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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Weird, I just saw someone with the same umbrella that’s in the picture…

    Rave (I think): Fragers may have plans to use the concrete slab near the Hine (where the temporary Eastern Market used to be) as some sort of interim setup. It would be neat to have them at the end of my block! Just hope the parking situation doesn’t get out of control.

  • Rant: Rain
    Rave: The new Johnny Cash postage stamp!

  • Rant: Next door neighbors put tons of junk out behind their house in the alley, mattresses, desks, trash etc. Stuff stays out there for over a week – No Ticket. Stuff mysteriously flows into my back yard – Immediate Ticket from DC DPW.

    Rant: Couples that walk next to each other taking up the full span of the sidewalk without moving over to let people (coming the opposite way) walk by.

    Rant: People who stop in the middle of the sidewalk to look at something on their cell phone and then once they see you passing, try to speed walk back in front of you. Grow a brain.

    Rave: Bee sting hot sauce.

    • pablo .raw

      Allow me to expand your rant a little bit. The worst is when on a narrow sidewalk, 3 people walk slow and chatting taking the whole width of it.

      • It’s even worse on the bike paths I ride. Two or three people will walk together, taking up the width of the trail. Usually ringing my bell gets them to move, but some of them are just clueless.

      • Haha, Amen! Looks like I touched a popular nerve today… πŸ˜›

    • your second two rants really drive me crazy as well. grrrr…..

    • novadancer

      #2 is my biggest pet peeve! That and couples with a stroller!

    • Add to the rant people walking dogs with absolutely no concern for anyone else using the sidewalk

      • Dogwalker’s rant – people who barely look up from their phones to glower at me for walking on the “wrong” side of the (uncrowded) sidewalk. I’m walking on the left to keep my dog alongside the tree-box side exactly so she will not take up any sidewalk space at all or interfere with anyone.

    • People with dogs on flexi leashes that are 15 feet in front of the owner. Flexi leashes have absolutely no place in a crowded city!!

      That and people with SUV-sized strollers who have absolutely no qualms about mowing you down if you don’t get out of the way.

      • As someone 8 month pregnant with a toddler, I’ll add people walking towards you taking the whole width of the metro platform who don’t move aside when you are walking towards them. No, I am not going to step towards an oncoming train to push my stroller inches from the edge of the platform so you guys can keep chatting obliviously.

        And I’ll also add that when I get in the metro if there are no seats available, it’s always an older woman who will offer me a seat. Thanks, guys.

        • valentina

          I hate to see pregnant women, disabled, and elderly people get on the bus or train and people and no one offer them a seat, especially if they are sitting in the seat designated for elderly or disabled people.

          • Yeah, so do I. And you know what I do – I loudly ask the bus driver to announce that an elderly person or pregnant woman needs a seat. Most of the time people have their heads down in the cell phones and don’t notice when a person gets on who needs assistance or a seat. So a loud announcement by the driver usually does the job. Or I make eye contact with the person and just give them my seat.

          • Thank you. I’m 9 months pregnant and no one got up for me on the Metro yesterday. I’ll survive, but it was pretty surprising to see people obviously staring at my basketball belly and then not offer me a seat on a crowded train.

        • Ok, that I can totally see. I always give up my seat to a pregnant woman or woman with a child (I’m a female in my 30s). People standing in the way on the Metro platform are annoying even if you don’t have a kid and a stroller!

        • ugh I HATE when people don’t get up for pregnant women. I mean, at least offer the seat…not every pregnant woman wants to sit, but for real.

          And elderly/people with kids who should be on their lap/disabled/etc.

      • I will second the flexi-lead. I saw someone walking their dog and it was almost done crossing the street as he just arrived at the crosswalk. Just because your dog is on a leash, doesn’t mean [s]he can’t get hit or be dangerous. No way you have control when the dog is 15 feet ahead of you.

      • Isn’t the leash-law no more than four-feet long? I’d call the police.

    • yes! so many clueless walkers!
      heres what you do people, you’re walking down having an awesome chat with someone about the new roof deck or some ugly pop up, someone is walking toward you on the sidewalk. you notice them, make eye contact, you step back, form a single file, nod to them as you walk back, and allow all of us to share to sidewalk. now you’re a city dweller!

      • Yes to this ^^

      • These are common courtesies that don’t seem to be taught any more. My parents drilled these things into us as children. Even when I went to DC Public Schools back in the day they taught us how to put our chairs back in place, say please and thank you, walk on the right side of the hallway, let other people pass, if your playing double-dutch you stop when grown-ups need to pass, etc. Now it just seems like everyone is out for themselves and to hell with other people walking on the sidewalk. It’s all about me!! I walk to work every day down 14th Street and the walking “one-ups-manship” is ridiculous. People come out of apartment buildings and step right into your path like you’re invisible, people crossing inches in front of you if they’re going in another direction, slowly walking two and three abreast and not moving to let other people pass. It’s like all this passive aggressive anger coming out of people first thing in the morning. I have to show you I’m better than you by cutting you off or practically stepping on your toes to get 5 feet further down the block. And believe me I’m a fast walker and I try to keep out of most people’s way, but here in D.C. we’ve turned this crazy rudness into a new art.

    • albany

      Rant: Oh, I hate this too – especially people who are looking 90 degrees to the side while walking forward, almost barrel into you and then look at you weird for making an evasive maneuver around them.

      Rave: The one time I didn’t move for someone having a conversation with a person behind them – they tried to pick a fight with me.

      • OMG, this is mine!! This happens to me a couple of times a week and I just don’t understand it. You can usually see them barreling towards you, completely oblivious, and they always seem so startled if you can’t move they bump into you. I always want to yell, “What in the hell are you looking at?!?” Sometimes, it’s a tourist who is lost, and that’s one thing, but really, is it so hard to look in the same direction you’re walking?!? Ok, done ranting.

    • ha! I would add to rant #2: families that manage to take up the entire width of the metro platform, forcing me to walk on the uncomfortable bumpy strip at the platform’s edge in order to get around them. This morning the father of the group suddenly gestured towards the tracks with his umbrella and if I had been 1.5-2 feet further ahead, he would have hit me. It’s a city, people, we have to share public spaces and be aware of and considerate of the people around us… this was at dupont and I’m pretty sure it was a middle-aged tourist, but it’s never too late to learn!

    • And the effing headphones. All of these problems are compounded when the walker is wearing headphones.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: 15 seconds of fame. 2 media outlets are going to interview me about my photography work πŸ˜€
    Rave: Consultant work.
    Rant: Consultant work means long work hourzzzz .zzz

    • Congratulations Pablo!

    • That’s awesome! Which media outlets?

      My photography news isn’t as exciting as yours, but I was offered my first paid gig (a family friend’s wedding), and it looks like the Smithsonian might select me as a photographer for the Folklife Festival, and several people have recently asked me if I could give them lessons. I never thought I’d want to turn my photography into a serious hobby, but it sort of looks like things are headed that way.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: So many typos lately. I need to quit being a lazy typer.

    Rave: Leaving work early today.

  • Rant: Last weekend I decided to start a Friday tradition of picking up an iced coffee and a donut from DD on my way to work. But today didn’t feel like an iced coffee day, and I wasn’t totally in the mood for donuts, and I didn’t feel like carrying a drink when I had to hold an umbrella in the other hand. Then I got to work and learned it was National Donut Day and I could have gotten a free donut if I’d gone.

    • Now that it’s warmer out, I usually have iced coffee for breakfast at home. I brew a pot in my french press, let it cool and store it in a container. Just pour some over ice and add milk. Much quicker than making hot coffee in the morning.

      • I usually make my own coffee too, but I enjoy having a tradition of breaking all my rules one morning a week.

    • It’s National Donut day, they’re giving out free donuts at DD. I avoid these events like the plague, people stand in line and can’t make up their minds over an 89 cent donut.

      • We take NDD very seriously where I work…our boss surprised the whole staff with a few dozen donuts from DD this morning. It’s those kinds of things, what I love about my workplace.

    • I thought you had to buy a drink to get the free donut at DD…

  • Rave: meeting my first (of two) possible interior designers tomorrow to help us figure out how to maximize our space for baby, so we don’t have to move for a bit longer yet. I’m excited to see the proposals they (hopefully!) come up with. It’s not going to be cheap, but it’ll be worth the investment to learn how to use our space and keep from moving so soon.

    Rant: people who can’t yet figure out how to order at Starbucks. It’s my only coffee option at work (well, dunks…but decaf dunks takes like…yeah) and I can’t believe people don’t know how to just tell the person what they want. “I don’t know, that drink with the chocolate in it? is it on ice? do I have to pay for whipped cream?” GGRRR JUST ORDER!

  • Provisional Revel: Should the rain clear up, as predicted, I’ll spend the weekend hiking the Appalachian Trail with the the girl. No, really, hiking. Seriously. Get your mind out of the gutter.

    Revel: Unlike our Monday friend’s friend,who was not yet acclimated to roughing it, she goes mountain climbing in the Dolomites on vacation, so no worries about bathroom facilities or showers.

    Rant: Worried that she’ll show me up.

    • After the hike, make sure you check each other for ticks. πŸ˜‰

      • Rant: Woke up this morning because I felt something crawling on me – it was a tick!
        Rave: Found it before it got comfortable

  • Rant: People who don’t RSVP to things they should be RSVP’ing for. How rude.

    Rave: I like the relaxing rain.

  • Rant: Not having much to do at work. I wish we lived in a society where if you had nothing to do at work you could just go home.

    • That’s the way my job works. I’m at home right now, surfing the internet in my PJs (yes, at 2pm), because I wrapped up all my work earlier in the week. Not feeling guilty, either, because the official policy of my workplace is do your shit, get the hell out, live your life. And we’re salaried!
      I love my job.

  • Rant: It is grey outside and all I wanted to do was stay in bed with a good book this morning. And I have so much to do at work today because of my mega-procrastination earlier this week.

    Rave: It is Friday! And I have lovely, relaxing plans with friends this weekend.

    • Literally, this could have been my rant/rave. Also didn’t want to get out of bed, also procrastinated at work, also looking forward to the weekend. πŸ™‚

  • Rave: Solo weekend! I love my gf, but sometimes she comes over and we do almost nothing together. This weekend I can watch the dvds and tv shows I want to, decide what to cook or where to go to eat (and only have to pay for myself) and do whatever I want!

    Rant: The fact that I’m happy about being alone makes me really question this relationship.

    • Eh that alone is not cause to rethink it. Everyone needs alone time. If you spend every waking moment together that isn’t very healthy. I live with my GF and we get along great and enjoy doing things together, but we also value having alone time and going out with friends without each other too.

      But yeah, if you’re really miserable probably time to rethink it.

    • all long term relationships are compromises. all all require time, even weekends alone.

      i’m in a long term relationship, i love my wife very much, but when i travel, or when she travels, i don’t miss her and i use the time to just be me.

  • Rave: It’s been 12 weeks since I made it a goal to cut out processed food and focus on eating whole food. It’s been a great lifestyle change (I hate the word diet). I focus on eating when I’m hungry and portion sizes more than counting calories. I have a huge sweet tooth and learning how to curb those cravings has been quite a challenge but I’ve embraced it and have gone from needing something sweet after dinner almost every day, to hardly at all. The same with booze, I’m ok going to a happy hour or out at night and just sipping water. I used to say, I’ll just sweat it out in a workout tomorrow, but I’m not longer ok with just breaking even…I’m excited to see the changes in my body from the hard work I’ve been putting in!

    Rave: Looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home before the start of a crazy (but fun) few weeks on the road…traveling for work, vacation, and weddings.

    • I’ve been trying to eat a lot more whole foods too. However, it’s really tough because it requires you to go grocery shopping much more frequently so you can always have fresh stuff available. Grrrrrr.

      But congrats on your success! πŸ™‚

      • Can you explain this? My diet is almost entirely whole foods (has been for years) and I don’t find myself buying groceries that often. Just once every week or two, and I could probably go only once a month if I planned better. I can’t think of any fruit or vegetable that goes bad in less than a week, and a lot of them are good for several weeks or even months. Eggs last a long time in the fridge, as do nuts. And dried beans and grains last forever. I don’t eat a lot of dairy or meat, but most of that stuff freezes well.

        • I’m not the OP but I simply like to eat a lot of fruit and veg and I find that while I usually do grocery shopping once a week, I often have to do a quick “produce run” midweek. For me, it’s odd to hear you say that you can’t think of a single fruit or veg that goes bad in less than a week because I feel like most of mine don’t last a week! For example, I love raspberries and blackberries – those guys aren’t lasting more than a few days. I got some really yummy plums and peaches less than a week ago and yesterday, as I ate the last once, I had to cut off a bit that had begun to go bad. Tomatoes, probably one of my favorite foods of all time, will last a week but not much more. Admittedly, I buy the very juicy kind since I enjoy them, the ones that are more dense might last longer but what’s the point? It’s like biting into a potato! Also, salad leaves, especially the big boxes of pre-washed stuff like arugula, get slimy and wilted after a few days. Basically, it’s a good thing I live around the corner from a grocery store. πŸ™‚

          • Are you keeping your fridge cool enough? Those things you listed (even the tomatoes which I keep out at room temp) always last at least a week and a half for me. Don’t wash the raspberries or baby greens until you’re ready to eat them to keep them from getting slimy/moldy. It’s also good to have a strategy where you eat or cook with the more perishable things first, and have a backup plan for things that are slightly past their prime (e.g. overripe wrinkled stone fruits are ideal for sorbet and gelato).

  • Rant: My GF wants to get rid of our dogs because she thinks they gave her lyme disease. There’s no way to prove they picked up the tick that infected her. I put tick preventative on them every month, and they don’t run around in tall grass or weeds or the woods. I understand that she’s afraid of re-infection but I don’t think it’s fair to the dogs or to me.

    • valentina

      This reminds me of a question that someone posted on a message board I was reading recently. The person said that their SO hated their dog to the point of ignoring the dog whenever he came over to visit. The relationship is getting serious and the boyfriend told the poster that she would have to get rid of the dog if they are to live together. She didn’t know what to do. I was amazed at the number of people who said they would get rid of the boyfriend before they would even consider getting rid of their pet.

      • Why are you amazed to see that? I had my dogs before I was ever with my SO and if she wanted me to get rid of my dogs, that would be it for us. Someone who I’m compatible with in the long-term would understand that I consider my pets family. Someone who thought it was ok or easy to just “get rid” of them because they’re “just pets” does not share my values and thus would not make a good long-term partner. End of story.

        If you would even consider giving up your dogs for your SO, then that’s where you and I differ in values. I think it’s incredibly awful that so many people see animals as disposable (hence over-crowding in shelters and thousands of animals euthed every day around the country).

        • Plus a million!

        • valentina

          I love animals as much as the next person, but if this guy was really important to me and I thought we had a long term future together, i would have to think about it. I wouldn’t throw true love away with both hands. That’s just ME though.

          • Getting a pet is (should be) a commitment. I would not consider someone a “true love” if they expected me to break a commitment I made to a loyal companion who depends on me. It is a red flag re: their attitude towards commitment and, just living things in general. I would not “throw true love away with both hands” … that is exactly what dumping a pet for a boy/girlfriend is.

          • Oh, Scarydogmother, I started to type a response but nothing could be better than what you’ve said. Right on!

          • Exactly. I could never consider someone like that a true love. But I suppose there’s a difference between loving animals and actually having an animal companion that you’re bonded with. If you don’t, you might not understand.

            Also, if you think you might ever have a reason to give a pet up (be it for a guy/girl, a baby, moving), DON’T GET ONE.

        • Agree! My dog will never break up with me whereas a SO, well you just don’t know.

          And it may or may not have been the SO’s choice of words to “get rid of” a pet but grrrr. I get rid of mice, ants, pests. A pet isn’t something to get rid of.

          • She did use those words, which also annoyed me. I think her plan would be to give them to my parents (who do love them and would gladly take them in) so we wouldn’t really be getting rid of them, but still.

        • Plus a trillion. Well said.

      • The thing is she loves our dogs. One of them she had since before I met her 5 years ago. I just think it’s absurd to get rid of them because one of them MIGHT pick up a lyme-infected tick, when we’ve already taken preventive measures to make sure their risk of getting a tick are minimized. It’s not like they’re country dogs roaming loose in the woods every day.

      • It would depend for me. As a dog owner, there’s no way that someone could be the “love of my life” if they didn’t appreciate my girl just because they don’t like dogs. Now, if my dog was acting aggressively towards him without being provoked, I would definitely think of re-homing if all options like training and such were exhausted.

      • I’m amazed that you are. There is something wrong (read: controlling) with a person demanding that you get rid of a beloved pet for no good reason. Allergies, fear of the dog – they are understandable reasons. Simply not liking it – hell no.

        Not only does the owner have to find the dog a good home (which can be hard to find), but they have to get rid of something they love. It’s controlling, and quite frankly it would raise some hackles and concerns for the future.

      • special_k

        I’m one of those people who would get rid of the boyfriend and not get rid of my pets, but I also wouldn’t date someone who hated them, especially someone who thinks it’s okay to ignore them. I think the girl’s problem was continuing to date someone who thinks that’s okay.

        I love my two boys, and when I adopted them, I made a commitment to care for them. So it’s important for me to be someone who values them the way I do.

        • Seriously. If someone didn’t like my dogs (or more importantly if my dogs didn’t like someone) that would be a huge red flag to me. They’re a big part of my life, and I always plan to have a dog or two. No way in heck I’d ever get serious with someone who didn’t feel the same way.

          Although, my dogs actually love my gf more than me now…the little traitors! πŸ˜‰

      • The pet can’t change, yet people can. They should never have to suffer as the result of a relationship unless they’re threatening someone’s health or safety…

        An important quote I heard once perfectly describes human condition: “We as humans always have the ability and freedom to make ourselves comfortable without the expense of making others uncomfortable” – I think of this whenever I complain about something. πŸ™‚

      • Wow. No questions asked — the SO would go before the dog. And I’d be happy I found out about this huge character flaw before the relationship went any further than it did. (Note: Allergies are another story and we’d probably have to work out a solution to that. I still wouldn’t get rid of the dog though.)

        • I ended up giving away my cat because my partner was allergic. It was a hard choice, but we did a several-month trial period and she was miserable (it also didn’t help that the cat was always clawing up her furniture). I’m still with the girl 5 years later and that cat’s with a good home so I think I made the right decision.

      • Ok, but back to the original situation… what if the girlfriend/boyfriend is fine with the pet, but it’s causing health them problems? What would you do then?

    • I don’t think she is being rational here. How many dog owners get lyme disease from their dogs? Sometimes people get lyme disease- it happens. Even if it was due to the dogs (sounds pretty doubtful in your case), it was a freak occurrence. I really hope you don’t give up your dogs. There are so many dogs looking for homes as it is! Is there some way you can talk some reason into her? Or is she really just not into dogs and using this as an excuse? Good luck.

      • I’ve tried to reason with her, using arguments similar to the ones you did. I remember picking up a lot of ticks when I was a kid, and I didn’t have pets for most of that time. For all she knows she could have gotten it from a tick someone flicked off their skin at work. The lyme disease has affected her brain, which I think is the reason she jumps to irrational conclusions like this so often. I refuse to give up the dogs, but I want her to stop blaming them.

        • Ugh. Well, I’m not sure what to say, but perhaps having her talk with the vet about the risks would help. They might be able to assure her that the risk is low if the dogs are not in fields and forests and are getting their monthly treatments, etc… Again, good luck. Here’s hoping she realizes that things will be ok!

    • I find this somewhat ridiculous…
      Both me and my dog have lymes disease so I have a pretty good idea of what she is dealing with. Your dogs are no more responsible than other people/public transportation/etc. You can’t isolate yourself from the world…the fact is we live in a high risk area. Also there are differing schools of thought within the medical community on lymes…I would encourage your girlfriend to educate herself beyond what her Dr might be telling her. “Reinfection” might not even be possible…

      • Thanks πŸ™‚ And I’m sorry to hear you have it. The more we learn about lyme the more of a rabbit hole it becomes, and it sounds likes getting her treated is going to be a long arduous journey. I never realized how insidious this disease really is, and how difficult it is to even diagnose let alone cure. We have our work cut out for us.

        Unfortunately the dog-lyme correlation is something she’s been reading online and not hearing from doctors. And we’ve been told reinfection is absolutely possible, although there’s so much contradictory information about lyme that who knows what’s actually true. She’s not an outdoorsy person to begin with so I think the risk of getting reinfected is incredibly low anyway.

        • PDleftMtP

          Lyme definitely can be curable. My wife contracted it in RCP, and it took a few weeks to figure it out (she was “lucky” and eventually got the tell-tale rash), but antibiotics knocked it out pretty quickly (maybe another couple of weeks) and with no apparent lasting effects.

          • I know it’s curable (although in her case it will take several months; she’s apparently had it without knowing for years and it’s pretty entrenched). Her concern with the dogs is that she’ll get it again. Pretty much every system of her body has been weakened by the disease and no one knows if she’ll ever get everything back to normal. πŸ™

  • Rant: This weather. It really isn’t conducive to anything but wanting to curl up on the couch with a movie, my dog and some pizza.

    Rave: It’s Friday and I could really use the weekend to catch up on sleep.

  • Rant: I’m so over this job and I’ve only been here 3.5 months. If you, as acting, have certain expectations, you need to communicate them to other managers ahead of time instead of spending 10 min. ranting in staff meeting about the fact a doc was not what you wanted, font not to your liking, etc. I’ve only been here 3.5 mo.– how the hell am I supposed to know?! Yesterday I was upset but today I’m pissed.

    Rave: Happy Pride! Can’t wait for the parade (hope it stops raining).

    Rave: NYC radio and the Spanish mix for PR Day Parade tomorrow that they played this AM. I miss NY hip-hop/parties.

  • Rant – Wix!
    Double Rant – Squarespace!

    Rave – Someone here must know of a really easy website builder. I’m just trying to put together a simple straightforward site.

  • Rant: my partner is seriously unhappy at work but is having a hard time finding something else. Anyone know of good leads on IT-related jobs?

    • Dice.com — my fiance gets at least 3-4 recruiters emailing him each week.

    • What does your partner do? We have a software engineer position coming up and it’s an awesome place to work.

    • This is definitely a good area for tech jobs. I second Dice.com. Simply Hired is another good one and the Ladders is choked with IT jobs at a higher wage premium. The only downside is that so many of the major area tech houses are in Ashburn, Herndon, Reston, etc. A lengthy commute could result. If she’s looking to work strictly in DC, I would encourage her to visit the federal gov’t (obviously) and any individual employers that (non-profits, associations, media outlets) she might like to work for and see what they have going on in their IT departments. She should also be sure to look for Communications/Marketing roles if she is on the web side of things as those roles have now morphed into pseudo-IT roles given the importance of digital commerce/content. Hope that helps!

  • Rave: Capital Pride
    Rant: Closing 14th St from P to R for the parade on Saturday evening. What a cluster that is going to be.
    Rave: My plan to waltz into Le Diplomate at 7:00 pm Saturday night and scoring a table due to people missing their reservations because of the parade.

  • Rant: Ignorance of traffic laws. Latest example: drivers who have minor accidents and stop immediately, blocking traffic, rather than pulling to the side.

    Actually had a cab driver argue with me last night that you are required to stay in the middle of the street after an accident happens in order to determine fault. I am surrounded by idiots who clearly should not have licenses.

  • Opps, I forgot to mention people with their heads down scanning their cell phones and almost walking into you. On a few occasions I have to tell people, “hey, watch out” so that they didn’t walk right into me.

    My other rant is mothers walking and talking on their cell phones leaving their children walking 5 feet behind them. Can’t you get off the phone for 10 minutes to walk the kid to school? Can’t you give your kid 10 minutes of uninterrupted attention?

  • Rant: my mom moves back in with us tomorrow. She has her own apartment in the basement, but it is still invasive and causes stress. I need to win the lottery to buy her a house.

    Rant: Hating work right now.

  • With new PoP design, you can’t see the number of comments on a post without clicking on it. Was that intentional?

    • And comment replies are not indented so threads are harder to read… I imagine there are some kinks being worked out.

    • agree – its like everyone is talking at once to everyone else

      • Prince Of Petworth

        a lot of changes at the same time.. working out a few kinks still, should all be good soon enough!

        • Knew you’d be on top of this – helping us to enjoy the Beautiful Life while adapting to changes. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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