Pedestrians Will Soon Be Able to Cross Dupont Circle Street Without Waiting in the Median, Plus 15th Street Bike Lanes to get Repaved

Photo by PoPville flickr user philliefan99

Good news from ANC Rep Noah Smith:

After 8 months of poking and prodding, DDOT has found a solution that will allow pedestrians to move in and out of the circle without stopping in the median. Expect changes to the signaling by the end of the month.

Second, my colleague Kishan Putta and I have been pushing DDOT to repave the 15th Street Cycle Track since November. After several exchanges between Jack Evans, Mary Cheh and DDOT, they finally got the message that the most used bike lanes in the city are in need of repair. Planners are finalizing the placement of new signage and markings and the lanes will be repaved by the end of the summer.

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  • Anonynon

    Just started using the 15th street bike lanes, love the rotue to work but its true they are very bumpy and could definitely use repair. Excited to ride on the new and improved lanes!

  • Awesome, maybe next you can get people to stop riding the wrong f*cking way down 15th to get the bike lane below V St. I love bikes, the more the merrier, but obey the law and stop doing this. And no, it’s not DDOT’s fault.

  • Both of these changes will improve my quality of life. Thanks, Noah Smith.

  • Good news on both. I take 15th to Q (from L) on my way home and, while it’s not terrible, it’s not great either. It really needs to be at least twice as wide. If I’m behind a slower rider, I miss all the green lights. Also, I’ve had a number of close calls w/ people passing or just trying to avoid debris or potholes.

    @Corey Smith-I’m not sure what direction you’re heading, but I find 17th far better to head south in the mornings. I ride a little faster so I generally end up taking the lane anyway, but motor vehicle traffic generally moves slowly enough that it’s pretty comfortable.

    • justinbc

      It’s much worse if you’re heading south. The roads are terrible on the right side of that bike path (going south).

  • Wonderful news! Those have been in need of repair for years. However, the 15th street lanes are still fairly treacherous, despite the condition of the lanes. I’ve actually felt safer biking on 14th and maneuvering with cars. I’ve almost gotten into accidents on 15th where a biker has tried to pass me with an oncoming cyclist almost parallel to us, all while a car tries to turn. Can those biking on 15th be mindful about passing (please say “on your left” when passing or be aware of oncoming cyclists)? I think it would make 15th a much safer ride.

  • Fantastic news. Another great success, Commissioner!

  • As long as bikers stay off the sidewalk, I don’t give a sh*t where you ride or in which direction.

  • While it sounds like good news, I truly do not trust DDOT to get this right, Re: Dupont Circle. Like so many other recent projects, it will probably end up being worse for both pedestrians and motorists.

  • justinbc

    Hopefully they do something similar to the changes made on the L St bike path, those lanes are really nice. I do miss taking the 15th St path to work, since my house was less than a mile from the office, straight down 15th, but the condition of the southbound lane is just terrible.

  • Glad 15th Street is getting attention. Hope the E Street bike lanes (particularly near Judiciary Square) get repaving next.

    • Cool, now the bikers on 15th can generate even more speed/momentum so they can run red light, not yield to pedestrians and be a danger to themselves, cars, and foot traffic.

      • Those who are going to run red lights are going to do so anyway. Those of us that don’t aren’t going to change because of momentum.

        • Good on you if you’re a law abiding rider. I live/drive/walk on 15th and see bikers dangerously speeding through red lights constantly. At all times of day, certainly more in rush hour. I’ve almost been hit, my dog has almost been run over, and I’ve certainly almost hit them in my truck (even when I take an extra second or three when the light turns green). All because they don’t want to slow down and have to start up again? Sucks, I know. But they’re the ones choosing to ride a bike in the city. I’m all for it, but follow the rules. It’s my responsibility to look out for you yes, but not when they’re also breaking the law.

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