PoP Pre-Preview – Soon to be H Street’s Largest Restaurant – Red Rocks Pizzeria

1348 H Street, NE

Back in October 2012 we first learned Red Rocks Pizzeria would be opening up a location on H Street. This will be their fourth location following one in Columbia Heights, Old Town Alexandria and Arlington. The H Street menu will resemble this one. They are currently finishing up permitting issues but if all goes well they should be able to open in 3-4 weeks. I was able to take a tour of the space and it is not only huge but beautiful. The first floor is dominated by a huge bar:


will have 20 beers on tap

And the space is flooded with light because of the roof:


And the roof is retractable! Lots more photos after the jump.

first floor view front to back

Catwalk 2nd floor, view from first floor entry

first floor seating

first floor seating across from bar

first floor pizza oven (there is one on the second floor too!)

first floor view, from back to front

view towards third floor

view down to first floor from second floor

second floor catwalk

second floor bay window

second floor back to front

roof deck with retractable windows

View from roof deck

H Street looking east

Stand by for an opening date

22 Comment

  • Almost time for a pizza moratorium on H Street.

  • Looks awesome. Can’t wait.

  • Hopefully they can stay afloat until H St. can support a spot of this size

    if they and smith commons can stay alfoat until the glory days they will be GOOD

    • seems to me every place I go to on H street is packed, it will be nice to have a place you can breathe

      • Weekends yes, they dont see the type of weekly business U st, eastern mkt etc see

        once people start filling out these new appt buildings torwards the botton of H st and more people move around they will be good

        ive been around for a little more than 2 years now and have seen a steady increase of the neighborhoods population over time. that hasnt slowed a bit yet

  • Can’t wait.

  • this is pretty cool. the place doesn’t look all that unique, but fortunately i love this look!
    watching h street coming back to life and seeing it grow has been beautiful.

  • Wow. I’m H &pizza for life but I’ll be happy to grab a beer here if it’s as open and airy as the pics make it seem.

  • Isn’t anyone going to complain about the tile effect on the bay windows looking like the tiles commonly installed above counters in renovated houses?

  • This place looks great, but the pizza’s kind of boring (never was a rabid fan of the classics!). I think I’ll stick with H &pizza … but may slip in here for a beer or 12.

  • Still think Redrocks is the best pizza EVER. Beats Matchbox, 2Amys, Comet, and Sette Osteria head-to-head and any day of the week PERIOD. Can’t wait!

  • justinbc

    I’ve only been to the Old Town location and both pizzas were a soggy, floppy mess. I’ll continue giving my business to H&Pizza but I’m always glad to see more places opening up in my neighborhood, regardless of whether I go there or not.

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