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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

Ed. Note: As you can see we’re rolling out an upgraded PoPville on Monday so please don’t worry if you experience any glitches over the weekend. Thanks for your patience while we make sure it runs smoothly. More details on Monday.

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  • Change is scary and weird! But I’ll roll with it. Thanks PoP, for providing a great community service!

    • Ditto – my first reaction to change is usually ” noooooo” fortunately my second reaction is usually more measured.

      And, hurrah for PoPville!

      • i would like the link for comments at the bottom of the entry, not the top–I don’t know if I want to read the comments until I read the post! Also, my comments are being typed in italics and when you click reply, you have to scroll up to sign in or put in a name (all this on Firefox).

        • Agreed — missing link to comments at the bottom of the post is the one of the first things I noticed. Overall I suppose the new design is fine, but to be honest, it looks less like PoPville and more like every other blog. There’s nothing wrong with a little quirkiness.

          Speaking of which, my login appears to no longer work. I’ll hold my horses ’til Monday, as advised 🙂

      • See, the thing that irritated me most is already fixed – the fact that all comments appeared as original comments, meaning that replies weren’t indented under the comment they were replying to. Made the Friday RRRR hard to read. Now, poof, fixed. So, I’ll wait and see how it turns out after any gremlins are run out of the code.

  • Rant: Friends who live in the ‘burbs with cars who expect me to trek out via public transportation because they don’t feel like finding parking for equidistant activities in the city. Sorry, but in my mind the transportation needs of the people who don’t have cars trump the needs of those who have them. You kind of signed up for that when you chose to buy a car/live somewhere that required one.

    • You kind of signed up for having to spend some extra time getting certain places when you chose to live somewhere without a car. [I did, too, BTW] I don’t think people in either category have needs that trump the others, you have to find a balance that is fair for you and your friends. Get a zipcar once in a while or have them pick you up at their nearest metro station.

    • Why can’t it be a mixture of both? That is what my friends and I try to do. Sometimes I meet them out there, sometimes they meet me in DC. We try to balance it out. It really shouldn’t be all one way or the other.

    • I don’t follow your reasoning. Plus, you don’t sound like you’re being a good friend.

  • Rant: What is happening with the Adams Morgan Historic Hotel? The website says ground breaking in mid-2013. Well, it is md-2013 and the location is very quiet. I am eager to see something happening. I think that the hotel will have a very positive impact on the neighborhood (I know that others disagree).

  • Is that smoke from the fire at Frager’s?

  • One Nation under Trump. Joy.

  • Rave: Ruff ‘n Ready SALE. Every non-furniture thing in the basement is 75% off with cash. They have 2 sets of really cool heavy duty plastic plates in racks – looks kind of 60s. I don’t have room or need for such a thing, but would be great for someone who does a lot of outdoor entertaining so I wanted to pass the word. One bright green, one yellow, each 18-20 plates in a chrome rack. Originally $27.00 (which would still be a great price!) with the sale, they are around $8.00!

  • Rant: Really happened here in DC last week – apparently guy shoots someone in the face and kills him. He pleads guilty and gets 8 years. He’ll be out free by his early 30s. DC has a very very odd sense of justice.

  • Rave: Weekend raves. Usually this is a ghost town until Monday.
    Rant: None. It’s the weekend

  • Rave: I can finally read PoPville on my mobile easily!
    Rant: Having to get used to a new layout. But it’s not like you’ve gone all Facebook on us or anything, so that’s really not much of a rant…

  • Site takes much longer to load on iPad

  • Rant: People who are so selfish supposedly loving their animals so much that have to bring them to street festivals and outdoor events in the dead heat of Summer giving no thought to how extended periods on hot pavement feels on raw paw pads.

    It was and is a torture technique to put “the heat to someone’s feet”.


    Rave: People who don’t do this.

  • Not a rant or a rave, just seeing if I can still post from work.

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