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Photo by PoPville flickr user Joe in DC

Congrats to PoPville pick wdc with:

“BA sports bar called Nellie’s, he said. Just down this way. Oh, I can’t wait to meet Chris! She sounds interesting, and they have so much in common!”

Congrats to PoP pick Anonymous with:

“Ben’s Chili Bowl or Le Diplomate?”

Honorable mention to Anonymous with:

“Clarence and Rita of The Amazing Race realize finding a metro stop with a working escalator is their greatest challenge so far.”

Winners please email me at princeofpetworth(at)gmail for your shirts.

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  • the winner…I don’t get it.

  • Who is the “they”?

  • God forbid they go to a gay sports bar and their son is gay.

      • I just dont get what makes this funny. If the caption was: “It’s a sports bar called Lou’s, he said. Just down this way. Oh, I can’t wait to meet Stephanie! She sounds interesting, and they have so much in common!” It wouldn’t of won because there is nothing “funny” about that. But since Nellies is a gay bar and the son is gay, it is somehow funny. These poor tourist have been bamboozled into going to a gay bar to meet their gay son’s boyfriend, that’s comedy gold!

    • Something about the mother, especially, reminds me of the kind of clueless parent that can’t imagine her son being gay. Kinda like the one in Prayers for Bobby? And there’s the tie-in to Nellie’s not seeming like it would be a gay place until you step inside… and it’s especially fitting since it’s Pride Week.

      • PoPville Pick winner here (booyeah!)

        And yes, thank you, that is what I was going for. Parents in from out of town, and looking kind of, shall we say, conventional. Nellie’s being a well-disguised yet also well-known gay bar. Throw in the world’s most ambiguous first name…

        I do concur that it would have been a little better if I had been able to indicate that they were talking about their son, but I couldn’t do it without making it all clumsy and over-explained. Humor killer. And really, don’t they just LOOK like parents of a mid-20s kid who moved away to the big city to discover himself??

        Anyway, thank you for your votes! My old tshirt must have, um, shrunk or something. Need a new one.

        • I must dissent. Clearly, Pat is the world’s most ambiguous first name.

          • Not anymore. Maybe 20 years ago, when the SNL skit debuted. But these days, do you know any dudes who go by “Pat”? I don’t. (Though it does have the humor advantage of being a synonym for caress…) Chris is totally gender neutral, and ridiculously common– Christopher, Christian, Christine, Christina, etc.

          • I know guys who go by Pat but I’ve never known a woman who preferred to be called Chris (though I’m sure they exist). Or how about Alex?

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