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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Smilla

    Rave: The reclining seats and reserved seating at the AMC Courthouse movie theatre.

    Rant: People who don’t know what “reserved” means. A group of young women was sitting in our seats, so we told them to move. They moved a few seats over, and then had to move again when people who had tickets for *those* seats showed up. Seriously?? You don’t know how reserved seating works?

    • Probably weren’t familiar with the existence of reserved seating an an AMC movie theater.

      • Yeah, I’ve never heard of reserved seating in a movie theater before. But if the seats were clearly marked as reserved I wouldn’t sit there.

      • Smilla

        Considering you have to select seats when you buy your tickets — whether at the box office or on-line — I don’t buy the idea that they didn’t know it was reserved seating. Plus they didn’t look particularly surprised when we said they had to move nor did they argue.

    • Reserved seating in movie theaters is new to me too.

      Smilla – when was the first time you had a reserved seat at a movie? For me it was only a few months ago, and I’ve been a big moviegoer for a long time. I don’t fault people for being surprised as it seems new in general.

      • How does that work? Is it like the business class of movie seating (you pay extra for it) or do you get it if you reserve tickets early enough?

        • think airplane. After you buy your online ticket a new screen comes up: “pick your seats.”

          Then you can pick whatever’s (still) available.

      • Smilla

        I was about 8 years old when I first went to a movie theatre that had reserved seating, because it was in England, which has had it for decades. Even as a kid, I grasped the concept.

        If you’re forced to choose a seat when you buy a ticket, you can be pretty sure it’s reserved seating. And if you get your tickets late and thus have bad seats — which is probably what happened with these women — you know that other people have already purchased tickets for the good seats.

        Both the AMC Courthouse and the Angelika Mosaic in Fairfax have reserved seating. I didn’t like it at first, because it removes some of the spontaneity of going to the movies (if a friend decides to join you for a movie after you’ve already bought tickets, they won’t necessarily be able to sit with you), but I’ve come around to appreciating it. I go to a lot of movies and I’m picky about where I sit, so I appreciate not having to get to a theatre an hour early to get good seats for really big openings.

    • Hey hey now, I’m sure these ladies knew about the reserved seats, but were merely hoping to get better seats than ones they were assigned. Is the minor inconvenience of asking someone to move really that serious? You did get your seats – no?

      • People on here are so friggin’ passive aggressive. They’ll do anything to avoid a conflict or having to deal with the most minor of inconveniences.

        Kids are always trying to move from the cheap seats to better ones. So long as they quickly and quietly got out of the way, I don’t see the problem here. Admire the hustle!

        • Smilla

          I don’t think you know what “passive-aggressive” means. And this isn’t “hustle.” It’s just being stupid and not thinking things through or wilfully ignoring the rules.

      • Is the minor convenience of having better seats worth the near certainty that it will be an inconvenience to someone else? The answer is no. Your line of thinking is incredibly selfish.

      • Sounds like in this setup, you aren’t assigned seats, but rather you pick your own. So people should well know that if a better seat that they wanted wasn’t available, that means it’s been reserved by someone else. Taking someone else’s reserved seat is entitled and inconsiderate, period.

      • Smilla

        But that’s what “Rant or Revel” is for, isn’t it? To gripe about life’s annoyances — big and small — and to rejoice in its pleasures?

        I have no qualms about asking people to move, but I shouldn’t have to. Plus it’s annoying to others around them if they have to move when the movie has already started (and they had to move twice). “Hoping to get better seats” doesn’t make sense, because, again, they would have known that the good seats were already taken when they bought their tickets or else they would have selected them!

        Of course, they could have been doing the sneak-in double-feature and didn’t have tickets at all, in which case they should have been smarter about it and not picked seats in the center of the theatre for an almost sold-out show.

  • Rant….

    Forgwetting to zip the pocket im my jacket while out riding on the mototrcycle this weekend
    resulted in a lost cell phone and wallet
    gwets better. im headed out of town on wed, so now i have the pleasure of scrambling around to get everything before my departure

  • Rant: I didn’t get furloughed, I wanted to be furloughed,
    Rant: Feel crappy for my coworkers who make less than me and did get furloughed, I did offer to swap, no dice.
    Rave: Learn to be grateful, learn to be greatful

  • Rant: My pants are soaked up to my knees and I got a call that my burglar alarm was going off.

    Rave: The guy playing “Under the Sea” on steel drums near the metro this morning. He didn’t even flinch or miss a beat when the skies opened up and rain started pouring down on him.

  • Question:

    I saw two young gentleman (18-22 yo) in lawn chairs on the NE corner of Macomb and Connecticut on my way home wearing bright yellow vests. They seemed to have a remote control that controlled the traffic signals. I’ve made this commute morning and evening for the past year and this area from Tilden to Macomb is a mess in the evenings. However, this is the first time I have ever noticed anyone apparently controlling signals.

    Has anybody else noticed this before and where?

    • What makes you think they had a remote control that controlled the traffic signals?

      • The were watching the lights, one handed an oversized beige remote off to the other as the light switched, the vests, the odd location where they were sitting.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Left my umbrella at home.

    Rave: My wee garden is blooming!

  • Rant: Totally missed Pride this year. My partner’s illness had gotten so bad that she didn’t feel up for doing any of it.

  • Rant: My bank called this morning to as about possible fraudulent activity on my debit card. Apparently someone in England has been using it. That card never leaves my wallet (except for this morning when I destroyed it) and I don’t use it for online purchases. Someone must have gotten the number and cloned the card.

    Rave: The bank is dropping the charges it was used for and sending me a new card.

    • Something similar happened to me…my card was used at a couple of places in Paris, despite my being in possession of the card at all times and nowhere near Paris (if only!) Fortunately, my bank was good about giving me a provisional credit of the charges and ultimately determining that the charges were fraudulent. (It couldn’t have hurt that I’d made a couple of swipes at Safeway and CVS around the same time, so it was abundantly clear I wasn’t in France.) Still kind of a pain to have to cancel the card, wait for the new one, and reset all my auto-pay bills, though.

      • Ditto for me, except it was a gas station in Miami. Exact same purchase, over and over and over, for a total of just shy of $1000. My bank was quick to refund my money, though, and I had provisional credit for every fraudulently taken dime within 24 hours of my phone call.

      • Get a new credit card company. The good ones won’t even let you charge something overseas unless you have notified them in advance.

        • Some of us don’t feel like that makes it a good company, but a frustrating one. I don’t want to have to remember having to contact my cc company to let them know I’m going abroad. Annoying.

          • Talked to a friend in Capital One’s Fraud department. (Presumably the big companies are all the same)

            He indicated that the system is pretty smart, and is able to pick up on things like a hotel booking in paris, croissant at the Paris Airport, and a flight booking, (all showing you are ACTUALLY in Paris) which would then greenlight other purchases, versus other more suspicious purchases, which would result in the card being turned off/phone call.

            They software also analyzes history, so someone who travels a lot is much less likely to get flagged. They should be smart, and should not kill your card if they should have known better.

          • Yeah, I’ve known people whose banks cut off their cards upon getting an overseas charge, and it was a hassle for them to straighten out. I don’t think my bank (Citi) cuts off spending automatically (at least they never have with me), but they occasionally send me a robo-call saying that their system flagged a potentially suspicious charge and to call back ASAP if the charge is not mine. (Like one time, I happened to buy three plane tickets within about 15 minutes, and their system flagged that one.) They probably would have done that with the fake Paris charges, except they usually have a lag time, whereas I noticed the debit authorizations within a few hours because I’m obsessive about checking my online statements.

          • No joke. I had been living in France for over 10 months, and had informed my bank that I was living in France for a year, when the ATM ate my debit card. When I called the bank it said it was because there was “suspicious activity” because it was being used in a foreign country. When I argued that it had been being used in foreign country for 10 months already and that there should be a note in my file that I was overseas, they looked in my file and basically just said “oops.” Then when I asked for a replacement, they said they could only send a debit card domestically, so I had to get it sent to a friend, then sent to me. So, yeah, I choose to use CC companies that don’t need to be notified because I never want to be overseas without a card again.

          • The first time I went to Africa I was checking out of my hotel at 4:45 AM to catch a flight home. The night before I had booked a ticket on Ethiopian Airlines, and apparently the hotel I was staying in is part of a chain that’s owned in the UK. So the credit card company declined my hotel charge–they said it looked like I was in two places at once. It was a long work trip and the personal card I had with me didn’t have enough of a limit to cover my bill. Luckily they let me pay half at that time and pay the balance later–but only because they knew my organization. Then I had to sort things out on a very poorly connected call to the credit card company while speeding down a very dark Ugandan highway to the airport so I didn’t miss my flight. Fun times.

  • Rave: Had a GREAT Pride weekend! First one while totally “out”, best weekend in a long time.
    Rave: Slept in and feeling rested

    Rant: super late to work today.

    • Congrats on your first Pride while being “out”! Good reason to celebrate πŸ˜‰

      • Thanks πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • That’s awesome. I’ve never had a Pride weekend that was exceptionally fun. Maybe I need to be more active in the community the rest of the year, or maybe I just need to drink more. πŸ™‚

        • I’m not really active in the “community” I guess I just don’t know how to break into it ( I realize how silly that sounds). I literally went places and forced myself to meet people and it WORKED. Also, LOTS and LOTS of Jameson πŸ™‚

        • Haha, ok! πŸ™‚

    • I’m jealous. Got up at 5:30 am despite having gotten no sleep all weekend. It was worth it though!

  • Revel: Sun stayed out long enough for the first backpacking trip in too long, first ever with the girl. No bears, and we’re still on speaking terms.

    Rant: Next door neighbor’s partner passed away. At least I know which platitudes not to pronounce now. Threw me into a bit of a funk.

  • Rant: There’s a giant, ENORMOUS PoP banner at the top of every page that I can’t close. The gold “PoPville” banner.

  • Revel: Fabulous weekend with friends. Dancing, a marvelous wedding with friends, Pride parade, great church service, and meeting new people at a cookout.

    Rant: Eating crow. I lost a bet and am now reading the Harry Potter series, and they’re fantastic. I’d always rolled my eyes at the hysteria around them, especially from adults. but I can see the point (somewhat). It’s gotten me thinking about what else I’ve rolled my eyes at that I’m actually wrong about. What’s next, Dan Brown? The Kardashians?

  • epric002

    rave: i can sign in to PoPville again! πŸ™‚
    rant: hmmmmm
    rave: can’t think of a rant.

    • epric002

      3rd rave: had a marvelous weekend celebrating the wedding of some dear friends, and then got to BBQ with more friends and family.
      really: i’m this chipper on monday?!

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Dream come true, I saw the wonderful woman Mrs. Lynda Carter πŸ˜€
    Rave: Lynda Carter winked at me, and I can prove it! http://www.flickr.com/photos/benavente/9000687087/
    Rave/Rant: Some day I’ll tell PoPville the story of why I like her so much πŸ™‚
    Rant: Have a lot of work this week
    Rave: Have a lot of work this week!

    • Very cool! I (and most guys my age) had a crush on her in the 70s.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Wow! she still looks amazing! And love her hat!

    • binpetworth

      Love that photo!

    • Long live Lynda Carter! I love her, too, Pablo. She was my raison d’etre when I was a little girl. I had Wonder Woman Underoos and a Wonder Woman bathing suit every year of my 1970’s/early 80’s little girlhood until it wasn’t cool any more. I also wear cuff bracelets, whether in-fashion or not, as an hommage to my ‘lasso of truth’ heroine.

  • RAVE: Best Pride EVER!!!! What an amazing city we live in

    RANT: It’s over til next year…

    • Pride was definitely extra prideful this year. Definitely one of the best ones in a while. Though, now I have no voice πŸ™‚

  • Rant: I always thought I was pretty financially responsible in that I put a big chuck of $$ into my 401K/savings each month, always pay off my credit card balance, live with roommates to save on housing, pack my own lunches, etc. Then I started actually analyzing my spending with mint.com and I SPEND $400+ PER MONTH AT RESTAURANTS WTF?? So THAT is where all my money is going.

    Revel: At least now I know where I can cut my spending! If I start actually sticking to a real budget, it feels like I have all this extra money I didn’t know I had. More saving! Downpayment on condo!

    • mint.com rules. By the same token, it’s also terrifying. I have my mortgage and car loan hooked into it and seeing those big numbers makes my heart stop ever so slightly every time I look at it.

    • You pack your own lunches AND spend over $400 a month at restaurants? Wow, that’s pretty impressive. I spend 300-400, but hardly ever pack my lunch.

      • I don’t how this happens! I think it is mostly because the main activity I do with my friends, significant other, etc. is “go out to dinner.” Which is funny, because I genuinely do love to cook, but it all ends up as leftovers for my lunches I guess. Time to develop some new social activities that don’t involve dropping $100 a week on dinners… O_O.

      • If that includes drinks, it’s not that hard to believe.

    • Only $3-400? πŸ˜‰

      I feel like it’s almost impossible in this town to get a decent meal for under $100 (for two), so you do that a few times a month, and then you throw in a casual night out (or two) a week and maybe a “fine dining experience” and you’re restaurant budget can rocket past $400/month pretty quick.

      Admittedly, I’m a little older and probably have a more disposable income than many, but lately restaurant spending has gotten a little out of control.

      • Almost impossible to get a decent meal for under $100 for two? Ha, DC might be super pricey, but it isn’t that bad- yet.

        • 2 apps at $10, 2 entrees at $20, 4 glasses of wine at $8 = $92 + 30% tax and tip. I’m not talking pizza, but for a reasonable sit-down meal at Red Hen, Bistro du Coin, etc…

          • Skip the apps, or order one app and one appetizer and split it between both of you. Are you really eating all that food? I also think drinks with dinner is overkill– unless you’re really into wine/food pairings save the alcohol for the bar.

          • well yeah, if you’re having a couple drinks and a couple apps, I can see where it adds up. I wouldn’t say those are necessary for a “decent meal” though. Each to his own!

          • Terminology varies, of course, but a “decent meal” to me implies a certain level of sitting back and relaxing over dinner, not just grabbing a bite in between beers or incidental to another social function — a burger on the way to the movies or whatever — maybe with a friend you don’t see often enough or a romantic interest. Skipping or splitting the aps defeats the purpose — you’re there to enjoy the food and the company and linger, after all — and I’m rather a big guy who works out often, so two courses is hardly overkill. And drinks at the bar rather than wine with dinner doesn’t save you any money, you just spend it somewhere else. I’m not agaoinst Red Rocks or KBC (OK, I’m against Red Rocks) and sometimes barbecue on formica with your elbows bumping your neighbors and talking loud over the music while drinking beer from a can is just what the doctor ordered — it’s fun, it’s tasty but it’s not (by my admittedly ideosynchratic definition — I think they do dinner on Downtown Abbey about right) a “decent meal.”

      • See, what’s funny is I never thought of myself as eating particularly expensive meals. Most of my eating out is at cheap-ish places in Columbia Heights/Mt. Pleasant/Adams Morgan (think Kangaroo Boxing Club, Radius Pizza, etc). But going out for $30 dinners and brunches three times a week (even including drinks in those prices), you end up at $100+ a week pretty fast.


      • That is over the top. I certainly consider a place like Red Rocks to be a decent dinner. Even with Apps and a couple of beers you are at like $50. If a “decent dinner” is only one of the nice new restaurants on 14th or a place in Georgetown, well, then we have a difference definition of “decent dinner”

    • Your rant got me curious so I signed up for Mint… In the last 3 months I spent an average of $303 a month on groceries, $122 on restaurants, and $24 on alcohol/bars. Sounds about right. I buy most of the groceries for our household but my girlfriend is more likely to pay if we go out.

      • Allison

        Omg I love Mint!

        My confusion isn’t restaurants, husband and I cook at home so much that our restaurant budget for two is usually under $200/month (he doesn’t drink, and we almost never get appetizers so that cuts down the bill) but what I can’t believe is that our grocery budget is over $600 a month for just two people! I know we cook at home a lot but jeez! We have a safeway card and shop almost exclusively at safeway (with rare runs to whole foods for only particular items.) Does anyone else spend over $600 per month on groceries for two?

  • The new format doesn’t seem to work well with Explorer. The PoP banner at the top is enormous and covers over a bunch of other things. The photos in the threads seem to be so oversized they are pixelated

  • Rave: Lynda Carter should be the Grand Marshall of every parade in eternity. What a gorgeous woman she is!!!

  • Rant: can’t seem to log-in and my e-mail address isn’t recognized…

  • Rant: New person at work is supposed to be a calming/organizing influence but is, instead, getting wrapped up in the boss’s nervous energy and is making everyone nuts. It’s making me regret not leaving when I had the chance a few weeks ago. Really hoping this person settles into a better groove.

  • Rant: Still feeling pretty crappy. Found out on Friday that I didn’t get this job that I sooo desperately wanted. This job would have taken me out of being a paper-pushing entry-level position into something more meaningful and fulfilling. Also, on the same day, found out that someone I’m interested in does not return the sentiment. I am perpetually in the friend-zone. I’m sooo awesome, but never enough to even contemplate dating. I don’t get it. My personal and professional life are in the crapper.

    • Ugh, sorry. I’m in the same boat, at least on the personal life front. And talking about it doesn’t really help (me), because all I hear are cliches and other useless platitudes. It seems like a hopeless cycle sometimes: put yourself out there despite fear of rejection, get rejected, but still have to continue to put yourself out there. For me though, I only halfway put myself out there, so there’s definite room for improvement. Anyways, cheer up sweet anon. It’ll get better, you’ll find that special someone someday, etc, etc, etc. Or you could just get a bunch of cats.

    • I want that feeling of falling in love again so so much. It’s been more than 20 years!!

  • Rave: Fun weekend celebrating a wonderful friend’s birthday.
    Rave: Amazing Pride festival highlighted by Emeli Sande. She was incredible!
    Rant: No peace and quiet at work today to focus.

  • Rave: The a$$hole who robbed the people eating outside at Pizzoli’s was arrested.

    Rant: Given some of the prison sentences I’ve seen, I’m not hopeful that he will get a long sentence for committing such a brazen act.

  • Rant: Jury duty is so so freakin’ boring!!!

  • Rave: Finally scheduled the kitchen renovation to start next week! A little nervous as I’m not hiring a contractor to oversee the whole thing, but I think I’ve got everything covered. Going to get my feet wet with some DIY tiling, which should be fun (maybe?). And I’m SO excited to finally have a washer/dryer in my unit.

    • I’m really jealous, I want to try tiling something really badly, but I live in an apartment.

      I think there are free tiling workshops at Home Depot on Saturdays if you get scared. Or tutorials at my favorite DIY blog, http://www.younghouselove.com/

      • Ooh, I didn’t know about the free tiling workshops, I’ll definitely check that out. Thanks!

  • MsNesbitt

    Rave: I met a nice person over the weekend who will make a fine roommate, and I’m looking forward to the $600 in rent I can save by giving up living alone. Additional rave: My landlord agreed to let me shorten my lease by a month, so long as she can find another tenant!

    Rant: Now comes the stress of finding an apartment, paying fees associated with moving, and ughhh actually moving! (Plus, re-learning how to cohabitate after 4 years of living alone..)

  • Rave: I am surprised by the lack of trash left behind after the parade. Specifically on 22nd and P, which was the float set up spot.There were some beads and extra cigarette butts, but nothing more than after a regular weekend.

    Rant: It’s monday and rainy. Need I say more?

    • The street cleaners were out cleaning up right after the parade. Very impressive. Sometimes city services do well!

  • Rant: Giant banner at top of page, can’t log in, AND using old IE due to work.

    Rant: Not entirely sure where things stand with my boyfriend. Had a huge fight on Friday night due to his job. I waited *2 years* for this (new) job, which promised better hours and actual time together. Now that new job is here, it’s worse! He’s working longer and later! Ugh, I’m so pissed…at myself and at him. Then at the last minute he was told he had to work at the OLD job, the one he JUST LEFT, on Saturday night…which was my birthday party. I’m so SICK of this s**t! The job ALWAYS comes first.

    Rave: Had a pretty great birthday party, even without him. Started with an appointment at DryBar–crap, now I’m hooked! And made a FANTASTIC banana split cheesecake.

    • Perhaps the job is just an excuse? Maybe you two have other issues that need to be worked out? Just my unsolicited 2 cents.

  • Rant: Um, Washington Post, what the hell are you doing posting a spoiler photo from the current season of Game of Thrones on the front of the website??? Not all of us have HBO, you know. Some of us wait for Netflix! Arrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh.

    • read the aarticle – it’s all about how people need to stop freaking out about spoiler alerts.

  • Combo Rant/Rave: Newly Single
    Rant: Missed all Pride festivities this weekend because I’m super shy and have never really gone out to bars/parades by myself. Relatively new to DC and my SO (long distance) was one of the only queer women I knew. I have no idea how to go out and meet other queer women (for friendship!)

    • This seems to be a reoccurring theme lol. Went through/going through something similar. It’s SO hard to make queer platonic friends,its forced me to learn how to just approach people! Maybe me, you and Caroline grab a drink this week? We can be super gay and meet up at fireplace for hh one of these days?

  • Rant: Watching the guy I’ve had a crush on leave Mixtape with another guy.
    Rave: Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” was playing at that exact moment. It felt like my life finally had a soundtrack! (Plus I love that song and its message!)
    Rant: It’s a rainy day AND a Monday.
    Rave: I don’t mind it as much as I might otherwise because I had an awesome weekend at Pride!

  • Rant: Hangovers

    Rave: The Stella Sisters. I watched the video of them singing “Ho Hey” like 30 times yesterday. I would be watching it now if I could access Youtube at work.

  • skj84

    Rave: Great fun filled weekend!

    Rant: Caught in the rainstorm. Had to put newspaper in my shoes to be able to walk in them.

    Rave: Busy week ahead!

    Rant: I think I may need to get a second job. I’m doing ok with one job, but an extra source of income would help immensely. As finding a better paying job does not seem to be working out a second job is going to happen. I just hate working two jobs.

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