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  • My dog would never use that space to go to the bathroom.

    • +1 Cute idea in theory, but my dog would just look at me like “WTH” if I took him in there. Maybe some *ahem* simpler-minded breeds might fall for it.

  • My dog would never use that space to go to the bathroom. He wouldn’t even want to go near there.

  • Something like this would have been nice after traveling internationally 20+ hours with my cat last year. There are few places to let an animal stuck in a carrier to stretch their legs between flights as well as to eat and drink a little.

  • My guess is that most dogs that would be in an airport are the type that would use this. My dog is a mixed breed; both of his (presumed) breeds are ranked high in intelligence rankings and he’s done very well at intelligence-based tasks and tests, but he would certainly use this set up. I think the kicker is that he’s a small dog, as I’m guessing most of the dogs that are flying in the cabin with their owners would be (since they have to fit under the seat in front of the owner). Service dogs, the other type of dog likely to use this setup, are typically trained to relieve themselves in unfamiliar areas and would probably use this with no problem. I actually think it would be great if more airports had these. I missed a flight recently (ridiculous security and check-in lines at BWI the Friday before Memorial Day) and my dog couldn’t go to the bathroom for quite a while because we had to wait to take the next flight.

  • These are service animal relief areas mandated by ADA laws. There are very similar areas between the C and D gates at Dulles as well as outside security on either end of the main terminal (and I assume somewhere in A or B). DCA has them outside security near the metro entrances. And they are also at every other airport in the country.

  • The DOT is currently considering a proposed rulemaking that would create minimum design and location standards for of these airport service animal relief areas. It’s open for comment, in case anyone would like to bring their concerns about the effectiveness of fake fire hydrants to the decisionmakers: http://www.regulations.gov/#!documentDetail;D=DOT-OST-2011-0182-0001.

  • alissaaa

    This bathroom was featured on this week’s NPR: How To Do Everything Podcast which has a “Toilet of the Week” feature. I was wondering what it actually looked like after hearing them describe it, so this post has perfect timing!


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