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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • rave: obsessed with michelle chamuel. her version of taylor swift? going to be on repeat all day.

  • homerule

    Rant: Our neighbors moved away yesterday. We already miss their dog jumping over to play with our dog (or vice versa), morning chats as we water our respective plants, and popping over to share wine at the end of a long week. They made us realize how wonderful neighbors can be!

    Rave: Baby Leo: http://clevelandparkcomplaints.tumblr.com/

    • Related Neighbor Rave: I’m still in touch with neighbors I grew up with around 1992, at least once a year we manage to have a reunion, lucky for me our reunion for this year is this weekend. We were a Jamaican-American family and they were a middle class white family from Scranton PA and it’s amazing how they feel like brothers and sisters when we’re from such different backgrounds. I got my first IT job from the father of our neighbor family which I’m infinitely grateful for. happy we’re reuniting this weekend. Living in DC now I realize the value of having good neighbors, especially when my current DC neighbors continually try to peer into my house and beg me for money. lol. :/

      Rant: People riding bicycles on the sidewalk. They’re totally oblivious to the idea that people can’t hear them coming and that they have bike lanes now.

      • Scranton people are almost always great people. Anyone from the Valley, really.

      • Double Rant: people riding on sidewalks (on the “wrong” side of the road) when there’s a bike lane on that exact same street. I very nearly hit a bicyclist over the weekend who was: (1) on the sidewalk on a street with bike lanes; (2) if he was a car, he would have been on the “wrong” side of the road (had he been on the road, I suppose); and (3) crossing the street, at speed, against the light. Better, he took the time to throw up a middle finger and shout something involving a word beginning with the letter “f” (redacted to avoid moderation).

        I very rarely drive, preferring to bike or walk most places, and will confess to not always completely obeying stop signs (slow down with hands on brakes while looking both ways, sure. Unless there’s a car coming or something similar, though . . . not so much on the actual stopping). At some point, though, it has to start being classified as suicidal. I barely saw the guy coming from behind the line of parked cars.

        • I will confess to riding on the sidewalk for the half block on my one way street when I need to go the other way. I’ve always wondered what the rule is here. I’m outside of the CBD, so I’m allowed to use the sidewalk. If pedestrians can walk either direction on the sidewalk, can I bike in either direction too? Is that illegal? Definitely not interested in flame war, just curious.

        • On Sunday, I was running past Maple on 11th St NW, and two young women came toward me on CaBis weaving up the sidewalk past the outdoor seating for Meridian Pint, Columbia Heights Coffee, Maple, etc. One said in an indignant, sort of Valley Girl voice, “It’s like an obstacle course here.”

          I have no categorical objection to riding on the sidewalk. I think its sometimes fine if done safely. But, really, you’re on a crowded sidewalk, next to a bike lane, and you’re complaining about obstacles?

      • Amen! I hate having some bike zip by me with inches to spare before my arm is taken out. It’s not like you can ask them for their insurance number to pay for a dislocated arm.

      • I don’t get why people bike on the sidewalks in the first place. They’re uneven, bricks are loose/missing, there’s loose gravel and rocks… with a few exceptions it always seems safer to bike on the road.

  • rave: My AT&T contract is up on my phone. Does anyone know if T-Mobile works in the Metro stations?

    • It works in the stations. You lose it in the tunnels, obviously.

      • Yeah, I think the coverage is basically the same as AT&T. My gf used to have it until I brought her over to my plan (AT&T) which was better priced.

    • I just bought a new HTC one and my reception is horrible everywhere I go in DC. The voice on my end cuts out frequently during calls and the signal at home is the worst. Can’t even think of using my brand new phone in any Metro tunnel. Would not recommend it. Verizon charges much more, but they have consistently been the best for reception in DC.

      • +1 My roommate had T-Mobile and had the worst reception ever. That said, this was a few years ago so perhaps their service has been upgraded.

    • Does AT&T work in the metro now? It did not when I had it – two years ago.
      And has the coverage gotten better? One reason I switched to Verizon was because of lots of dropped calls on AT&T.

      • I’m sure I’ve had a dropped call sometime in the decade or so I’ve been with AT&T (going back to when they were Cingular) but dropped calls are so few and far between that I can’t specifically recall ever having one. There have been a handful of occasions where I was at some super-crowded event and the calls/texts weren’t going through, but I think everyone has problems in those situations.

        As for coverage, it’s been good enough for me. I always have a strong signal in metro stations (not so much in the tunnels) and anywhere else I normally go. The signal is weak at my parents’ house, but they live in rural NJ. I used to have terrible service in my office building, but that was a universal problem among me and my coworkers regardless of provider. It’s gotten better over the years.

    • I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 on TMobile. This is my third hone with them, I had the G1 and G2 (MyTouch) before this one.
      You do get service in the stations, though I never get data service in Gallery place, even though my “4G” icon is sitting there taunting me.

      I will say that I hate my S3 on TMobile. When I had the G1 and G2 I didn’t feel that they were really hindered by the bloat-ware and I really loved those phones. This is supposed to be the best and brightest (until G4 came out), but when I pull into a station I barely get service in time to load new tweets, a short article, etc. I’ve done this commute with all three phone and I don’t recall having such problems with the previous two.

      iPhones are now available on TMobile, I haven’t heard anything about their performance on it. Based on my two previous HTC phones, I really wish I had held out for the new One.

      I have no issues with service in the DC metro area. But TMobile is surely not good nationwide. It seems to be mostly East Coast.

      • I had t-mobile in California for a few years. Worked perfectly fine in San Diego, San Francisco not so much (but rest of the Bay Area it was ok, was strange).

      • 3G reception was generally good on t-Mobile as far as I remember. I didn’t start having problems until I upgraded to 4G (Android) Phones…

        I think it’s the carrier (Their reception/lines) that really cause the problem for me, especially up & down Georgia Avenue in DC.

        My phone would be great if it was actually on a network that worked as promised. Perhaps they are in the process of upgrading their network.

        • Yeah, my 3G phones were great. I always got reception quickly when I got to stations, just emerged from underground, or all around town.

          I did get a letter from TMo a while ago about upgrading the networks in order to get the iPhone. I don’t know if they have completed that since they now have the iPhone, or if they plan to continue the upgrade.

    • I have t-mobile & am happy w/reception. True, it doesn’t work in tunnels however it isn’t important to me to be connected ALL the time.

      It work great at home (Mt P) – friend w/AT&T has to stand outside. T-mobile also works at my parent’s house where my AT&T sibling has to go stand by the lily pond.

      • A main reason I have T-mobile (totally agree Verizon has much better coverage in DC) is because it is a better network internationally.

        • That’s why I chose T-Mobile in the first place – Verizon wasn’t an option and I knew the signal for AT&T wasn’t strong at my house.

    • I have TMo. I have a shitty phone and never really have connection.

      Two phones for less than $100 a month is well worth a dropped call once in a while, but I never have dropped calls with any regularity.

  • rave: feeling good about “doula search 2013”
    rant: husband’s experiment with facial hair, ick.

    • pablo .raw

      Have you found one yet? One of the participants in my project is a doula and she seems to be an extremely cool person. Is the 2nd one, her name is Ronit and there’s some contact information there http://portraitsofimmigrantsbypablo.tumblr.com/

    • I’m trying to decide on a doula…not sure it’s necessary, but might be nice to have since I’m with an OB, not midwife. I just have a hard time coming to terms with the cost and maybe I’m not crunchy enough? How are you deciding on one?

      • I had a midwife for my delivery and also had a doula. I, also, wasn’t sure about whether I wanted/needed a doula, but the midwife group I was with strongly recommended one. She was invaluable during and after delivery. I’m now a total believer in doulas and would definitely recommend having one.

        Our doula was Amy Ard and I loved her. She was supportive, knowledgeable, down to earth, and made my husband and I really comfortable. She also didn’t have a lot of new agey stuff going on (one of the doulas I contacted sent me a poem about doulas and childbirth, which really wasn’t my style). Anyway, I would really recommend Amy!

      • Will your partner be participating? If so, I recommend completing a good childbirth class and skipping the third party. In the middle of labor, our doula got into an argument with our OB about the benefits of home birthing. (We were in a hospital, so this was irrelevant.) The doula was expensive, disruptive, and unnecessary.

        • yes, he’ll be there and we’re taking a class. I think we’ll be fine. I’m actually interested in a post-partum doula most specifically because I don’t have much experience – never really babysat – and think that service would be helpful…if anyone had one to recommend.

          • it really depends on your partner. we didn’t have one because we both felt it would be weird to have a stranger there during that time and we weren’t sure what she could offer. however, my partner wasn’t as take-charge as I really needed during my darkest hour(s). I was despondent and neither of us had any clue what to do. I think he could’ve used some support too.

            I’d spend money on lactation consultants after the birth in lieu of a post partum doula. (though if you have the money, do both!) really, the only thing that was hard about the first 2 weeks was breastfeeding. you need someone to tell you what you’re experiencing is normal and to help you push through the pain and doubts.

      • I did not have a doula for the birth of my first child and in retrospect wish I had an advocate during that process — despite having a complication free delivery. I chose (and still choose) to have a hospital delivery with an OB and my partner is terrific, but this is not our area of expertise. There are a few things I would like this time that I didn’t have last time and think a doula will be helpful in the process. We are taking recommendations from friends and people in the community, then interviewing the doulas to see if we are a good fit for each other in terms of goals, styles, etc.

        As far as costs go — 2 things based on my opinion/experience:
        1) some doulas are also certified midwives and therefore you can usually pay for them via some type of health savings or flex spending
        2) i can say from experience that kids are expensive. spending an extra $500-$1400 on a doula is a small price to pay for memories of an experience that you’ll have for a lifetime.

    • My wife gave birth at Holy Cross and we used by your side doulas. they used to be their in-house doula service but after their budget was cut they formed their own company. It was an amazing experience having them around and well worth the money. We didn’t need a doula to come to our house before, we just wanted someone to help with labor and delivery and they were amazing. all of them who we talked to but especially Stephanie who was our doula. They do other hospitals besides Holy Cross as well

  • Rant: after spending multiple weekends this spring rebuilding the engine on my scooter, the sh#tstain teens of DC tried to steal it yesterday while I was at work (had to commute via Metro because of the rain). They completely destroyed my ignition with a screwdriver and decided to pelt it with large chunks of brick and masonry. They scratched up the paint and dented the body. I can’t get the steering column to unlock and will probably need to pay my $500 deductible to get this back in running order.

    I’ve caught kids multiple times in our alley (near 11th and W). They look into car windows with bricks in their hands, ready to smash and grab anything. Looks like they are back at their shenanigans.

    DC – this is why you can’t have nice things.

    Rant: DC police never showed up at my apartment last night to take a report, which I need for insurance purposes.

    Rant: Refrigerator repairman made our fridge worse with his supposed repairs last week (we was supposed to fix the ice maker). Our food has been slowly spoiling over the last 3 days; neither the freezer nor the fridge are cold enough to do their job.

    • If you only need the report for insurance purposes, does the damage to your scooter meet the criteria for filing a police report online? (http://mpdc.dc.gov/service/file-police-report-online) I did that yesterday for my stolen bike, and the guy that handles those is on fire–he phoned me for a clarification within 5 minutes of my submitting the report, and the report was approved and e-mailed to me within 2 hours.

      • Thanks for this – very useful.

        I got a call back from the dispatcher last night and she told me that since this was an attempted vehicular theft, the police would need to come to do a report. If it was just simple vandalism, then I could file online. From a practical standpoint, I’m basically dealing with a vandalism issue and trying to get reimbursement for my damage. However, from a policing standpoint, this was attempted vehicular theft and should be reflected as such in crime statistics. I also want to personally talk with the officers and tell them about the after-school antics of the kids who pass through the neighborhood. They need to step up patrols off the alleys from 3-5pm, as the kids are often looking to steal while on their way to the U Street metro and buses to commute home.

        • Ah, good point–if the damage was sustained in an attempt to steal the vehicle, that’s definitely a notch up from just vandalism. And yeah, the online reporting is kind of a double-edged sword. One one hand, it’s super-easy and fast; on the other hand, it’s an acknowledgment that it’s just for going through the motions of getting a report, and there will be basically no investigation and your hope for recourse is almost nil.

    • Revel: the building management company is getting us a new fridge. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Question – Is there a DC police blotter I can check to see what an incident in my neighborhood was? Last night on M street NE between 3rd and 4th the cops had the place completely shut down. Curious what it was.

    • Go to the DC government website and find your way to the MPD section. I am pretty sure you will find somewhere in there a list of listservs for each police district. The listservs are where MPD reports significant incidents. You can also direct questions to your local police district commander.

  • Rave: Thanks to the Anons who were so kind about getting me out of my stolen-bike funk yesterday with helpful suggestions about insurance and tracking down the receipt! Even though I purchased the bike a few years ago, the shop was indeed able to pull up the bill of sale in their system and e-mail me a copy.

    Neither Rave nor Rant, but Kind of a Wash: Turns out my renter’s insurance deductible is $1,000 not $500 (another lesson for me to better educate myself on my policy), so filing a claim turns out not to be so beneficial. However, it felt good to at least do *something* and file a police report…at least on the very outside chance that I spot my bike locked up on the streets of DC somewhere, I’ll have the report and my serial number.

  • Rant: on my morning commute, I saw a man refuse to step aside from the metro map he was standing in front of for a young man who asked to look at it. The jerk said “it’s not a complicated map”.

    Rave: several people came to the young man’s defense.

    Mega rant: turns out the jerk is a co-worker.

  • Rave: A whole lot of crazy on RHONJ that I finally watched last night.

    Rant: the word “drownded”.

    • those crazies from RHONJ are addicting! Why Andy Cohen loves Teresa so much is beyond me. Watching Jacquelyn’s son say Ipad was such a nice moment!

      • Yes it was a great moment! Although do you think she’s a little in denial about autism? I admit I don’t know much about it, but she seems to think he’ll recover from it. And I can’t stand Teresa either. Although I’m liking Caroline less and less as well.

    • Rave: I had to google RHONJ to find out what it is. I’m happy say I’ve never seen any of those shows. But I do watch Real Husbands of Hollywood.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: The people I have to train at work are morons. Yesterday I told them how I wanted a date formatted for a form and gave them an example. They then sent follow up emails b/c apparently it was too complex. Seriously, how hard is it to format dates like this 6/4/2013: ?

    Rant: This is not the first time I’ve asked for this formatting on this form, but they acted like I was speaking in tongues.

    Rant: I have only had interactions with morons today. I hate everyone.

  • Rave/Rant: Finally watched Game of Thrones last night, even though you people almost ruined it for me yesterday. And OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rant: shooting on my street at night, a creepy crawler in the bedroom keeping me up, and helicopters equals no sleep. i don’t know which way is up right now.

    • I haven’t watched it yet and I feel like I’ve had to put on blinders whenever I get near the internet!

    • I’ve never seen a Game of Throne and have no interest in it. I’m a little upset that I missed the new Venture Brothers episode. Didn’t even know it was back on!

    • Nobody ruined it, none even got specific about what happened. Also, it was the day after the show aired, how long should people wait for folks to watch before we can discuss? A week?

  • Rant: underwriter still asking for crazy stuff and is getting crazier. They want me to sign with my neighbor a 4-pages partywall agreement in which we determine who pays what in case of what damage. The owner of that house doesn’t even live in that house, and if I manage to track him down, and he’s in the country before my rate lock expires, I can’t imagine he’d be thrilled to pay a lawyer a few hundred dollars to help him figure out what’s in his best interest in such an agreement, just so I can refinance my house.

    • That’s crazy. I’ve never heard of such a requirement.

      • Me either, but given all the crazy requests from our underwriter when we refinanced I’m not surprised. If it’s really an unattainable request just say so and ask if there’s something else you can give them instead. Ours asked for our 2012 W-2s in early January, and my partner’s employer didn’t have it ready yet, so after much begging the underwriter permitted her to give them a signed letter saying it wouldn’t be available for a couple more weeks.

    • …why are you sticking with them? No rate is worth this much of a pain in the ass. We’re using Amerisave and it’s waiting for the title company at this point. Took like 2 weeks. Take your business elsewhere. Mortgage companies are the devil.

      • I’m guessing they’re going with a wholesaler like we did. It’s hell, but at the end of the day you get a much lower rate than you would have otherwise. Also, we started the process with Amerisave but they were so sleazy we decided to go elsewhere.

        • Amerisave has been fine for us. Follow through, quick turn…it’s been pretty easy. Wonder if it’s the person you had?

          • I don’t know. The guy was nice enough, but after the process dragged on for a couple months he supposedly pulled our credit again and said our scores had dropped significantly (like by 100 points) so our rates would go way up. That made no sense so I checked the scores with the agencies and they gave us scores that were completely different. I asked the agencies if they would have reported something different to Amerisave and they said no. I asked Amerisave if they could explain this discrepancy and they could not. Either they did something wrong or they were lying so they could lock us into a higher rate. I think they figured we were far enough along in the process that we would just go along with it.

          • Hm we’ll have to look out for weirdnes….sorry that happened to you!

          • Huh, we had a great experience using Amerisave for our refi in 2011. We got the whole process, quote to closing, done within about six weeks.

      • Seriously. Just get another offer and be done with it before rates go any higher. It’s pretty obvious that they are yanking your chain and that they will be happy to close the day after your lock expires.

        You’re not going to get this rate. Be done with it.

        • Yes, the rate lock will expire, but I think you’re better off sticking with them. A little pain is worth the savings ultimately.

          • Wow you guys are scaring me. Rates are about 0.4 higher than they were when I locked for 60 days. If they make this one expire, I’m not sure refinancing will even save me a couple hundred bucks monthly. After weeks of little cosmetic upgrades (that took time and money) to get the best appraisal possible and as a result (or coincidentally? Not sure) getting a better than hoped appraisal, that would be a really pathetic outcome.

    • I concur. I refied a rowhouse and was never asked about any common wall crap. I have never heard of that. I have a great guy that I used for a total of 3 loans (one Re-fi and two new purchases) if you are interested. Never had a problem, always on time, etc.

      • Hey TG, can you please share the name?

        I’m looking at buying my first place and I’m shopping around for loan and title companies. Too many of my friends buying their first homes have been screwed over recently by the companies recommended by their agents.

        • Sure. Although in looking it up I see that they have switched to a new company. Previously with Metlife Homeloans. Now with Caliber. His name is Chris Washburn. 240-297-3820 He always came through for us.

  • Rave: a friend suggested a new-to-me hair product to deal with the humidity and resulting frizz and it’s great! It’s Aveda Brilliant Anti-Hummectant Pomade. They said to use only a tiny bit and I think I used too little the first time, so I’m still working on getting the balance, but I feel like it was well worth the money.

    Rant: work is a cluster and a half. Some people have no idea how their self righteous actions are perceived by others and how they continue to erode our reputation. And I’m the messenger. I have an inbox full of arrows at my head.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Your rave reminded me of my initial rant that got over shadowed by people. My hair looks awful b/c of this stupid low humidity day ๐Ÿ™ Glad you found something to help you on the wonderful (to me) high humidity days.

      • I’m always impressed at how many hair textures there are out there in world. I used to have spiral curls, but even then humidity wasn’t completely my friend. Now my hair is a little wavy/mostly straight with some spirals holding out on the undermost parts, and humidity makes me look like a frizzed out 80s tween (without acne).

        I have a friend with a huge head of crazy curls, she says she puts 2Tbsps of Moroccan Oil and leave in conditioner in her hair everyday. It’s an expensive regime, but her hair is always under control.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Here, I have mostly waves with some curls in my hair. The humidity helps the waves become actual curls and makes all the curls more defined and nicely behaved. When it’s not humid they all do their own thing which means sticking out in weird places ๐Ÿ™‚ When I lived in Louisiana I had curly hair made of up of mostly loose curls with the tighter curls underneath which gave me great volume.

          To make matter worse, I have like 20 hairs total, so on dry days I can’t just straighten it, I’d look like I was balding.

          I love hair, everybody’s hair! I love hair products, I love playing with it, I love talking about it. Hair is awesome.

          • Blithe

            applause! (can’t find the clapping emoticon!) Your post gave me the hugest grin! Thanks for brightening my day! Now I’m gonna spend a few minutes playing with hair products and twirling my hair! LOL

    • Blithe

      I’ve used the Aveda anti-humectant pomade for years — and I love it. I mostly use it in the winter though. Two other products that I really like for frizz are “condition & sculpt” by jane carter solution — that I get at Whole Foods, and Ojon “rare blend oil” — that I get at Sephora.

      • Putting in my two cents for the John Frieda “Secret Weapon” Finishing Creme. Really helps my super thick naturally wavy hair from blowing into a fro. And you can get it any CVS. And it’s cheap as far as haircare goes.

  • rave: 20 week ultrasound, everything looks great. Baby was moderately cooperative.

    Neither rant nor rave: It’s a boy. I’m sad I (likely) won’t have a girl to share the mother/daughter relationship with because I love my mom…but happy that everything is healthy and he was already grabbing his weiner. I never grew up with little boys, so it’ll be an adjustment, but I’m excited to meet him.

    Rave: lovely weather.

    • It’s more about the relationship you cultivate than whether it’s a son or daughter. My brother is MUCH closer to our mother than I (her daughter) am. They share interests and have personalities that compliment rather than clash (like mine and my mom’s did when I was growing up).

      • Seriously. You can’t predict what your relationship will be like with your kid, what they will do in life, their level of professional success, etc.

        Just show them unconditional love, provide a healthy environment for them to grow up in, and let them know you’ll always be accepting of whomever they become as they grow up. If you do that much, I’d consider you an awesome parent.

        • oh, I know…but I share everything with my mom. I think a mother/daughter bond is different. But I’m excited to see my husband have a chance at being a far better father than his POS dad could even imagine.

    • I always, always, always wanted a girl, and it was a disappointment to discover that my second (& last) would be another boy. But now I’m absolutely loving being a boy mom.

    • You need to change your attitude immediately. You chose to have a kid and your disappointment at having a boy is really appalling. Make sure you get rid of that feeling and don’t ever let your son find out you even had such a thought. Seriously.

      • I think if you look at any forum/book, it’s a completely natural feeling. I’m not disappointed – it’s awesome either way. If you don’t have experience with one or the other, or have a terrible relationship with your father/mother, it’s logical to be worried about your own abilities to parent one or the other. It’s completely understandable that my husband, whose father emotionally abused him for more than 18 years, is nervous about raising a son. But he’s not a dick, so he’ll be great (especially great because of his imagination). It’s a logical concern for him, and I respect that he acknowledges the concern. Most would hide it.
        I’m looking forward to whatever I get!

      • Um, I’m not disapponted – I acknowledge my husbands fear of fathering a son due to his own emotional abuse at the hands of his father. Most men would hide their worries. I’m glad he is showing his feelings and it’s a real reason to worry, when you’ve grown up like that.

        You said disappointed, not me. I said excited.

        “Gender disappointment” is an actual real thing parents feel. I don’t feel it, because I’m happy to have a healthy baby to raise when so many cannot get there. But it is a real emotion parents face and discuss openly on parenting forums and is brought up in books. So, that’s reality. It doesn’t mean you are a bad parent. Or that your kid will be f’d up.

      • Yikes. If this hostile reaction is rooted in your experience of being slighted or made to feel inadequate for being your parents’ daughter and not a son, I’m truly sorry. No child deserves that treatment. But in many cases, it’s completely natural for a parent-to-be to kinda hope for one or the other, either based on positive emotions (like a mother-daughter bond) or negative ones (like a father’s anxiety about parenting a son based on how that person was parented by their father). And in many cases, that hope flies right out the window when new parents realize how much they love the child they’ve ended up with. My mother’s talked several times about how she was a little worried because my father was so gung-ho about the idea of having a son (male bonding and carrying on his legacy, and all that), but turned out to be a completely thrilled and doting parent to a baby girl when I was born. Hearing that story never hurt my feelings and it didn’t scar me for life; I had a great dad who loved me, and at the end of the day, his initial, fleeting instinct/desire about wanting a son was completely inconsequential.

      • chill out – you’re completely overreacting and misinterpreting what she said

    • pablo .raw

      My guess is that whatever feelings/perspective you have now will change once you have him in your arms. In fact, the first 6 months-1 year you will not even think about it because you’ll be so sleep deprived!!

      • I’ve heard this used as a reason parents shouldn’t learn the sex before the child is born–because they may feel such abstract disappointment, unmitigated by the actual amazing child in their arms. This was definitely my experience–I was in a pretty deep funk for about a week.

        (Learning the sex before the birth wasn’t something I regret, though–my older son really wanted a sister, and my husband & I thought it best to be able to tell him from the start that in fact it would be a brother. Luckily, our son was so excited to be having a baby at all, he never mentioned his sister-wish again.)

        • I’ve also had friends say that the desire to *finally* find out if it was a boy or girl kept them more positive through labor in a way that finding out the baby was 19″ long probably wouldn’t have.

    • Jindc: here’s a good blog post about the same issue of wanting a girl, but getting a boy – http://joannagoddard.blogspot.com/2011/04/motherhood-mondays-on-having-boy.html

    • When my wife first saw that we were having a boy her first words were “oh sh!t”. She was not prepared at all for a boy but 20 months later she couldn’t imagine not having a boy. it’ll be all good

    • LOL at the wiener grabbing. Ah, it starts so young…

      I didn’t find out the sex before the birth, but I really, really wanted a boy. I knew that I would have NO IDEA how to relate to a girl, that I would be lost with hair and dresses and dolls and whatnot. And guess what? My daughter is my #1 most favorite person in the world, and I rock a dozen different hairstyles, and I really like the American Girl Doll store. And my friends’ little boys (you know, like that little boy I just KNEW I wanted) always smell funny and they talk about boogers too much. So there.

    • I was sad too, when I found out I had a boy. I only had sisters – I didn’t know how to handle boys (still don’t, sometimes, hahaha). But I’m here to tell you – boys are awesome. They are fun, they like to have fun, and they love their moms, always. Girls…well they get tricky when they’re teenagers.

    • A friend’s kid recently told her parents she’s transgendered and really is a boy, wants to be referred to as their son, “he”, etc. So you could wind up with a daughter afterall!

  • rant: icky athenos red pepper hummus. too lemony or something. waste of $

    rave: bravo tv

  • Rant: Using google’s new maps on my browser. Where is the “streetview” dude? I can get a streetview option for a particular address, but how can I just drop the guy on the map? I use this feature all the time, but can’t figure out how to do it in the new and “improved” version. Any help, mapusers?

    • Just click where you’d want to drop “the man”. When you do, you’ll see a link for Street View in the top-left corner of the screen. Click on that, and voila!

      • Thanks!
        Not nearly as good a feature in the new version – it helped that streets with streetview available changed color when you picked him up so you knew where you could get a streetview. I also miss seeing him turn into a penguin when doing streetview in Antarctica. ๐Ÿ™‚

        But way better than trying to type in actual addresses!!

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: (or rant?) I have no clue of what Game of Thrones is, I don’t know where to find it and I don’t have time for that now. It will probably go to the list of things I’ll never do in my life, like watching the movie Titanic.
    Rant: so busy today I couldn’t even have breakfast.
    Rant: thinking too much, went to sleep at 1:00 am
    Rave/Rant: I’m becoming an obsessed planner, do I have some control issues or just need something to look forward to?

    • It is a book series, turned in to an HBO series…and now it’s book readers vs. TV only viewers war. that’s how I’ve come to understand it.

      • pablo .raw

        That was my guess, there’s a certain feeling of freedom I feel for not being attached to that thing as much as everybody seems to be!

        • I’m not attached to it, but it’s just really good quality television, unlike Titanic. Thought I hear not as good as The Wire, which i’m yet to see.

          • I’m like that with TV and book series. Other people seem to naturally gravitate toward them, but I feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of episodes/books and the way it seems so imperative that I watch or read them all. So I just opt out of the whole culture and stay blissfully ignorant. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Blithe

      I can’t speak for you –obviously — but when I find myself getting more obsessive about PLANNING things, it’s when I have far too many things on my plate. Once I prioritize a bit, and put off the things that I don’t absolutely have to do, I get back to my usual more lackadaisical self. And I think it’s always a good thing to have something to look forward to….:-)

      • Ha! I’m totally the opposite. When I have a lot on my plate, I just do what needs to be done (with just enough planning to make it happen, of course). When I have time on my hands, I fill it by obsessively planning every detail.

  • I need some guided meditation help. Can anyone recommend a downloadable one that you have used, for beginners to start.

  • Rave:I moved away from DC 2 years ago but I’ll be back during 4th of July week (July 3-9). I am super excited to see how the city has changed. I’ve kept up with PoP the whole time but still have a couple of questions.

    1a. If you had to pick a celebratory restaurant thats opened in the last couple of years where would you go? We’ll be celebrating mine and the boy’s birthday as well as the boy’s graduation from a very competative Marine Corps school.

    1b. Anywhere you think we shouldnt miss as far as food I might not be thinking of?

    2. (please don’t stone me for asking) I’ve been crossfitting for the 6 months and will need a crossfit home for the week I’m in DC anybody have a specific box to recommend? I’m staying on Capitol Hill but can travel anywhere metro accessible.

    • what neighborhood do you want to celebrate in? when my brother graduated OCS we all went to cava mezze (which is great on it’s own, just had them cater an engagement party for same brother), but the best part was, as it is on barracks row, the Commandant happened to be there for dinner that night with his wife and my brother got to meet him, get a photo, and even a coin. one of the coolest things i’ve ever seen ๐Ÿ™‚

      • That sounds awesome, Barracks Row has always been my favorite neighborhood but somehow I feel like he will want to be as far away from the Marines as possible that week but who knows! I think really we’ll celebrate wherever. He has been complaining about bland chow hall food everytime we’ve talked so as long as the food is flavorful and its not chicken (his chow hall only serves chicken?) he’ll be good.

        • I remember you! Welcome back ๐Ÿ™‚

          Some food options:
          1) Aqua al 2: http://www.acquaal2dc.com/
          a little pricey, but a great steak and great atmosphere (in eastern market)
          2) H st: Toki Underground/Sticky Rice
          3) 14th st: Newly opened Le Diplomate http://www.yelp.com/biz/le-diplomate-washington

          Those are just some options, enjoy your vacation!

        • two of my new faves are domku and chez billy, both in petworth. but if you want *flavor*, the 2 places that come to mind are zaytinya and bombay club, though neither are new. le diplomate was very good, but very crowded and we had a bad experience with some other diners there (obv not the restaurant’s fault, but can’t say i’m dying to go back after that)

    • My tastes may skew expensive but I might like to go someplace a little more upscale than the placers mentioned so far. Barracks Row, Le Diplomate (which I find vastly overrated, but fine if you’re in the neighborhood) cava seem awfully bustle-y for a celebration meal that doesn’t involve a rugby team (or other Marines).

      Of new places, Rogue 24 is a great deal of fun, if you’re an adventurous type (there may be a few misses, but nothing ventured…). And you can actually wear anything from a tuxedo to ripped jeans, depending on your mood, and look right in place. Ripple is more casual in service and food, but interesting and comfortable.

      Among old standbys, the food at Marcel’s is pretty spectacular but the service really lifts the place to the next level. Just a delight.

      Less expensive and new: Table and Red Hen.

    • Le Diplomate is fantastic. No expense was spared on the reno/ decor; service is top notch; everything I’ve had to eat and drink there (in two visits) has been the best of its category I’ve ever had. Well, not the foie gras. It’s a mousse. But everything ELSE! Straight up excellent.

    • If he likes beer, Churchkey.

  • rant: finding bras outside of mainstream sizes, which is all most american companies offer.
    rave: bare necessities and figleaves!
    rant: bare necessities semi-annual sale did not include any in my size.
    rave: posted on their FB page about the lack of inclusion and their customer service almost immediately responded with offers to help me find something in my size and offer me a discount. THAT, my friends, is how you do customer service ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Not sure if this is your style, but did you see that New York Times article on Jockey recently? Apparently, they’re doing this whole recalibration of their sizing to better account for different shapes and sizes (beyond the traditional sizing) and offer a more precise fit. Their fit process (still in a beta-type phase), sounded a little time-consuming and costly, but it’s supposedly totally different from the typical sizing.

      • i did, but haven’t been able to get their site to work. i’m curious, but not optimistic. the problem (for me) isn’t the way sizing is done, it’s that most american manufacturers/companies just don’t make/sell bras in a smaller than 34 band size, or larger than a DDD. it’s exceedingly hard to find a 28DD/E.

        • I assume you’ve tried Fantasie, right? They specialize in small band/large projection. #yesIusedtoselllingerie

          • i’ve heard of fantasie before, but don’t think i’ve ever ordered any of their items. and of course is also being blocked as “pornographic”…

          • I’m sure you can find their stuff online (not at work apparently) but I think Nordstrom will special order.

            I can’t remember where the band sizes start, but these things go up to HHH or more. Been a long time, don’t remember.

            It was so sad, years ago when I sold lingerie we had a 14 year old girl, she wasn’t my customer but I was there, and she had to special order something like a 34 HHH. She was in the fitting room crying ๐Ÿ™

    • Blithe

      Have you tried Bounce and Bra Smythe? (catalog/on-line) Or Sylene’s in Friendship Heights? They seem to have wide selections, and Bra Smythe has lots of European brands which often have different fits compared to our department store brands. I also recently tracked down an old Chantelle fave at a site that I’m pretty sure is called HerRoom.

      • i have not tried bounce or bra smythe- thanks for the suggestions! i’ve ordered from herroom before too, though i tend to have better luck with bare necessities and figleaves.

        • well, my work firewall has blocked bra smythe and sylene’s as “pornographic” and bounce doesn’t have anything smaller than a 30 band size. whamp, whamp.

    • If you are willing to venture to Virginia, check out Trousseau in Vienna.

      • i’ve heard of trousseau before but haven’t tried it. will prob not go out of my way to go to vienna, but if i’m ever out there…

    • I have the same problem – Nordstrom’s has a huge selection!

      • i’ve never had any luck IN a nordstrom, though i understand they’ll special order for you. i’ve actually had very little luck in any physical store, even specialty stores rarely carry much merch in my size, though most will special order for you. which is why i shop online, and am so happy with bare necessities for being willing to help me out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Received a beautiful long stemmed red rose outside Union Station this am–they were distributed by http://www.keeptradegoing.com

  • Rave: New interns. Had a couple of duds last term. The new ones are even better than they need to be. Fun, smart, motivated.

    Rant: In two weeks, it will be time to start interviewing fall interns. I hate this part of the job. It’s like going to the pound… all the puppies are so cute and so eager. You want to take them all home. But there’s only room for two, and you leave the process trying not to think about all those sad rejected doggies. I mean students.

  • rant: everyone at work is driving me crazy and I have to point out/argue to get them to admit/fix their mistakes…
    rave: 3 week vacation starts next Monday!
    rant: ditzy travel partner just informed me that she can’t join me for the last 5 days of the trip because she scheduled a doctor’s appointment for that time and now she can’t reschedule it.
    rave: dr’s appointment is a prenatal checkup! I helped introduce her to her now-husband, so the this little guy or girl in utero can thank me (or blame me) for their existence, which is pretty cool ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rant: Sinus infection from hell!

    Rave: Pride weekend! Time to turn up! Going shopping today– even tho I’m a straight lady I still have to look cute.

    Rant: General Hospital– so Todd Manning is now Franco who is Jason’s twin and a Quartermain?! Makes no sense…

    • Haha, General Hospital! That brings back memories of my brief obsession with the soap during high school (almost 20 years ago, yikes!), when I’d rush home to catch it by 3:00! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Wait, was Jason the character who used to be the mild-mannered, dutiful son (and a medical student, I think??) but then got into some kind of accident and as a result of the brain injury had a complete personality change, alienated his family, and became a brooding, leather jacket-wearing badass? (Or something to that effect?) If so…man, I love how those soaps can maintain the same characters for decades…and with General Hospital, I think Luke and Laura were on the show for a couple of decades before *I* even started watching in the mid-90s, right?

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