New Series – Museum Minute by Elle O’Flaherty Vol 1 – Hillwood Estate


Museum Minute is written by Elle O’Flaherty. Elle lives in Mt. Pleasant.

Outdoor Movie Screening at Hillwood Estate on Friday

Have you been to Hillwood Estate? This Friday night might be the perfect time to go when Hillwood hosts Divas Outdoors, a screening of Queen Bee in conjunction with Capitol Pride week.  Drinks will be for sale and competitive picnicking is on tap with a prize for the best/most lavish set-up.  Tickets are $15 ($10 under 18) and include entry to the mansion [4155 Linnean Avenue, NW]


Snuggled up against Rock Creek Park, Hillwood would make a great daytime date or interesting brunch spot as the cafe serves lunch and adult beverages.  I can’t vouch for the food, but it’d certainly be off the beaten path.  The lavish grounds and mansion are a photographer’s paradise with a 50’s era Mad Men-style putting green, Japanese garden, Russian house, and creepily elaborate pet cemetery, among many others.  Inside, the mansion is a monument to what a person buys when she’s run out of things to buy.  If super lavish gardens and Faberge eggs aren’t your thing, you might want to skip this one.  Otherwise, this is an often overlooked gem that’s worth it for a walk around the grounds alone.

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  • Hillwood is amazing!

  • The Japanese gardens were pretty elaborate. Lots of inspiration for my own backyard. If only I had the Post family fortune as my budget.

  • great series… I hope you do the Kreeger next!

  • justinbc

    I love Hillwood. They do a great series on orchids every spring as well.

  • There’s more to the interior than opulence and Faberge eggs! I actually haven’t seen the gardens (I was there in the winter and the person I went with thought it was too cold) but I was blown away by the art and decor inside the mansion. Never would I have thought the styles of Russian Imperial, Louis XVI, 18th Century English Countryside, and Mid-Century would meld so well together. There are so many fascinating objects inside the mansion that tell the story of an interesting lady. It, too, is a photographer’s dream!

  • I can vouch for the food. The salmon cakes in the Cafe are awesome. The atmosphere is restful and relaxing. Try to go during the week. It’s not as crowded although I’m not sure about that during the summer.

  • Elle, the food is great. Did I not tell you about the delicious napoleon I devoured one hungover brunch? Yums.

  • Great column! Can’t wait for more museum minute from Elle! Would be particularly interested in the best museums to take a baby on a rainy day… 🙂

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