Pete’s Apizza Opening Silver Spring Location Tomorrow

962 Wayne Ave

Back in Nov. 2012 we first heard Pete’s would be opening up a Silver Spring location.

From an email:

We got all of our approvals today, so we can finally lock in an opening date: Wednesday! June 19th! 11AM! The hours at Silver Spring are the same at the DC locations: 11AM – 10PM Sunday – Thursday, 11AM – 11PM Friday and Saturday.

You can see a map of their delivery radius here.

Photos courtesy of Pete’s. I’m jealous of the booths:


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    • Personally, I’m a bit more excited about Scion opening the other day. Then again, I basically live for beer, so I can understand others being more excited by Pete’s.

  • Pete’s makes some of the best pizza in town. I hope they aren’t stretching themselves too think with so many locations.

  • Thrilled by this! But I’d be even happier to have the delivery area span out to New Hampshire Ave. Sigh–we’re banished to bad chinese food delivery over here, or the Papa John’s made fresh in PG County…

  • squish, Hyattsville is getting a Pizza Paradisio, if that helps. Then again, maybe you should just move closer towards DTSS 😛

    • I’m smack in the middle of Hyattsville and SS and would love at least one decent delivery option. I just have to keep telling myself that the Purple Line will come to Langley Park and make available food options a little more accessible–only have to wait 7 more years!!

  • Interesting that Pete’s is yet to venture anywhere near downtown. Think they’d make a killing given the unrealible and unappetizing options for pie in the Metro Center vacinity.

  • YYEESS!! Finally a great place that delivers in my hood. Seriously if you live above military you know that NO one delivers ( except La Villa which is a pretty respectable, though different style of pizza joint). Finally!

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