&pizza Opens on U Street Wednesday, Will Open Third Location in Brookland

13th and U Street, NW

From the Atlas District, now to the heart of the U Street neighborhood, &pizza is opening a second District location at 1250 U Street NW, DC on Wednesday June 12th, 2013 directly beside the U Street Metro station. Celebrating their arrival at the center of DC’s historic music scene, the restaurant will host the U Street All Stars, starring: Elijah Jamal Balbed, Reginald Cyntje and JS Williams live on Friday June 14th from 6pm-8pm & Saturday June 15th from 2pm-4pm & 9pm-11pm.

The U street location of &pizza will open daily from 11am to 11pm Sunday – Wednesday, remaining open until 2am Thursday & 3:30am on Friday & Saturday.


The assembly line style of ordering will continue in the new restaurant with patrons choosing between three different crusts (traditional/ whole-wheat/ multigrain), six in-house prepared sauces (Mushroom Truffle/ Spicy Tomato/ Basil Pesto), and six cheese options (House made Mozzarella/ Provolone Blend/ Ricotta). Customers then pick from choice standout toppings ranging from proteins like local farm eggs & soppressata; vegetables such as roasted peppers & artichoke; and “finishes & oils” that include fig marsala & red pepper chili oil. Or, find a favorite from their array of nine pie suggestions like the popular Farmer’s Daughter made with farm eggs, hot sausage, and house made mozzarella.

Committed to creating an ambiance emblematic of the neighborhood’s rich cultural history, &pizza designed a space honoring the community’s legacy with framed black & white photos of local leaders, historic pictures of iconic U Street landmarks, and a large brass ampersand highlighting the significance of jazz music & venues in the U St district.

*Along with the celebrating the opening of the U Street store, &pizza will be conducting a pizza box design contest with the winner receiving $200 and have their design printed on 5,000 boxes. Contestants can pick up a blank box (or two) at either store. Finished submission must be received by June 17th, and the winner(s) will be announced over Instagram @andpizza on June 24th.

*&pizza has also finalized plans for its third location at Monroe Street Market – serving Brookland, Edgewood and CUA neighborhoods

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  • em

    Tried H&pizza for the first time a couple of weeks ago – and loved it! Looking forward to the U St. version.

  • Edgewood 🙂

  • Am I the only one who can’t seem to “get” their name? Can someone please explain?

    • H & Pizza was the origional
      i believe it took ogff better than expected.

      expansdion next. all other locations will just hold the name “& Pizza” letting th origional location be the only one with the unique neighborhood related name

  • originally they were going to be “Kith & Kin” pizza, but people hated the name. I think then they joking that they were at the corner of “H & Pizza” one day. So essentially, it seems like the “&” stuck, but not much else from the original name. But then when you’re looking to expand the business, you can’t be “H &pizza” everywhere. So I guess “&pizza” it is.

  • Best pizza for the price in the city. $8 and change for 8 cuts of pizza with unlimited toppings (fully customized crust, sauce, cheese, meats and veggies)

  • I hope they’re better than Etto. Looking forward to quality and decent prices!

  • another pizza place in brookland…..yay :/

  • it would be cool if they followed the H&Pizza name theme. the one on U Street would be U&Pizza, etc.

    • I agree! I thought they were going with U&Pizza originally. I’m surprised they’re sticking with &Pizza.

  • If anyone from &Pizza is reading– please, please! a gluten free option!

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