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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: I looked at Google places for Post Office hours yesterday and it didn’t separate the self service hours from the full service hours, so I showed up too late to mail my father’s day package. Now I have to walk to the busier PO at lunch time because it’s the closest one. And by close I mean 15 minutes each way. Gotta love working in the burbs. I hope I don’t get blown away.

    Rave: my awesome dad will get my thoughtful (at least I think it’s thoughtful) gift in time.

    Rant: getting home tonight is gonna be ugly.

  • Rave: I think derecho is spanish for ‘wear your silliest outfit’. On my way to work I saw a guy in overalls and a short/fat tie, another guy in a shirt, tie, jacket, with running shorts and sneakers, and lady wearing waders.

    Rant: I almost rear-ended someone because I was looking around at all of the silly outfits!

  • epric002

    rant: home yesterday with an atmospheric pressure change-induced migraine.
    rant: while home sick, walked the dog and found a very sick little kitten.
    rave: called the WHS this morning to check on him/her, and s/he is doing very well and has been vaccinated. yay, i hope s/he gets adopted soon.
    ps- anyone want a sweet little grey kitten? WHS has named him/her richard 🙂

    • Nice going on saving the kitten! Hoping he/she finds a home soon.

      • epric002

        thanks, me too! i wish i could have kept him/her, but i’m pretty sure my dog would try and de-stuff him/her.

    • binpetworth

      I also am having an atmosphere-induced migraine! Glad to know I’m not suffering alone. So far drugs are taking the edge off but I’m still having periodic wooziness as I look at the computer screen.

      • epric002

        what do you take? i had to double up on axert and excedrin headache, AND a big cup of coffee. avoid the screen! go lie in a quiet, cool, dark room (i’m sure you know this already :))

        • binpetworth

          Also doubling up on Excedrin. And am avoiding the screen this afternoon–just had to finish some spreadsheets. Maybe I’ll pull a Costanza and lie down under my desk after lunch 🙂

          • Ask your doctor about Butalbitol – it is like a souped up Excedrin & works great.

          • epric002

            never heard of butalbitol and just looked it up- that stuff is serious. do you get side effects? i can’t even drive after taking axert, and it’s not an “addictive barbiturate”. i’ve had the most luck with the triptans (frova, imitrex, maxalt, zomig, maxalt, etc.) but axert works the best for me, despite putting me out of commission for a few hours.

          • Neither triptans nor ergotomines work for me. The butalbitol comes in different strengths, and for me anyway, has few side effects. A mild fogginess, much less so than from, say Benadryl.

          • epric002

            so weird how medications affect people differently. benadryl doesn’t affect me negatively at all unless i (mistakenly) drink alcohol while on it. glad you found something that works, it took almost 15 years for me to find something that works even this well. migraines are the worst.

      • I think that happened to me yesterday too. atmosphere + dehydration + too little sleep and I had an awful headache with nausea. Flat on my back looking at the white ceiling and it looked all static-y. Never been diagnosed with migraines but sure felt like one.

        • epric002

          sounds like it could be. if you can’t/don’t want to go through the trouble of getting an RX, excedrin headache can really help, as can caffeine at the onset of symptoms. and once you have one, going and lying down in a cool, quiet, dark room for as long as you can.

    • Anyone else having weather-induced joint pain this week? It’s killing me.

  • Rant: Cyclists on Rock Creek Parkway. The most annoying thing when driving to work is getting behind a cyclist going 10 miles per hour and taking their sweet time to enjoy the scenery. It’s even worse on the weekends, when you have 2 or 3 bikers in a pack completely blocking the road. There’s a BIKE LANE RIGHT NEXT TO THE PARKWAY. Why do they have to use the road? It’s completely selfish and self-centered.

    • This makes my head want to explode too. THERE a BIKE PATH RIGHT THERE!!!! ARGHHH.

      • The “bike” path is shared use and sucks. It’s too narrow and is full of ruts and cracks.

        Also…it’s a park so uh, deal. You still make better time than any other N-S routes.

      • Yeah, if you are riding fast the path (which is not bike lane or bike path at all) is very narrow and not a very safe option.

        You should think about who is being selfish and self-centered in this scenario

        • At your recommendation, I’ve thought about this, and you’ve helped solidify my perspective that an individual on an unpowered vehicle travelling below the posted speed limit, IS the one not only causing a hazard but also delaying the commutes of DOZENS of other people.

          • well, your non empirical thought experiment is wrong.

          • for the record, i do not ride rock creak often, never have ridden it on the road (always use the path) and drive on it on a somewhat regular basis (considering I do not drive frequently)

          • That’s right. What people need to realize is that people in cars are more important than people on bikes and have more rights to use the park. Remember, this is washington DC, and _everyone_ has the most important job in the world, so get out of their way.

            Or, you know, drivers could use highways like 495, 395, 66 where bikes are not allowed.

          • YES. Roads should be shared between cars, bikes and pedestrians, but when a roadway already has a designated bike lane USE it. I don’t drive on the sidewalk when there are potholes on the road.

          • how hard is it for you to understand that it is not a bike lane?

          • You should also be going under the posted speed limit. It is not a suggested minimum, ICYMI!

          • and that potholes are A LOT more dangerous for bikers than for cars. You want bikers to risk their safety so you can get somewhere 5 minutes faster, then you want to call them selfish and self-centered.

            You don’t drive on the sidewalk because it is dangerous to the people using the sidewalk, well riding on that shared path (which is very much like a sidewalk) is dangerous to the people running, walking and biking slower on it.

          • gotryit

            most of the time, people will take the route that’s best for them. For example, if there’s a major freeway available, then you’re less likely to use my small neighborhood street.
            The same applies for bikes on rock creek park. They’re not doing it to piss you off – they’re doing it because it’s right for them.

            And to make a better analogy than driving on the sidewalk: if you would normally drive on 495, but there was a major problem with it (e.g., construction), then you might get off the highway and take an alternate / legal route.

            For bikes, both are legal, but people choose the road sometimes. Think about why.

          • I like when cyclists run red lights and flick me off for almost hitting them… especially when I am turning the corner off Park onto Rock Creek. Neighborly!

          • I like when drivers run over and kill 70 year olds in crosswalks

            I like when people make ridiculous generalizations

          • So not when ridiculous when it has literally happened to me on at least 3 different occasions. I also REALLY like testy people who take offense to everything and spout off in response.

          • I like when people write nonsensical messages in response to testy people spouting off. Also, no one should run a red light, in a car or an a bike. Or you know, kill anyone either.

          • How is it a generalization if the poster is citing a specific experience? He didn’t mention “all cyclists” or “every cyclist always runs”. I have nearly hit two or three cyclists who blatantly blew threw red lights.

          • it is either a generalization or it has no relevance to the conversation because the guy being an asshole has nothing to do with the guy being on a bike.

            also 3 occasions? Its easy to ignore the drivers who break the rules because you don’t want to say drivers shouldn’t be on the road but I am willing to bet you have witnessed 100s of occasions where drivers have broken a law near you and have been angry, flipped the bird, yelled obscenities, etc… its irrelevant, there are assholes on every mode of transit

            Has a non-cyclist never flipped you off?

    • It’s a park. Sure, you can commute through it if you want–I do too. When a cyclist gets in front of me, I take a deep breath, remind myself that I’m in a park, and wait for a safe spot to go around. If this frustrates you, I suggest one of the many city arterials next to the park.

      • Dude – it’s not a park, it’s a PARKWAY, and far more people use it to drive on than to ride their bikes. If I were a biker, I’d feel really guilty to have a trail of people driving behind me on the Parkway and getting pissed off because they can’t pass me.

        • gotryit

          If it’s a parkway, then bikes would be banned. But it’s not, and they’re not.

          Please find me rock creek parkway.

          Perhaps as a middle ground, we can all agree that the situation isn’t best, and all petition for a real bike lane along the route. That might get you farther than ranting at bikers.

        • Its sad that someone would lack so much perspective that they would get pissed off (so much so that the often put bikers and other drivers lives at risk) because someone (who is just legally entitled to use something as they are) makes them 5 minutes later to work.

          it similar to when people dangerously overtake bikers just so they can beat them to the next red light or maybe make 1 extra green and save a minute or two.

          if i was a biker in that situation I would feel bad for those people, I would feel bad that they lack such perspective and that their lives are so sad as to let that enrage them.

          • They’re not even going to be 5 minutes late to work. They’re just going to spend less time at the next red light.

    • Why is the annoyance of a cyclist encountering a jogger on the bike path more valid than the annoyance of a driver encountering a cyclist on the road? And why do we thing the road, with cars, is safer than the path, without cars? It makes no sense.

      Cyclists can have the road all weekend. During the week, especially rush hour, the path is the safer, more courteous and — dare I say it — more sensible route.

      • gotryit

        it’s not more valid. Cyclists don’t (shouldn’t) yell at walkers, joggers, etc. to get off a multi-use path because cyclists want to go faster. That’s called sharing.
        Just like cars need to share rock creek park with cyclists.
        Cars don’t need to share highways.

        Have you biked rock creek park trails? Do you really understand people’s decision to bike in the road? Or are you just assuming?

      • exactly, they are equally valid. thanks for proving the point.

      • epric002

        many commuter cyclists will disagree with you on this. there’s a difference b/n a leisurely rider obliviously blocking traffic, and people who commute to/from work every day on their bikes. again, it is not a bike path, it is a shared path.

    • To expect the road to be used just for your mode of transportation, when there are so many modes available.

      The irony of attempting to use what is equally their’s to then be told they don’t belong and need to get out and to then be called selfish and self-centered.

      Think about it.

    • What really drives me nuts is bikes riding on the parkway south of P street as far as the Kennedy Center during rush hour. It seems to be happening more and more lately and backs up traffic for miles while everyone tries to get around the one bike. Are bikes even allowed on that part of the parkway?

      • Right! You know what else really drives me nuts? Buses – they’re so slow and should be banned because they really slow me down. Taxi’s too – always stopping in a lane of traffic. And then, especially during rush hour, other cars are always getting in my way and should be banned, at least during rush hour. Except mine, of course. Yeah, then I can get where I need to go really fast.

        Keep following your selfish logic people. Then recognize it for what it is and cut it out.

        • Actually taxis really are a nuisance and hold traffic up way more than they need to. But your point is taken.

          • Yeah, the taxis are a serious problem. The drivers think nothing about stopping in the middle of traffic to pick up a customer, or slowing down to a crawl in the hopes that a cute white girl will decide to hop in.

      • They should have a minimum speed limit for both cars and bicycles of 20 mph. This would eliminate the casual bike rider and the super slow taxi driver.

        • Good point. That would also eliminate someone driving cautiously over a pothole. Or starting and stopping. And that would make rush hour traffic illegal.

          Here’s your civil engineering degree – please pin it to your shirt so mommy will be proud of you.

    • it’s quite possible that both you and bikers are being self centered.

      rationalize away!

    • I find these appeals to Dan Snyder pretty funny. Everyone presents ‘evidence’ to him as if he were considering a name change, or open in any way to a voluntary name change, and just needed a few more facts to make up his mind. He is not, and he’s made that very clear. The only way the name will be changed under Snyder’s ownership is if he is forced to do so, by the courts or Congress, or if the team starts to suffer a financial loss due to the name. Clearly that last isn’t happening – as the linked article points out, the RGIII jersey is the best-seller in all the NFL, even with the current name on it. As for the Super Bowl scenario presented in the article – it’s all wishful thinking. The national media, sports or otherwise, will not be drillling Snyder on the team name issue then any more than they are now. Give the fans a Super Bowl team, and they won’t care about the team name; in fact, a losing team is probably far more likely to lead to a name chage – maybe if the fans get anggry enough, channel that anger toward the name issue, stop going to games and buying team products, then maybe Snyder will feel enough of a pinch to care. Without that – nothing.

    • The name honors the Boston Tea Party members, who disguised themselves as Indians. It has nothing to do with real Native Americans. But eventually political correctness will prevail and the name will be changed. I should start buying up memrobelia now to sell on ebay in a few years.

      • I don’t follow sports but…there’s a big picture of a Native-American on the logo! Whatever the origins may be, it’s pretty clear what the name refers to now-a-days. If it were up to me, I’d definitely change it.

      • You do realize that it’s the equivalent of the “N word”, right? How is it acceptable to apply a pretty nasty racial slur? Changing it isn’t “politically correct,” its just not being racist.

        Changing from the Bullets to the Wizards was pc.

  • Rave: Husband managed to catch an earlier flight from Minneapolis and the tracker shows it’s scheduled to land in 5 minutes. Glad he made it out before delays stack up.
    Rave: Love Actually was on last night. It feels funny watching it in June, rather than December, but I will watch it any time it’s on.

  • Rant: The Shaw Dupont “Citizens” Alliance continuing to harass Compass Rose which is preventing the restaurant from opening. The neighborhood ANC has unanimously supported Compass Rose so why don’t you follow the lead of the residents who would be most closely impacted by this?

  • Rave/Rant: Nice compliment from the boss man while working over skype today. First time in three years he’s acknowledged my contributions despite great performance reviews (he only approves…)

    Rant: Crazy weather in DC – always happens when I’m out of the country – seriously – Hurricane Sandy, derecho, the earthquake!

    Rave: Home this weekend 😀 trying to come up with ways to not succumb to the incredibly difficult jetlag!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Surgery scheduled for a time that works well for my schedule & my mom’s.

    Rant: Easy assignment taken away from me at work b/c someone else screwed up.

    Rave: Perfect day to telework since the weather is supposed to suck during the afternoon commute.

  • Rant: Getting strange little bites all over my legs at night. We’ve obsessively been checking the sheets and mattresses, and we’re seeing absolutely no evidence of bedbugs whatsoever- the mattress and boxspring are pristine! Now am looking up other awful possibilities and am getting more and more paranoid. What could it be? Is there any way to kill whatever might be there, but without poisoning ourselves or our indoor cats?

    • andy

      well, as you know, vampires cannot be seen by mirrors/video cameras, so you may have to wake up in the middle of the night to see them…

    • Not to freak you out, but bed bugs could be hiding anywhere in your room–not just in the mattress/box springs. Check all the nooks and crannies of the bed frame, behind picture frames, bedside tables, etc. They also really like cardboard, so if you have any boxes under or around the bed check those too. If it is bed bugs, heat treatment is the best non-toxic way to kill the bugs and their eggs. Follow up by sprinkling diatomaceous earth around the baseboards and bedroom furniture–that will help prevent future infestations.

    • Setp1: Buy flea and tick drops in the supermarket pet section.

      Step 2: Apply them to your cat(s) and directly to your mattress (under bed sheets).

      Step3: Send me lots of money.

      • Aaah! Don’t worry about freaking me out, I’m already there!

        I would have thought that if they’re biting me in bed, that there would at least be a *little* evidence of them, but that’s not the case? That’s terrifying. We’re doing all the laundry at a very high temperature tonight, and will be vacuuming as well. If it continues, we’ll get a professional in to confirm or deny.

      • If the cats are indoor-only, wouldn’t they be unlikely to have fleas/ticks?

        • Mice can carry them inside of a house, they can also come in on other pets & people that have visited. They can also be coming in from pets next door, or even from any open doors. They multiply quickly, no one is safe! 😛

        • Emmaleigh504

          nope. The humans could pick them up from the out of doors and then they would move to the cats. This happened to me and was not fun.

      • Huh. Worth a shot for sure, thanks for the intermediate step to take before deploying the (expensive) big guns!

      • This! My best friend had a similar experience and she was freaking out thinking that it’s bedbugs. When she called the professionals they said that she had fleas, which is particularly strange because she doesn’t have any pets! It turned out that a stray cat had taken to living right under her window and somehow the fleas got in the apartment. (she’s on the ground floor). The pros treated her house with anti-flea stuff, the cat went to a rescue, and all was well. Good luck!

        • Haha. I think I’ve hit a new low, where I’m catching myself thinking, “Gosh, I REALLY hope that we have fleas!”… because it’s so much better than the alternative!

          We’ve combed over the one kitty we were able to catch, and didn’t really see anything, but they’re pretty dark cats, so fleas can be easy to miss on a black cat!

          • I know that feeling! I had a recent bed bug scare, so I had an exterminator over to take a look and they told me the bugs I thought were bed bugs were some kind of roach nymph. I have ever been so happy to learn that I had roaches! We put down some borax powder and roach baits, which took care of the problem.

          • Sorry for your bites – but thanks for reminding me it was time to put Frontline on the dog.

    • epric002

      you said “we”, but are you the only one getting bitten?

      • It’s so hard to be sure. My fiance has bites, but he has been doing a lot of work in the yard these past few days, and the mosquitoes are pretty bad where we live, so he’s been chalking it up to plain old mozzie bites. But I’ve not spent a ton of time in the yard lately, so it’s pretty clear that mine are coming from inside the house.

        Although he could be being bitten in the house, it’s tough to know, since you don’t always notice the bites until later, and then you’re not sure where they’ve come from!

    • Could it be dust mites? I don’t think they bite, but they can give you small, red itchy bumps as a rash. Wash your sheets, vacuum your mattress, and that should help.

    • Could also be SCABIES! bwah ahahahha

  • Rave: Parked my car in a garage for the storm today. I have never seen hail in DC in all my years, but better to err on the side of caution. Also made sure insurance is up to date. Yeah! I rock!

    Rant: Got invited to a couples dinner, no date available, and not ready for a new start at the moment. Woah is me, Meh… might just skip it.

    Rave: Finally figuring out a bunch of long-term issues that have plagued me at work. The learning curve is high because anti-social people like to complicate programming concepts and the tutorials are total garbage in the name of job security.

    Rant: Heard a report of jealousy against salaries of contractors versus gov workers this morning on WTOP. That gets me worried because they have better job secuirty, are less technical, and have better benefits than we do. It was raised when people found out what the guy who leaked NSA info made annually. This can’t end up well for contractors. 🙁

    • Good thinking with the car. I totally forgot to do anything with my car, and it is in fact parked under a tree at the moment. A small tree, but a tree nonetheless. D’oh!

      • A friend of mine in Rockville had a hail storm just after he purchased a brand new Lexus… It looked like it was left on a golf driving range… It was never the same after that.

        One time I dodged a pretty serious hail storm in Bethezda by pulling into a hotel garage. But like I said, I have never seen serious (damaging) hail in DC.

        But after seeing the last derecho, I’m a firm believer than anything can happen.

        Rant: Came in to work early thinking that I’d work here through the storm. May turn into a 12 hour day to wait the storm out… but then early out on Friday! Yeah!

    • Shoot, mine is parked next to a precarious construction fence. But I did get gas!

      Oh well, it bares the scars of prior strong storms, this will just add to its character.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Who is jealous of who? Feds jealous of contractors? Not all contractors get the big bucks. Sadly, I’m in one of the situations where my fed coworkers make more than me, have better benefits, and better job security. I’m hoping that one day people will quit complaining about feds living high on the hog and a fed position will open up for me. Or maybe I should figure out how to become a defense contractor.

      • I doubt I’d work for DOD, its pretty tough there if you’ve always been a civilian…

        Yep, it’s apparently Feds complaining about the pay differences (according to the news sensationalizing things).

        I think it was tied to this article, apparently Snowden lied about his pay (Snowden said it was $200k a year): http://www.federalnewsradio.com/20/3356184/Uncle-Sams-dilemma-In-house-or-the-outhouse

        • Emmaleigh504

          I wouldn’t want to be a defense contractor, but that’s where the money is. I don’t doubt Snowden lied about his pay, it seemed way high.

          I should clarify that I do not hold it against my fed coworkers that they have better pay etc, for me it was all timing and mine was bad.

      • Yup. I’m a contractor, and I get much lower pay and fewer benefits than the feds. I’m not even allowed to telecommute, even to work on things that don’t require me to access our network!

        • Emmaleigh504

          My contract fought for years to get the ability to telework on snow days. We finally got it and bonus practice days. Still can’t do it as much as the feds, but I’m happy for what we have.

      • I’m a defense contractor and I’m pretty sure I’m underpaid. My salary was ok when I started, but that was 7 years ago and pay increases have been minimal.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I guess it depends on what you do, just like pay for feds. And of course, we all want just a little bit more and think the other guy is getting it.

          • I don’t have a driving desire to make more money, actually, but I have noticed that kids right out of college are making more than I do, while I have a BS and MS in electrical engineering and 7 years of relevant experience.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Sounds like you want more money. If you don’t, then it shouldn’t bother you that others are making more.

          • It bothers me when people accuse defense contractors of making way more money than we’re worth.

          • Keeping abreast of what others are making in your field doesn’t always mean you’re desperate to make more. Kinda like the people who follow local real estate even though they’re not in the market to buy or sell.

  • Rave: Glad we’re getting these storms today and not this Sunday. Looks like we’ll have beautiful weather for our engagement photos with Pablo 🙂

    Rant: My trip to class tonight, and my commute home is t-storm prime-time. Blick.

    Rant-ish/rave: I may have found a great job to apply for, but I’ve worked hard to get where I am in my current job–made great relationships with clients, proved that I am reliable and can produce efficient work, can telecommute, etc.–and don’t have that “I hate my job” motivating feeling to apply for it. Hard spot to be in–I like my job and love the people I work with, but I want new challenges and a bigger paycheck.

  • Rant: Brown birds. I put thistle, nectar and sunflower seed out hoping for goldfinches, chickadees, tufted titmouses, hummingbirds and cardinals. All I get are what we call LBBs (little brown birds). I think the house finches bully any goldfinches that come near. I’ve never seen chickadees and tufted titmouses here even though I live a few blocks away from Rock Creek Park.

    Rave: Cardinals and hummingbirds

  • skj84

    Rave: Fun evening last night. Drinks with friends and then dancing. A nice weds evening.

    Rant: Work has me at my wits end. They care more about the bottom line than their staff and I can’t take it much longer. So stressed.

    Rave: Got to say goodbye to my friend last night.

    Rant: Goodbye was way too brief. Plus I’m going to miss him more than I realized. SIgh.

  • Rant: my 2 PM flight has ALREADY been cancelled.

    Rant: my friend is going back home to another country next weekend, so if I don’t get to see her this weekend, I don’t get to see her.

    Rant: Driving yesterday. First this D-bag in Georgetown yesterday on the one lane road driving purposefully on the right of the road so he was in the bike lane instead of in the car lane. Then later that night I was going home on 14th at about 9:30 and this idiot in a dark grey car was driving with no lights on – very hard to see him. I tried flashing my brights a few times, but he wouldn’t turn them on. Just dumb. Both of you give drivers a bad name.

    Rave: My neighbor’s little girl is super cute.

    • OK, I am going to try to see the bright side – at least they tell me now my flight is cancelled, rather than when I get to the airport, so Rave?

    • Just a suggestion – especially in the city, you might try switching your lights off and then on again rather than flashing your brights. With so many other sources of light and movement of vehicles, it’s much more likely that they’ll notice that than a quick flash of your brights.

      • thanks – that is a good idea. I know I drove around in the city once and didn’t realize I didn’t have my lights on because everything was so bright, but that time a police man reminded me – d’oh. oops. I actually was trying to help the guy at first, then I just got irritated as I drove behind him from Logan Circle to Columbia Heights.

    • I rarely do this but yesterday I actually knocked on a guy’s passenger-side window and yelled something like “it’s a red light, watch where you’re going!” I was crossing the street right next to my building and there was a lot of traffic. The red light turned on, the walk signal for pedestrians turned on, everyone started crossing the road, but this guy just kept going! He was moving slowly and I’m guessing that he was just so focused on the car in front of him and so zone-out in the stop-and-go traffic that he didn’t notice the light turn red, but I think that very much deserves a yelling. He could have accelerate and plowed right into people by accident. Even the bus driver, who witnessed the whole thing, honked at him to try and get him to stop.

  • Minor rant: My cat walked across my laptop keyboard and now PoPville (but not other sites… at least not so far) is displaying in a HUGE font size. Can any tech-y people tell me how to fix this?

  • Rant: Donut shops that don’t give you a receipt and then don’t honor their policy of giving you free food when they don’t! I’m going back to that Dunkin Donuts with my iPhone to show the whole world what I think about them!

  • RANT: Who ever spraypainted the phrase “F*&K CONDOS on U” on the new complex going up on 14th and Florida. I caught a green light at the intersection, otherwise I would have snapped a picture of it. Luckily, the paint looked to be mostly on the glass, so should be easy to take off.

    RAVE/RANT: Love me some thunderstorms, not looking forward to the ensuing traffic this evening.

    • Whoops, my rant should read “Rant is directed at whoever spraypainted….” Guess I’m so rantful that I didnt even give the sentence a once over!

      • Why does this upset you? I’m pretty tired of condos. There are like 3 contractors who are singlehandedly shaping the architecture of this city. We’re going to have to deal with these stupid looking condos for the rest of our lives!

        • Obscene graffiti is the appropriate response?

          • epric002

            +1 if you don’t want condos in your ‘hood, i’m pretty sure the graffiti isn’t going to convince them to stop building.

          • It succinctly expresses a shared opinion of many others. I little vandalism can be healthy. Just think of it as a gorilla advertisement campaign against further condo construction. Was the ampersand tastefully done?

          • Agreed with epric002. Sure, it “succinctly expresses a shared opinion”… but someone else’s wall is not the appropriate forum in which to share one’s opinions. And Anonymous 12:31 pm, that should be “guerrilla,” not “gorilla.”

          • I agree with epric and anon, but c’mon, a gorilla advertisement campaign would be AWESOME!

  • Rant: Between the incoming storms and this whole most likely being broken up with boyfriend situation, my stomach is an anxiety-filled mess.

    Rant: Was a little over ambitious last night – really wanted to make a cake for coworker’s b-day but realized there are too many people to feed, so tried to make cupcakes instead and failed royally. Had to run out at 9:45 p.m. to purchase new ingredients and try a different tactic.

    Rave: If a storm/tornado/derecho DOES come through, I can hide in the Lower Level of our building. Or the 9th level (down) of the parking garage!

    Rave: Getting my summer ‘do’ tonight–a trim and low lights. We’ll see if this will still be a Rave tomorrow…

    • If you guys break up and you happen to be a female who is into Hip-Hop – I often accept baked goods from strangers. 😛

  • This kind of relates to a question someone had last week. How difficult is it to be a GS-13 and move into a totally different agency or department right now (especially during hiring freezes and sequestration)? I’ve always thought that the higher you go, the harder it is to move into a different agency because they like to hire within for higher grades or even for their 13s… Are you better off networking in government or using USAJobs? Thanks.

    • epric002

      it’s *always* about who you know.

    • For what it’s worth, I’ve actually found it easier to move to a higher GS level by going to a different agency than by staying in the same one. I haven’t switched jobs in a few years, so I don’t know how different the hiring climate is now, but I moved from GS-12 to a GS-13 in another agency (with no personal contacts), then moved laterally to a GS-13 in another agency (again with no personal contacts), then to a GS-14 in yet another agency (again with no personal contacts).

    • I don’t think it is any different than levels below.

      But good luck. My last agency and current one have a few empty offices and will be remaining that way for the indefinite future due to hiring freezes. Given the fact my current agency is going to be having around 14 days of furloughs next year (0 this year thankfully) and I don’t see that changing anytime soon…

  • houseintherear

    Rant: Said goodbye to my sweet kitty this week. He was old, so it’s ok, but the guilt of doing the deed is kinda weighing on me.

    Rave: I love stormy nights. Gonna watch a movie, bake cookies, and hope the power stays on for both of those activities…

    • epric002

      oh so sorry about your kitty. but you have nothing to feel guilty for. it’s incredibly kind to be able to relieve a creature of its suffering. hugs.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m sorry for your loss. I agree with epric002, you have nothing to feel guilty about.

    • so sorry about your loss, and don’t feel guilty, just remind yourself it was an act of love for him so he wouldn’t suffer.

    • I know your pain. Several years later and I’ll still be hit with a wave of guilt. But you did the kind, selfless thing. Try to remind yourself to focus on your cat’s life, not her death.

  • Rave: Tomorrow will be beeeuutiful
    Rant: RR has been boring since the site changed, no? Blander than usual

  • Rant: I really dislike the new PoP format. It takes way longer to load on my computer and the huge orange masthead always covers the top half of the screen. Also, I don’t like the way the button for the comment feature is above each item-I don’t know if I want to comment untill after I’ve read the feature. I’m wondering if all of these problems are because I need to update my browser.

    Rave: All of this rain is making my garden very happy!

  • skj84

    Rave: Got out of work early

    Rave: Decided to work on my resume and apply for jobs.

    Rant: I cannot focus. I need to complete my usajobs profile and I keep getting distracted.

    • Download a distracting site blocker (I like Cold Turkey), set it up, give yourself a time limit for each task, and get to work. If your mind wanders just remind yourself that the sooner you finish the sooner you can do something fun.

      • Thanks for the recommendation!

      • I use one called StayFocusd (it’s an add on for Google Chrome) to block fun websites during certain hours of the day (like PoPville…. *sigh*…) while I’m studying for the bar exam. Works pretty well but dear god don’t try the nuclear option!

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