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  • What are they doing with this? That wrapping looks like a waste of money, looks no worse with out it. They had 6 huge white lights shining near the top of it on the east side last night, anybody know what the final visual goal is?

    • Final visual goal = the monument in one piece, instead of a heap of rubble.

      • ETA: Sorry, I hit “post” too fast and there’s no way to edit! I meant to clarify, they’re repairing damage from the 2011 earthquake.

    • I didn’t think there was a visual goal, just a structural one. Repairing the cracks on one of the country’s most iconic monuments doesn’t sound like a waste of money to me!

    • I think you all missed my point, duh we all know they are doing repair work, I was referring to the wrapping of the monument and the lights, I read somewhere that they were going to do something decorative with the scaffolding such as they did with the supreme court, project images on it or something. I was asking if anyone had more info on that.

  • PoP, a quick word of advice — you might consider using higher-res photos with the new layout.

    • Yeah, these look terribly pixellated from the main page.

      • BTW it’s not just you– the photos on We Love DC have been looking like crap ever since they did an update. Almost makes me not want to share my photos in the Flickr pool because they look so bad on their site.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Thanks I’m still figuring things out a bit as you can see 🙂

    • Click on the link for a higher res version…also helps the photographers get hits on their Flickr page 🙂

  • They’re trying to make it look a little nicer than just typical scaffolding so the experience of seeing it isn’t totally ruined for the tourists who may only see the monument once in their lives (and it happens to be covered up). They did this the last time the monument was covered and it looked really nice.

  • From what I’ve heard, starting with the Supreme Court project last year or the year before, the Capitol region has adopted a practices of putting up replica wraps of the building (or monuments) during construction. Apparently tourist were complaining about not being able to see building/ monuments while they were under construction.

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