PROTEIN BAR Opening 19th and K St, NW Location Thursday, First 51 in Line get a free “Bar-rito”

1011 19th Street, NW

From a press release:

Chicago-based PROTEIN BAR will open its third, and largest, Washington, DC-area location Thursday June 13 at 1011 19th Street NW at K Street. On June 13 the first 51 people in line at 11 am will receive one free Protein Bar Bar-rito.

This 2,600 square-foot PROTEIN BAR will include a full catering kitchen with the capacity to provide catering, delivery and service to corporate events for up to 300 people.

PROTEIN BAR’s menu features made to order customizable high-protein blended drinks, bowls, fresh-made chili, soups, salads, and the signature quinoa-packed PROTEIN BAR-RITOs. Mindful of freshness and quality, PROTEIN BAR sauces and dressings are made in-house daily. All menu items are high in protein & fiber and low in fat and refined sugar. PROTEIN BAR uses organic, all-natural, and locally-sourced ingredients and provides a complete list of all nutritional information and ingredients for their entire menu.

Matt Matros, founder of PROTEIN BAR, opened the first restaurant in Chicago in May 2009 after shedding 60 pounds by following a high-protein diet. He created the restaurants as a place where healthy food providing the right balance of protein, good fat and healthy carbs can be universally accessible and affordable.

PROTEIN BAR – 1011 19th Street NW at K Street – 202.887.0100
Monday – Friday 7 am until 8 pm; Saturday 10 am until 4 pm. Closed Sunday

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  • justinbc

    I wonder how many people actually stand in line. Lines seem to form rather contagiously in this city.

  • This place is going to make a killing in DC. Not really my thing, but they sprung up all over the place in Chicago last year and seemed to always be busy.

    • The one in Penn Quarter is always empty or nearly empty whenever I go. I love it though, and I’m happy to see they’re opening more locations! Hope they’ll come to Capitol Hill next.

      • It gets kinda busy during the lunch hour. I think it’s overpriced and not very good, but each to his/her own.

  • Stop trying to make quinoa happen. Quinoa is not rice. It will never be rice. My suggestion is get a large beverage when you go there. You’ll need it to wash down that cardboard you’re eating.

    • See, now I love quinoa but dislike rice. I think there’ll be enough quinoa fans to keep this location in business, and people who don’t like quinoa can either order something else or patronize one of the bajillion other quick-grab lunch joints in the area that serve rice. Everybody wins.

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