported. It just seems concerning to have a dog (any dog) tied up with a rope in the front yard with no fence. What really concerns me is that its a small front yard and the dog comes just about out to the retaining wall, so anyone could walk by and pet him. maybe he is super friendly but again, it just seems a bit risky to have a pit that close and unsupervised to the masses of people walking to metro every morning. If I see him again I will call it in.

        • It is super dangerous to leave a dog tied out like that with no fence even if he’s friendly. There are any number of things that can go wrong. Please call WHS and have them investigate- even if the dog appears healthy.

          • epric002

            i agree that a responsible owner would not leave his dog tied and unsupervised in the yard all day every day. i’ve been trying to confirm, without much success, that they are no laws against this in DC. WHS will come investigate anything you report to them, but unless the dog is underfed, without access to water, or without access to shelter, there’s really not much they can do aside from *maybe* recommending to the owner that it’s not the best idea to keep the dog like that.

          • You’ll see him again, he is always out. The dog is healthy and rarely unattended, but the fact remains that he is nearly on the sidewalk at about eye level with pedestrians. And while he is “tied up” the chain is connected to a dubious railing that looks like it could give out considering the assumed power of the dog. I’ve never seen the dog act aggressive or even bark but it sill is discomforting (I grew up with 2 large dogs) to me, I think it could really cripple someone with any anxiety around larger dogs.

  • Rant: Wiped out – so exhausted during the day due to recovering from an 11 hour time difference.

    Rant: Horse flies and greenheads – have massive welts from them.

    Rave: US Soccer game tonight – hoping I can stay up to cheer them on.

    Rave: Mentor (and former colleague) called yesterday to check in chat about me and my future – she offered support and confirmation on the direction I’m heading. So lucky to have someone like her take an interest in me.

    • Rant: On my way to work, there is a giant (empty) box of Lube, leftover from Pride weekend. It is now filled with trash, and next to a trash can. Why won’t the city pick it up? Can I call someone?

      Rave: Iced coffee, baby. Pioneer Woman FTW!

      • Couldn’t you just pick it up and put it in the trash can yourself?

        • I’m guessing it was so big it didn’t fit in the trash can. I’d call 311.

          • It is very giant– almost as large as me, which is why I haven’t picked it up. Though, at this point it’s pretty soggy.

            Will try 311!

          • That’s a lotta lube!

          • It’s a cardboard trash bin branded with a lube manufacturer’s name. They were distributed all along the parade and around festival. It was always filled with trash and never with lube.

      • Probably not actually a box of lube. They put out boxes with trash bags in them as extra trash cans during events. Sponsored by the lube company.

        • Ahh, mystery solved. Except, even more mysterious as to why a temporary trash bin hasn’t been collected by the city.

          Called 311– apparently I’m not the only one to report it! Fingers crossed it’s picked up soon!

  • Here is the full account of the dog attack:
    I just wanted to let everyone know about a dog fight/ attack I experienced
    yesterday. Luckily I wasn’t with my infant son at the time, but it was
    pretty scary and I thought other neighbors – esp. those who have dogs and
    walk them with your infants – should know. My friend (an adult woman) was
    seriously injured.

    My friend and I were walking her medium/big sized Lab down Otis Place late
    Saturday morning. We passed 1025 Otis Pl, and the 2 big loud dogs who live
    there burst out through the front gate. They had come through the front
    door and front fence, neither of which were shut. I understand that they
    normally hang out in the backyard but someone in that house had left the
    front door AND front gate open. the 2 dogs immediately started barking and
    fighting/attacking her dog. She got caught right in the middle of it and
    was dragged several feet down the sidewalk. They were incredibly strong
    and immediately broke away from me when I was also trying to pull one of
    them off which was completely unhelpful. In the middle of it, the gray one
    (who we learned later from the owner is part pit bull) bit her really bad.
    She had some big chunks taken out of the inside of her arm and the
    outside, was losing a lot of blood, and was rushed to the emergency room
    via ambulance. As of yesterday afternoon, the owners could not find any
    paperwork confirming that the dogs had had their rabies shots. Animal
    Control also had no record that they did. The owner claims that they got
    them last June. My friend is recovering, still in a ton of pain, had to
    have lots of stitches, may have permanent nerve damage, etc. Her dog also
    had some kind of leg injury I didn’t understand but is also recovering.

    The owner said she is very sorry. She claimed they are going to put up a
    big fence. She admitted to me that the dog has consistently gone after
    other dogs, esp. big ones. When my friend returned from the emergency room
    the dogs were still out in the backyard. Animal Control is

    • Horrible. Put the dogs down, fine the owner as much as possible. Animals with a history of attacks cannot be trusted, and neither can their owners.

      • Ditto on all points.

        These jackass owners – who can’t afford, let alone care – to properly maintain and secure these attack animals have no business owning them. All in the name of looking “tough” and wanting “respect” – so pathetic.

        • We should have strict liability for pit owners. If you want to own one of these sweet dogs, fine, but if it attacks someone, you go to jail as if you committed the deed yourself.

          • What a great idea. And why stop there! If you have a kid and he/she grows up and shoots someone, I guess you should go to jail too.

          • If you raise your kid in an abusive household/one that encourages them to commit felonies, then you may have a point.

        • I agree that any dog owner should properly secure and care for their animals no matter what breed they have. We don’t know for sure that this particular owner had these dogs just to “look tough.” Though, it is clear she was extremely careless with them and should not have them.

          I have said time and again, dogs of any kind/disposition have no place being left unattended in the front yard of your house. If your dog is friendly, that leaves them vulnerable to theft. If your dog isn’t friendly (as these clearly were not) you are then putting everyone walking by in danger. Just such a damn shame that people don’t get this.

          • I agree. I would never leave my dogs in the yard without supervision!

          • Reading the person’s account below, I don’t get the impression the dogs were left in the front yard and ignored. The gate and the front door were left ajar and the dogs came running out, which makes me think the owner had just walked in carrying something and couldn’t secure the gate or catch the dogs when they darted out the front door. It’s not like people just leave the door to their house wide open while they’re inside watching TV.

      • gah, put the owner down too

        • Give her a break. She shouldn’t have left her dogs unattended, but she sounds sorry and accepted responsibility for it.

          • Sorry, the dogs could have killed the lady. There are no excuses. She knew they were a potential threat. Animal control needs to have more power and vigilance to act in these kinds of situations in interest of public safety.

            I say this as a mixed breed (adopted) dog owner myself, but the owners are responsible always, and should be treated as someone who committed a negligent crime.

            Apologies aren’t enough. This was a horrible attack.

          • All she said was that they tend to “go after” other dogs. That could mean a number of things, but I don’t read that as them being a threat.

          • Owner of a less than friendly dog here. Knowing the fact that my dog is scared of everything and everyone, and thus can be unpredictable and reactive, I would NEVER EVER EVER leave her unattended outside. Not even in my backyard that has a 6ft privacy fence. She isn’t even allowed in the front yard unless she’s leaving the house with me on leash.

            Yes accidents happen even to the most responsible owners, but if you KNOW your dog has a tendency to be reactive, why take a chance like that? That’s just plain irresponsible.

          • Sounding sorry won’t heal this woman’s arm, or the potential nerve damage she has.

            If the dog owner were responsible, she would have gotten rabies shots for her dog. She’s already stated the dogs have shown a propensity to go after other dogs (how someone could construe that as NOT being a potential threat is beyond me). She needs to treat these animals like loaded weapons – letting them out in the front yard (or having a guest who did so) when the front gate was open is akin to folks who leave guns around children.

            If you’re going to own a dog with such incredible strength, you need to be hyper vigilant and responsible. And if something happens because you fail to be, then you’d better be prepared for a sh!t storm to come down on you.

          • My dogs go after squirrels, tennis balls, and other dogs, but no one would ever call them a threat. They’re just excitable little rascals and have never acted aggressively. I’ve been working on training it out of them, but it’s not something you can simply accomplish in a year or two like other people would have you believe.

            It sounds like she did get rabies shots but simply couldn’t find the paperwork. Sure, she might be lying, but I can see it happening. If it was at one of those free vaccination clinics the receipt is small and easy to misplace.

            I’m just saying, let’s not be so quick to blame the owner. She might be a horrible, negligent person, or she could be a decent human who made a mistake that caused a horrible accident. You hear so many stories about violent dog owners fleeing the scene after an accident, training their dogs to be violent, etc. It doesn’t sound like any of that was going on here.

          • By the way, I’m not on the CH New Parents listserv so if there’s more information there that indicates a history of dog neglect/abuse or aggressive behavior please share! I’m just basing my comment on what I’ve read here.

          • @ Anon 11:51 – Since it was known to whom the dogs belonged, there wasn’t a chance for the owner to flee, was there? Being sorry when something goes wrong is fine, but if she’d taken proper precautions should have no reason to be sorry.

            Again, everyone makes mistakes, but when you make one this big, you’d better man (or woman) up and take the anger that rightfully comes at you.

          • PDleftMtP

            So it’s not the dog’s fault, because pits aren’t REALLY dangerous unless they’re trained to be (never mind that they’re bred to be, and no one seems to take issue with the notion that greyhounds are fast, Yorkies are excitable, Labs are sweet and loyal, etc.). And it’s not the owner’s fault, because, really, she seems nice enough.

            Well, I feel better now. Maybe we just need the city to address the root causes of dog violence.

          • It sounds like we’re sort of in agreement. My original response was to the insensitive remark that she should be “put down.” Maybe I give people too much credit, but I think most people in her situation would be feeling really shitty and incredibly guilty right now. There are worse mistakes than not realizing your dogs escaped into, and got out of your, fenced-in front yard. It’s a shame that the consequences were so dire in her situation.

          • Even if the owner is a “decent human who made a mistake that caused a horrible accident”, she is no less liable for the damage that was caused.

          • Death penalty it is! An eye for an eye!

          • Death penalty? Did you not read the OP? Take a chunk of her arm (with potential nerve damage), a chunk of her dog’s leg (maybe a chunk from each dog?), and call it even.

            Oh, and a huge lawsuit to boot.

          • While we’re at it let’s find the causes of at-fault car accidents, throw them through windshields, and take a baseball bat to their cars. Who knew JUSTICE could be so fun!?

          • It would be awesome if the thugs and other bad dog owners you are speaking of actually read this blog.

            Like the definitive tree line on the great mountain, there is a division between what good and bad people do.

          • There are good people and there are bad people, but there are no in-between people. That’s what all the fairy tales told me!

        • We won’t be satisfied until we witness them being put down. Pit bull snuff film fest!!!

    • Just PS – you never have these problems with a cat. Cats for the win.

      • Cats just do their killing covertly.

      • I’ve been bitten much more ferociously from my parents cat than by any dog. That evil monster shredded a leather jacket and tore right into my arm.

      • Definitely more scared of cats than dogs. Imagine if they were as big as a big dog. Now that would be truly terrifying. In fact, one time my dog (a pit bull) got attacked by a stray cat while I was walking her. Cat ran out of nowhere, dove on top of my dog and started clawing her face. Scratched her up and scared the crap out of both of us.

      • cats are stuck-up jerks

    • For those of us with small kids babies, this is really serious. I can’t believe how cavalier some of you all area about a woman getting a “chunk” bitten out of her arm? What if that bite was on her neck? . Or what if she was pushing a stroller and that dog made the same bite but on a baby? That would kill an infant. And to people who make dumb ass arguements like chihauhaus also bite. No kidding. But thats like saying “hey look you could just as easily get shot with a bb gun as an AK 47–its all the same and its not the guns fault anyhow”– as long as irreponsible people exist then we need laws to protect normal people from their BS (like owning and not controlling potentially dangerous dogs).

      • Won’t someone think of the children! But seriously, even people without kids are concerned about this. You don’t have to procreate to recognize this is a serious situation. And, incidentally I know many parents who have pit bull/mixes and they are just wonderful family dogs. Conversely I have known a number of severely aggressive labs who would not have made good family dogs. I believe that is the point people are trying to make- generalizing gets you no where.

        • What I was saying is that the same bite that causes stitches in a grown woman is that same bite that would like kill a 12 lb infant. if don’t get that, please don’t breed.

    • those dogs are horrible!!!! they make all sorts of noise and for the last year I have avoided walking my dog down by 1025 Otis because they are so aggressive and seem unpredictable. Those owners really should have stepped up long ago to stop something like this from happening. I heard this attack from my house near 10th and Otis….really horrible and I’m very glad your friend is recovering.

      • Ok, I take back what I said in defense of the woman earlier. Commenters just seemed to be jumping to conclusions based on nothing, but your testimony indicates the dogs were often unattended and had a history of aggression.

      • epric002

        please, please, PLEASE report these kinds of incidents to WHS/animal control *every* time they happen!

  • Rave: Husband did not get selected for the federal trial jury, which involved MS-13, murder and RICO. Very relieved.
    Rave: Baked some delicious things this weekend that will be going into the regular rotation.

  • Rave: Didn’t have anything to bring for lunch, so I made a PB&J. I haven’t had one of these in years, and surprisingly I’m really looking forward to it.

  • Rant: My brand new HTC One on T-Mobile absolutely sucks. Dropped calls, no signal, no internet, wi-fi is horrible too. I can’t tell whether it’s the phone or the service, but this is an outrage… I call T-Mobile and they credited me 20$ and told me they’ll need me to mail the phone to them. What has this world come to? I’m about to pay the phone off and dump them.

    Rave: Watching Entourage re-runs after work. Probably the best series I’ve ever seen, currently on season 4 and don’t want it to end.

    Rave: Happy to be done working over time at my day job. Seemed like a good idea but the money wasn’t worth the stress.

    Rant: Mosquitoes that fly in your face when letting the dog out in the morning, and giant street roaches that run towards you when letting the dog out at night. Bah!

    • “Probably the best series I’ve ever seen, currently on season 4 and don’t want it to end.”



        • “Probably the best series I’ve ever seen, currently on season 4 and don’t want it to end.”

          This makes me really wonder what other tv shows you’ve been watching!

          • Stop being so smug and pompous…

            Of course it’s a statement based on the perspective of what kind of shows I like. I’m a guy… If you’re a girl you may not like the show, or if you’re not into insult humor you may not either. If you have such a problem with my preference, tell us what series you like instead of trying to insult my intelligence with vague statements. Cheers.

          • People on here can be so touchy sometimes!! I wasn’t trying to be pompous or insult your intelligence, and I thought I was pretty straightforward there. What other shows are you watching? You said it’s the “best series you’ve seen.” I’m asking compared to what??

    • Take it that you haven’t seen the Wire?

      • Or Breaking Bad. Or pretty much any good show.

        • As someone who’s grown up around the DC area, i generally dislike series that portray drug abuse, dealing, and murder. That stuff isn’t entertainment in my opinion, and I’ve seen it all millions of times before.

          I’d much rather watch a comedic and partially realistic show about how the film industry works… Much more motivational.

          • If you’re watching this for pure escapist entertainment, then that certainly makes a lot of sense.

          • Allison

            Haha, same reason I can’t watch the show Homeland. It’s like “uh hello daily life.”

    • Jack5,
      I was going to write a pompous remark about your praising Entourage as the best series you’ve ever seen but then I refreshed my memory via Google and remembered that the show ran for 8 seasons. You are actually in the midst of the best – in my opinion – Entourage years. The Medellin story arc was really interesting. The last couple of seasons went downhill – not horribly, just “haven’t we been there and done that several times already.” The last season in particular was really just thrown together to provide some closure for fans.

  • epric002

    rant: corporate training. SHOOT ME IN THE FACE! i swear HR develops this stuff just to justify their existence.
    rant: the 2 lovely young women shoving trash down the sewer in my neighborhood last night. when they saw me watching them, they flipped me off and then started yelling about how they were BORN AND RAISED in DC. soooo classy.
    rant: i was in a good mood before i lost the last half hour to that god-awful CBT.
    rave: i finally ran into the owner of the neglected dog, and he (reluctantly) agreed that i could walk the dog sometime. i’m pretty sure he thinks i’m a crazy person, and also doesn’t seem to understand that a dog in an 8X8 pen needs more than a single walk every day. SMDH, this has also turned into a rant. ARG!

    • A few years ago I was hiring a professional dogsitter to watch my dogs over the weekend, and she came over to meet us and walk through their normal routine. She praised me for taking them for 10-minute walks twice a day, saying most of the owners she sees don’t walk their dogs at all! I thought that was bizarre. Mine are tiny, but they still need to relieve themselves and get a little bit of exercise outside of the house.

      • epric002

        yeah, i feel guilty that mine only gets 3-4 walks a day, but this poor guy is in a tiny pen 24-7 with no toys and no interaction other than (apparently) a single walk/feeding a day. it just breaks my heart seeing him like that every day.

        • How do you know the dog only gets one walk? Just curious. My dogs actually prefer to be in their tiny crates when they’re not being walked or eating or playing.

          • epric002

            the owner stated that. also, observation. it’s nice that your dogs have the option to be in or out of their crates. this dog has no options, he is kept outside in the elements all day, every day.

      • what? that’s crazy! my dog gets 2 walks a day, and a half hour to an hour at the dog park. i can’t imagine how crazy he would be if he didn’t get that much exercise. admittedly, he’s a 3 year old herding dog mix and is high energy, but who doesn’t even give their dog a couple of walks every day??

        • I know. I thought she’d be critical of me because I only do the bare minimum when it comes to dog walking. Very surprising!

        • epric002

          a very ignorant dog owner. WHS is out there about once a month for corrections that have to be made to the dogs living conditions. it’s better than it was originally, but still a pretty miserable existence.

    • Ha ha on rant # 1. I feel the same way. I think most trainings could be accomplished in 15 minutes but they always seem to block 2 hours.

      That trash thing is a big pet peeve of mine. Washes straight into the potomac. So lovely.

      • epric002

        oy, vey. the quantity of corporate trainings is absurd, but the content and delivery of them are just terrible too. and yes, they all take waaaaaay too long.

        ugh, i just don’t get it. apparently if you are BORN AND RAISED in a neighborhood you have free license to litter and pollute? so bizarre.

  • Rant: My physical last week revealed I have extremely low T-levels.

    Rave: Androgel 1.62. OK actually I have mixed feelings about this but will give it a try.

  • Soooo this is kinda strange and I dont know if I should be pissed or just laugh it off.
    So we have a Microsoft Office upgrade on our computers at work today. Everyone but me is able to download the upgrade because the office manager guy put restrictions on my computer when he set it up…now I could say oh it was his bad and he did it unknowingly but two other women who started after I did dont have these restrictions. hmmmm interesting.

    • It is clearly a plot against you. Take revenge at all costs.

      Seriously though, how about you not make paranoid assumptions and ask your IT team to look into it. Could have been a simple mistake – I know that’s not nearly as interesting as a conspiracy theory, but it’s plausible.

  • Neither Rant/rave: The Dept of Labor lawyer who committed the home invasion robbery and sexual assault last week in NW DC has killed himself. WTF?!? So many questions about this case.

    • What kind of questions? It seems pretty straightforward – tragic for the victim and the alleged perpetrator’s family, but straightforward.

      • The comments section for the Washington Post article contains several posts speculating that this must have been some kind of kinky sex rendezvous gone wrong -and hinting that the victim is therefore somewhat culpable. One more reason why reading the WP comments section is just about always a bad idea.

        • Speculation like that is really beneath contempt, but I don’t see how it could legitimately prompt questions from a thoughtful person whose first response to a rape allegation isn’t to blame the victim. Honestly, how would the commenters know anything about these people?

          Moreover, if it is true, how does that change anything?

          • I just read another news article on it, and it’s plain what the reporters were implying (they knew each other… she KNEW he had a crush on her… she first wouldn’t say who it was that attacked…). I’m not going to dignify this line of thought with jumping to the conclusion that the commenters above probably did.

            I’ll just say that, if true, how does that change anything?

          • If true, it might just explain what happened that day. We, the general public, don’t need or have a right to know as far as I’m concerned, but I’m sure the cops, the families of the victim and suspect, and probably some laywers will sure want to find out.

          • I don’t think it changes anything but the story certainly is curious. Why would someone invite a coworker over to their house to begin with?

          • “Why would someone invite a coworker over to their house to begin with?” Some people hang out with their coworkers socially. Apparently these two people had known each other for 21 years.

          • How does it explain what happened that day?

            And why does it matter for what reason she invited him over?

            He brutalized her to such an extent that she needed a plate put in her face. So Anon 12:21, please do explain to me how it explains what happened.

          • Anon 12:21 pm here. Any of the details could explain what happened that day, either by themselves or taken as a whole. As I said, there are people who will want or need to know as many details as possible (I don’t include the general public in that group). I think that’s pretty straightforward. That’s not the same as saying any of the details could justify what happened that day, which is what you seem to think I’m saying.

        • So the implication is what, that if you invite someone over, even if for a kinky rendezvous, it is ok for them to beat you so badly that you have to have a metal plate inserted in your face?

          • If that’s how you want to read it then go ahead. I don’t see anyone here implying anything of the kind.

          • I am talking about the comments being referenced in WaPo, not something anyone said here.

          • Oh, OK. Seriously though I would not spend any amount of time trying to get into the heads of the commenters on WaPo. You probably already know the answer to your question and it’s not worth your energy.

          • TG, the truly horrific thing is that for some people, the short answer is “Yes.”

    • Got to hand it to D.C. jail. He was arrested at the hospital after trying to kill himself and yet they somehow put him in a cell where he had enough implements to kill himself.

    • binpetworth

      Most likely mental illness is the culprit.

      Years ago, a friend of the family did something violent and out of the blue (not harming people, thankfully, but a lot of property). He was picked up by police and committed suicide out of shame the next day;it became clear after the fact that undiagnosed/untreated mental illness was behind it. Just sad for everyone involved.

  • Rant: Looks like the forecast for this summer is a sustained shooty front with isolated stabby patterns .

  • Rant: I feel like someone found my energy release valve and opened it. I am exhausted for no apparent reason.

    Rant: I am still taking the brunt of terrible and completely unchecked management decisions.

    Rave: I forgot about street cleaning (first time in 5 years) but accidentally left my car on the correct side! Little victories!

    Neither rant nor rave: I always see a guy walking a huge rottweiler in my neighborhood and I really want to compliment him on how gorgeous and well behaved his dig is, but I never seem to pass him on the same side of the street. Is that weird?

  • RAVE: The new Empire of the Sun album is the jam. Love these weirdos. No one is doing similar stuff or presenting it as oddly. Hopefully they’ll pass through DC this year while touring.

  • epric002

    since dogs/dog ownership seems to be such a popular topic today, does anyone have any idea how concerned residents might go about strengthening the animal care standards/laws in DC? the DC code is, in my opinion, woefully inadequate and helps enable the types of awful situations being discussed here today. if the law was stricter with regard to minimal care standards and tougher on irresponsible owners, it would be a lot easier to deal with and discourage the chronic problems we all observe. i am not criticizing WHS, i think they do a great job despite being handcuffed by the weak laws. i’ve not had any/much luck getting the attention of ANC reps on this issue. any suggestions?

    • Try contacting your councilmember, the at-large councilmembers, and the council chair. Not sure which committee this would fall under, but contacting the chair of the revelant committee would also be a good idea.

    • I think the laws are written the way they are in order to minimize animal euthanasia. If we decide that we need stricter laws and want to give WHS more authority and latitude to seize animals and levy fines, then we will need to accept that more dogs will simply be put down. There’s simply not enough people to adopt all these animals. That’s the trade off to what you’re proposing.

      Do we prefer to have animals (and innocent bystanders) suffer at the hands of negligent owners or do we prefer to have more dogs killed (humanely). There’s no good solution, IMHO.

      • epric002

        responsible people can disagree, but humane euthanasia sounds like a much better option than living out a life of neglect and abuse. mandatory spay/neuter would also be a great option. obviously seizure would be the last resort, but fining/requiring animal care classes of neglectful owners could help a lot too. some animal owners are truly reprehensible, but a lot of people are just terribly ignorant of how to appropriately care for their pets.

        thanks for the committee suggestion- trying to figure out which one would handle this…

    • Lobby the DC council. Get involved with an existing organization or start one yourself.
      Most of all (and honestly I am not saying this to be a jerk) be prepared for disappointment. I may be wrong but I don’t think this is going to resonate with most citizens or politicians. And I suspect that if it does, they’ll probably cite lack of resources for enforcement as the main problem rather than loose legislation.

      • epric002

        i’m already a volunteer with WHS, and boy am i getting used to disappointment! i recognize that this issue isn’t at the top of a lot of people’s lists, and i suppose i’m fortunate that for the most part i don’t have other more pressing issues to deal with. but to quote gandhi, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. i hope i can help just a little. and you don’t need resources if there’s nothing to enforce.

  • RANT: we live on T street between 13th and 14th, and park our car on the street at night. in the past 6 months, it’s been parked in front of our house overnight and has been hit TWICE by drunk drivers (i assume, because the speed limit is around 25; it always happens in the wee hours of the morning; no one ever leaves a note; and LOTS of damage is done). where are the cops? and are they not watching out for this sort of thing anymore?

    • Hi neighbor! I live around the corner on 13th and have had that problem for years. Thus the old junker I drive : (

      • yeah, serves us right for buying a stupid – and our first – new car. ugh.

        • Yeah, it seems like you have either two options in this city: 1.) buy a junker and park it on the street or 2.) get a new/nice car and pay for a parking spot in a lot or garage.

          If I got a new car, there’s no way I’d park it on the street. Parallel parkers are constantly hitting your bumpers. Side view mirrors get sheared off all the time. And, if you’re parking on the street for 5 years, you’re going to have at least one hit & run that causes serious body damage.

          Just suck it up and pay for the parking spot. It will end up being cheaper in the long run than paying to repair your new car.

          • sad thing is we HAVE off-street parking but had found a place right by our front door and parked there instead. never again.

            also, aside from the drunk drivers, we have found people either peeing in our yard or showering with our front yard hose off and on in the past year. the showering thing really threw me off. but worth a good rant anywho.

  • We live on T Street between 13th and 14th and have had our car hit twice by drunk drivers in the past 6 months while parked on the street in front of our place. I assume the drivers are drunk because these accidents happen in the wee hours of the night; there’s never a note left behind; TONS of damage is done and the speed limit is 25 mph. So my question is, where are the police that could help to prevent this from happening? We actually came across the culprit of the accident this past weekend when he stumbled out of a friend’s car in front of our house and we confronted him as he was checking out his wrecked car parked on the street. It looked as if he couldnt believe he had been driving the night prior. I guess i just wish there was an increased police presence at 14th and U on weekends…..

  • Some people hang out with their coworkers socially. Apparently these two people had known each other for 21 years.

    • Oops, that was supposed to be a reply in the discussion about the lawyer who committed suicide after being jailed for assaulting a co-worker in her home.

    • I can’t imagine ever doing that. Talk about creepy.

      • You find it creepy that people form friendships with their coworkers? Are you trying to be funny, or are you really just that dense?

        • I guess it makes sense if you happen to work with people around your age. But as a 30-year-old woman I certainly wouldn’t invite any of my 60-year-old male coworkers to my house. You don’t think that would be strange?

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