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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: New Site! Like it.

    Rant: Can’t seem to log in yet. 🙁

    Rave: Had Monday off work, much needed rest despite tons of rain, I enjoyed a marathon of entourage episodes. Such a great show, I miss it a lot.

    Rant: Seems like this summer is going to be brutal. Mosquitoes are not my friend.

    • andy

      RE: new site – I just noticed that The Washington Post’s PayWallMageddon is tomorrow. Good time to get a new version of PoP ready to go!

  • Rant: Fifteen minutes meetings that go on for forty five minutes of more!

  • Rant: RHoNJ. Oh Teresa, do you really think that Caroline wants to meet with you to apologize? Have you not watched your own show?

    Rave: Gia

    • I hope Gia doesn’t end up too messed up. Did you watch RHOC last night?

      • I DVR and watch the next day. I think Gia will be okay its Milania who will be a hot mess.

      • Gia is already a bit of a mess. She is in the position of having to mother her mother, and she’t not even a teenager yet. Miliana is going to grow up to be the same as Theresa, hopefully with a better hairline. I like the cute light brown-haired girl that never talks, she seems to be the most sane in that entire house.

        • I’m fairly certain Gabriella (the one that doesn’t look like the others and doesn’t really speak) was given to the wrong family at birth. RHOC last night was fun, but it was so mean to leave Gretchen and Heather behind. Vicki peeing was also a highlight for me. HA

      • I love all of the Real Housewives – except for Miami, I just can’t watch!!! I used to get super wrapped up in who-did-what of RHOC, but they all have a case of the crazies. i’m having a hard time siding with anyone anymore. And what is up with Laurie coming back to stir up trouble?! Is she on the show again? Or did the producers just feel like things were starting to calm down again and they needed to throw a wrench in things.

        On a side note – I can’t take Heather. I used to think that she was the one that had it all together, but she drives me nuts now. If anyone ever needed the stick to be removed from their ass, it’s her.

      • i think Gia is a goner. She’s already sucked into it, and when Melissa (Antonia?) sent the note to Milania, Gia was talking smack.

        The manzo kids are clearly the best, even if they are all grown.

        HOW CUTE WAS IT WHEN JACLYN’S SON SAID I LOVE YOU? who knew I could tear up during RHONJ!

        • Heather is a total b now!! I’m glad Laurie came back, but I can’t help but wonder if her stories are true. The Manzos are the best at everything!! I liked how caroline’s sister looked just like Caroline and Dina had a baby!! I also love Rosie…she needs her own dating show (like the Jersey Bachelorette)…

          • Not a fan of Caroline. Let’s not forget that she and Deena have not spoken for a couple of years.

          • yea, but i (and maybe I am alone) completely believe that is Dina’s fault. I mean, last year at that party Teresa had for her stupid alochol drink, Dina was a total B.

            I think we have all built up Dina in our heads since she was cool the first season. She’s close with Teresa, so enough said.

  • rave: SUNSHINE!!
    rant: it’s only Tuesday
    rant: summer sniffles
    revel: delicious CSA blueberries

  • Rave: My block set up an email list that is for the most part useful.

    Rant: This last week it has been driving me nuts. Today someone emailed that kids are dealing drugs in the alley behind someone’s house, but they didn’t call the cops. Seriously – don’t just email out to the listserv. Call the cops (in addition to emailing your neighbors)! What is it with people? We’ve had this problem before with people loitering and doing drugs, but folks just email their neighbors instead of calling the police. Why? And people are otherwise just starting drama – complaining about neighbors on the email list rather than knocking on their doors to address easy issues. Just stop. That isn’t what the list is for.

    Rave: after yesterday’s rain, it is a pretty day. I’m sure if I actually went outside it would be humid, hot, and gross. But from my window it looks pretty.

    • Regarding your rant, if you haven’t done so already, I hope you plan to make these suggestions directly to your neighbors (via listserv or in person) rather than post about it here.

      • I didn’t need to – another neighbor already did (that neighbor also called the cops). 95% of the time the listserv is really useful – invites to BBQs, reminders about local civic meetings, neighborhood cleanup days, etc. Just the last week or so it seems to have gotten weird. Over all, I think it has been really good for the block, though.

    • Have you checkout Nextdoor.com yet? We’re using it in Eckington and it’s working great.

    • andy

      In my PSA, you can also email the cops.

  • Rant: Husband was attacked on his way to the Metro at 6am this morning. Guy was jogging, sidewalk narrowed, jogged right into my husband and then stopped to hit him repeatedly in the head. He is ok, but this is not cool. If anyone was around at Riggs Road near the CAPCS charter school and saw anything, let us know. Husband can’t remember much about what he looked like.

    • That suck, I’m sorry.

      People are really going nuts this summer. This humidity + heat has been brutal. Tempers were flaring on the Metro this morning.

    • Police called?

      • No – but I’m going to make him! He says he will do it this afternoon. He will call the police in a heartbeat when he sees them run a red light, not stop at a crosswalk, etc, so why is it such a pain to call when you get attacked?!? Men make no sense.

        • Tell him to call the cops this minute. He could prevent this from happening to someone else! It is completely irresponsible to not report this!!

    • Probably his normal jog route. Lay in wait

    • pablo .raw

      According to a sargent that came to talk to my office about safety, every little detail counts. Whatever he can remember will be helpful.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Rant: During rush hour, the timing of the traffic lights in DC is set to move people from A to B as fast as possible. At all other times, they are set to make you stop at every possible opportunity. This increases pollution and wastes our time.

    • Oh, I don’t know about that. I take RI Ave. regularly. As long as I drive 30 or slightly under, I get a green at just about every intersection from FL to Eastern.

      • It really depends on the time of day. Yesterday, I drove from U Street to Lincoln Park in Capitol Hill to attend a dinner party. I really hit every possible light on my route – “traffic calming” measures were probably in effect since it is technically “rush hour” until 8pm. When I drove home, at 1130pm, I got all the way from Lincoln Park to the Convention Center without hitting a single red light.

        “Traffic calming” is a very real urban planning aspect that enforced in DC. It’s to get drivers to treat roads more like streets and less like highways. If you allow drivers to hit lots of green lights, they will drive 40-50 mph on the larger city roads. Unfortunately, these measures make commuting times much longer, adding to drivers’ frustrations.

    • GiantSquid

      Try going the speed limit. I come home on C street NE and if you go the posted 25 MPH you can breeze through all the lights. The same goes for Constitution NW if you drive 28-30 MPH. Of course, most of the drivers want to go 35 or more and have to stop every block.

  • I am hiring a pest control company (C&M) to treat for bugs indoors and I want to add on an outdoor package to treat for mosquitos. Has anyone had experience with mosquito treatment and whether it actually works? We live in Mt Pleasant in a very woodsy area and have a ton of them….

    • Invest in a bug zapper! They work 10x better than chemicals and they’re environmentally safe. This has made a huge improvement in our mosquito issues in the last year.

      • When I lived in Rwanda, we had these amazing (slightly dangerous and made in China/not available here) electric tennis racquet-type things where you could swat mosquitoes and they’d fry with a “BZZZZT!” to a satisfying death. Loved those things. Really wish I’d gotten it together to bring some back.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Restoration Hardware used to sell those things; it never seemed like they would be any good.

        • You can definitely buy one online here in US. I’ve definitely seen them, though I have no idea if they are as powerful as the ones sold in Rwanda.

          • I shall investigate this promptly. They definitely worked. Like swatting with the hand of a giant. Couldn’t miss.

    • Neighbors tried outdoor treatment – total waste of money.

      Depending on your outdoor space – fans will keep them away, also mosquito coils/citronella candles at foot level.

      Oh and dragonflies – any outdoor space that will support dragonflies will be a bonus.

  • Rave: Man of Steel pre-screening last night

    Rave: San Francisco on Friday. Recommendations of things to do/see/eat/drink are welcome!

    Rant: Too much to do before I leave

    • So… How was the movie?!

      I’m stoked to see it. Superman is one of the best classic superhero movies from before the CGI era.

      • Awesome!!

        And thanks for the recomendations below. I will mostly be working, but I do have a day or 2 with some free time.

    • Do everything! I particularly love Musee Mecanique, the Cable Car Museum, the de Young Museum, the California Academy of Sciences (their Friday night singles event looks cool if you’re single), the SF Botanical Garden and just Golden Gate Park in general, and the Legion of Honor (be sure to plan the buses properly, we totally screwed up and wasted 2 hours getting from the Legion of Honor back downtown).

      For restaurants, Zazie, Pizzeria Delfina, and Green’s.

    • justinbc

      City Beer Store, one of the best bars I have -ever- been to.

  • Rave: Back at the gym after a week off due to a cold. Feels good to get back to exercising.

    Rant: Colds. I used to think they’re no big deal but man was I knocked flat last week.

  • Almost a rant: Pulled my phone out of my pocket to answer a call & my credit card fell out (I didn’t see it fall).
    Rave: The policeperson who saw my credit card drop and got it back to me.

  • Rant: The two cyclist that “shoaled” me this morning on R St. WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING? Seriously…I’m pointing out a major obstacle, slowing down, and the guy buzzes me w/in a foot. I try to go around a car and the girl is an inch off my back wheel…”oh sorry”, but doesn’t slow to let me in. Then they go around a right turning truck ON THE RIGHT as he’s turning, forcing him to brake hard at the last second. They both then jump every light from RI to 16th. You guys sucked today…please stop riding like [email protected]!!!

  • Rant: New site, really disappointed that I still get the “you are posting too fast, slow down” error message constantly. Your IT guys don’t know what they’re doing.

  • Rave: late but Pride was epic!! I think my liver is finally beginning to function normally.

    Rant: Moving is the worst

    • I had a blast this weekend at Pride, but the parade is simply getting too long. I understand the idea of all-inclusiveness and letting anyone and everyone take part in the parade, but it’s really getting out of control!

  • Rant: It’s my birthday but colleague was so nasty to me this morning. Upsetting.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Have to have surgery this summer.

    Rave: My mommy is going to come up to take care of me for a few days. She’s an awesome nurse.

  • rant: comcast
    rave: it stopped raining!

    • andy

      Summer is coming . . .

    • Comcast sucks! Everytime I call the customer service center they transfer me to Washington state. This usually happens 3-4 times, with me emphatically saying “DO NOT transfer me to the state of Washington, I live in the District of Columbia which is on the other side of the country”. Never gets the results that I want. Apparently the good folks of Comacast have never heard of our nation’s capitol.

      • That’s weird. There must be some reason why it’s only happening to you. Like maybe when your account was created the wrong location was inputted.

        • Emmaleigh504

          They used to do that to me all the time too. Then the people in Washington state would send me to another state because they had my cell phone number. None of them would listen to me. So glad to be rid of Comcast.

  • jim_ed

    Rave: The Menzingers and Fake Problems were awesome at R&R Hotel last night.

    Rant: The Nationals uneven and listless play so far this season.

    • Re: your rant–I feel you. Constantly oscillating between bored and angry. Why does Rick Eckstein still have a job?

  • Rant: my phd chair still knows how to piss me off in one sentence, even though I graduated more than a year ago. No, you will not be lead author on a chapter from my dissertation you arrogant db.

    Rant: giving online dating another go. sigh. the guys I’m in to don’t seem to be in to me, and the guys in to me are creepers. I guess that would also describe regular dating as well.

    • Graduate advisors continue to hold a weird power and influence over you long after you’ve finished. Sort of like parents or ex-spouses, but ones you have to be able to get letters of reference from.

    • Wow, that’s pretty bold of your PhD chair to try to take lead author from your dissertation. WTF? Is that normal?

      Is your professor well known in your field? If so, it might be worth it to make him a co-lead author (equal standing) if he has the connections to get you published in a leading journal.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Three weeks later, back is still hurting. Probably not a muscle spasm but a herniated disk causing sciatica.
    Rant: Tired of being in pain and limited mobility. It’s really getting in the way of doing stuff.
    Revel: Being able to pick a doctor without a referral. Found a place near work that has different types of practitioners under one roof.
    Revel: Back Doctor appointment today!

    • Don’t go to an ortho. Please go see a neurosurgeon. Ortho guys will hack away at your back. Neurosurgeons know the nerves and the nervous system and will give you a much better fix than an ortho hack. I say this from personal experience. Dr. Anthony Caputy, Chief of Neurosurgery at GW is the BEST!!!!!

      • GiantSquid

        Oof, I don’t think I’m in need of surgery yet. It feels like something’s out of place and just needs some forceful “encouragement” to pop back into place.

        • A good neurosurgeon doesn’t want to do surgery. He’ll recommend a good PT plan and other non-invasive methods first. They also understand placement of nerves much better than Ortho docs and will have better recommendations for lifestyle and/or excercise changes. Good luck!!

      • epric002

        please don’t got to a neurosurgeon as a first option. back surgery is serious business. highly recommend trying non-invasive options, i.e., chiropractic.

    • Seriously, if you are in that much pain, have it evaluated by a neurosurgeon. One of my closest friends ignored her back pain for years until it became a crisis. she needed emergency surgery to remove the disc fragments, and it took her almost two years to be able to walk unassisted again. if the disc is herniated and pressing on the nerve, it can cause real damage. if the ortho hasn’t been able to help, it’s probably time to get other opinions anyway.

      • Exactly my point. Surgery should never be a first option – just have it checked out by a neurosurgeon, it will be worth your time, I promise. And a neurosurgeon worth his salt will not recommend surgery unless all other options have been exhausted. And he’ll recommend better options than an ortho doc. I can attest to this first hand. I wish I would have done this 6 years ago when I got hurt instead of putting it off and going to ortho doc’s and chiropractors.

  • Blithe

    Rave: An absolutely wonderful unexpected visit with an good friend that I haven’t seen in quite a while. It was a nudge to me to make sure that the people that I care about know how much I enjoy and cherish them.

    Rant: I’ve been trying to find an app for either my ipad and/or ipod that will let me make a checklist that I can duplicate multiple times, so I can use it daily. So far I’ve downloaded 3 specialized apps and none of them will do this in quite the way that I’m hoping for.. With all these e-toys, my winning solution so far is to type up template and xerox multiple copies. Arrrrrgh!

  • epric002

    have you gotten a diagnosis yet, or do you just suspect the herniated disc? chiro was the only thing that made my bulging disc better. such a life-saver.

    • epric002

      rant: this was supposed to be a reply to GiantSquid.
      rant: this happens too much to be operator error. site issue?
      rave: Blue Apron! if you guys haven’t tried it you really should. amazing.

    • GiantSquid

      I suspect, diagnosis hopefully later today. I had a muscle spasm last year that occasionally acts up again, however this has lasted longer with the same treatment and there are additional symptoms. I’ve also added acupuncture, which is fantastic the day of, but then things go back to hurting the next day. Like the muscle spasm, I think it’s going to be a multi-pronged approach to healing, but I need to know what it is.

      • epric002

        yeah, bulging or herniated disc could be causing the muscle spasms too, so the treatment might not be getting at the real problem. have you tried a chiropractor?

  • I understand the new site is still being tweaked, but can we please be reassured that all italics will go away? And “reply” comments will be indented again? Thanks

  • RANT: Please please please move the comments link back to the bottom of the post – it’s so irritating to have to scroll back up to the top of the (GIGANTIC – WHY?) photo to find the comments link…so I’m just not doing it and definitely not enjoying PoP as much as I used to.

    • RANT: Found a cockroach in my perfectly clean kitchen. Where there’s one, there’s 100. So pissed. Bug bomb time!

    • Ditto, it’s awkward to scroll back up after deciding it would be worth reading comments.

      On the other hand, LOVE the new feature that puts the box you type a reply in right in below the post you are replying to!

  • Rant: apartment flooded last night. Don’t know if we are responsible for temporary lodging or the landlord. It will probably take 1-2 weeks to repair damages.

  • Revel: Great to see the sunshine this morning after yesterday’s deluge.
    Rant: PoP took away my photo credit from the masthead! (Of course, the photo looks blurry now too, so maybe that’s okay.)

  • gotryit

    rant: Biking into work this morning, turning from 5th st left onto M st SE by the Navy Yard, a lady in an SUV honks at me, starts driving aggressively around me, and yells at me that I’m holding up traffic. Bitch, I am traffic. She didn’t seem to like it when I caught up to her turning into the Navy Yard and asked her if she had mental problems.

    rave: I biked to work and didn’t get rained on.

  • If you live at 3100 16th St. or know anyone who does – be careful walking up or down your back stairs today – I just saw a guy poop there. Sorry! (This is the first of those townhouses on 16th St. just north of Irving St. )

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